Geographic Information Systems

We have our own tech for geodata processing which allows to put users on the map, perform proximity searches, integrate and visualize additional information, build models, and much more. The in-house design is based on the Elasticsearch engine, Redis cache and MySQL database indexing all locations in the OpenStreetMap database. This results in a flexible and efficient solution with lots of applications, easily customized for and integrated into almost any geodata-tackling project. Actually, we dare you come up with a GIS project where our solution doesn’t fit!

Case Project: RANKmapp

Our custom solution is implemented in the RANKmapp project we developed for Global Rank Softwareentwicklung UG.

You can get the basic idea of RANKmapp from its name that combines rankings, maps, and apps. Its target audience are avid Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, enthusiastic and highly competitive. Using the mobile app, the user can learn how good their geographical neighbors are at CS:GO, where they are located, and also how big is the circular area where the user is #1.

Here’s more on how it works.

GIS. Here’s more on how it works

Technologies We Use

Geocoding and timezones
Open Street Map