Rescue your project from potential disruptions threatening the future success of your business
Poor quality coding
Provoking potential issues for further development, debugging, adjustments, and maintenance, poorly written code leads to high overall financial and time losses that become problematic if not addressed immediately.
Lack of interoperability
As a consequence of having a non-standardized approach to programming, your developer can increase the risks of your software's inadequate interoperability and build obstacles for future system integrations.
Legacy software
Due to a multitude of outdated technologies still commonly used in application development, businesses overrun their budget by giving rise to operational costs, bugs, and regular system downtimes.
Low product quality
The probability of delivering a bug-free product is almost zero, but if your development partner disregards having a thorough QA process, the resulting solution won't meet most of your quality and performance requirements.
Project insecurity
If you leave your solution unprotected, you keep expenditures up by having to correct constant security issues or the consequences of a security breach.
Budget overrun
Lots of software development projects regularly go over the budget due to technical challenges running counter to business objectives. Avoid going past the agreed on price curve.
Lack of transparency
With a limited access to your software project metrics and poor communication from your developers' side, the probability of getting dissatisfactory deliverables only goes up.
Poor user experience
When development happens without consideration for end user requirements and feedback, the newly released software's interface might be awkward for those it was designed for, resulting in bad reviews and low customer satisfaction rate.
Lack of scalability
App scalability and flexibility issues suppress your business growth, setting the barriers for product expansion, implementation of new features, and adaptation to the market.

Software Project Rescue Services

Depending on the current state of your software, Bamboo Agile brings together highly experienced solution architects, software engineers, business analysts, and QA engineers to enhance the value of your project and breathe new life into it. Our team does whatever is required to ensure that the previously identified vulnerabilities will be transformed into the quality end product you want. Having experience in tackling various project issues, we offer software rescue services focused on architecture overview, refactoring, solution reengineering, and many others.
Source code review
Source code review

Source code review

Our team carries out an extensive source code review to identify issues and deal with them, thus protecting the solution from potential disruptions. As part of this process, we work closely with your developers to better understand how the product works, checking its backend and frontend and vetting your project documentation. The overall review process may include:
  • Static code analysis (using ESLint, TSLint, SonarQube, Upsource);
  • Dynamic code analysis (SonarQube);
  • Identification of system dependencies across various modules and integrations (composition analysis);
  • Identification of security flaws;
  • Design flaws featuring;
  • Preparation of the code review report with guidelines for fixing vulnerabilities.
Solution re-engineering

Your project recovery process

Software project recovery happens to efficiently bridge the gap between the existing unfinished solution and its fully functional version that operates with minimal risk. The entire process includes recovery plan preparation, recovery, testing, and the final launch.

The advantages of our software project rescue services

With over 20 years in application development, we've learned how to protect projects from unnecessary costs, potential disruptions, barriers for scaling, and low system performance. Bamboo Agile always invests in the newest technologies, development methods, and quality assurance tools to deal with the diverse aspects of getting a project back on track.

Risk management

Following the identification, evaluation, classification, and prioritization of risks related to a software project, we take preventive actions to ensure that the most crucial issues will be avoided or at least minimized. Bamboo Agile reports on risks or roadblocks appearing during the development process and takes immediate action to solve these problems.

Data protection

We enforce data protection regulations, ensuring compliance in all software development processes. Bamboo Agile provides solid user data protection, combining multiple data encryption and pseudonymization methods, including AES, RSA, or Twofish, advanced data recovery capabilities, and compliance with standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and more.


We prepare system and user documentation on requirements, designs, architecture design descriptions, source code reviews, and help guides, as well as user manuals and tutorials, all adhering to traditional Agile practices. Our guides feature system dependencies, software project reports and metrics, coding standards, and more.


Bamboo Agile is committed to the protection of your intellectual property. We ensure limited access to any information about your project recovery for third parties and your exclusive ownership of the codebase and other deliverables.

Why hand over your project recovery to Bamboo Agile?

Whatever the cause of your solution not turning out the way you wanted it to, Bamboo Agile is able to get your software project back on track. Attract our professional team for your project audit to detect opportunities for increased business value and benefit from a well structured, cost-effective, and transparent software development process.

Technologies we use

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile's Expertise

Since 2002, Bamboo Agile has gained deep expertise in e-Commerce, Education, Telecommunications, and Marketing solutions by closely partnering with industry leaders and famous market players. This expertise gives us a special advantage over other vendors, allowing us to speak the language of our clients and precisely understand their business needs in software project rescue.