Secure Software Development

We live in a time when software security is a matter of paramount importance. At Bamboo Agile, we treat software security as an inherent part of software development and regard it as a continuous process involving people and practices. Being security-aware developers, we deliver solutions that even the most demanding customers can rely on.

Our proven integral approach to software security stems from closely following the principles and guidelines of the OWASP Secure Software Development Life Cycle Project (S-SDLC)—an overall security software methodology for web and app developers. We are dedicated to utilizing only the secure practices and tools at every stage of development, including training, risk evaluation, requirements, design, implementation, validation, and release/maintenance. The successful implementation of these principles in a number of highly secure projects allowed us to accrue solid secure software development expertise (adding the SDLC sequence to our organizational DNA).

Case Project: RANKmapp

Here’s an example of the structure of a secure mobile app API authentication employing a 3rd party service, implemented by one of our teams.
Case Project: RANKmapp

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