Our Story

Beginning. A service company developing specialized telecom platforms

Long before we went in for custom software development and the Bamboo Agile brand emerged, our story had been closely linked to the boom of Value Added Services for telecom and the creation of specialized software for mobile network providers. The success of this business in neighbouring countries marked a starting point. A hard battle in tender, a victory, and the first contact with a big mobile network operator. That was the time of our team learning the magic of SMPP. We’ll never forget the joy of hearing that first melody uploaded onto a phone using a specially encoded SMS.

At that point our tech team consisted of only two people. Nominally, they were PHP and Perl developers, but in practice they covered the entire spectrum of IT activities – system and network administration, full-stack development, testing, business analysis, writing technical documentation, and so on. We hadn’t even heard of Scrum, Kanban, or any of that Agile stuff back then.

In just 2 years, we became the leaders of the local Value Added Services market – got contracts with all of the mobile network operators, released a vast line of products: software for corporate promotion and advertising, a platform for TV and radio interactives, a Bulk-SMS solution – all homegrown. By 2004, our team had expanded to the size of 15 members. And not all of them were technical specialists – we even had 1 marketer!

Entering the global market

In 2006, we realized that we were ready to expand internationally and conquer the world!

That was an eventful year for us. We’ve faced some challenges – a failed attempt to expand to Pakistan, which was followed by a long period of corrective work – but we’ve also achieved our greatest success to date – a contract with a big mobile network operator from Azerbaijan. We wanted to keep riding that wave of success, taking into account our newly acquired experiences. By 2021, our portfolio included contracts with over 60 operators from 23 countries, featuring such exotic places as Cambodia, Kenya, and Gabon. The company consisted of 30 people by then. We were supporting a very serious infrastructure – our products and platforms were installed on the servers of data centers, the geography of which could be described as a Worldwide Network.

Transformation. Learning the value of custom software development

Our next stage of development began with the following question: If we can create quality software for ourselves, why not go into custom software development? That was the start of our transformation into a full-cycle software development company.

Nowadays, Bamboo Agile operates as a software development boutique for enterprises. To us, top-notch product quality is paramount, which is why our team of 100+ members comprises purely Middle- and Senior-level specialists in software engineering, quality assurance, business analysis, UX/UI design, and other directions. For almost two decades, we’ve been delivering solutions for telecommunications, education, healthcare, marketing, e-commerce, and other industries, with our global reach stretching from the US to the UAE. We are a trusted partner of numerous renowned brands, such as A1 Telekom Austria Group, Orange, or MobileTelesystems.

Our Tech Teams

We like to keep things stable and reliable. All Bamboo Agile employees boast at least 5 years of experience on average, with most of our staff consisting of proven industry professionals. Combining the intricate knowledge of the trade with an innovative, forward-thinking attitude, we’re able to bring fresh, yet dependable software to the table.

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