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Software Project Rescue Services

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Depending on the current state of your software, Bamboo Agile brings together highly experienced solution architects, software engineers, business analysts, and QA engineers to enhance the value of your project and breathe new life into it. Our team does whatever is required to ensure that the previously identified vulnerabilities will be transformed into the quality end product you want.

Having experience in tackling various project issues, we offer software rescue services focused on architecture overview, refactoring, solution reengineering, and many others.

Our team carries out an extensive source code review to identify issues and deal with them, thus protecting the solution from potential disruptions. As part of this process, we work closely with your developers to better understand how the product works, checking its backend and frontend and vetting your project documentation. The overall review process may include:

  • Static code analysis (using ESLint, TSLint, SonarQube, Upsource);
  • Dynamic code analysis (SonarQube);
  • Identification of system dependencies across various modules and integrations (composition analysis);
  • Identification of security flaws;
  • Design flaws featuring;
  • Preparation of the code review report with guidelines for fixing vulnerabilities.

If an app is developed with outdated technology, maintenance and support become daunting. With the help of re-engineering, you can minimize maintenance costs, easily update the app with new features, and scale it up for new markets. Bamboo Agile determines the best approach, whether it’s complete code refactoring or elimination of technical debt. The team reengineers the system by using the latest technology and considering its future performance, stability, and the roadmap. Our solution re-engineering services imply the following procedures:

  • A comprehensive solutions audit and business analysis;
  • Re-architecturing;
  • Optimization of the solution’s performance, resilience, and scalability;
  • Disparate system integrations;
  • Functionality extension through APIs or custom code.

From both the software and the supporting infrastructure perspectives, performance engineering is a way of eliminating risks of system failure, as well as increased maintenance and operations costs. The engineers of Bamboo Agile run tests to determine the stability of software, find specific system vulnerabilities, and efficiently configure potentially disruptive components. To ensure high system performance, Bamboo Agile provides the following services:

  • Software architecture analysis;
  • High-load, fault-tolerant architecture design;
  • Dynamic load balancing;
  • Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) analytics;
  • Performance testing, load, stress, and bandwidth testing.

While getting your project back on track, Bamboo Agile provides manual and automated software testing services. Whether our engineers conduct code refactoring, solution reengineering, or performance engineering, our extensive expertise in testing allows us to build highly optimized QA strategies. Our QA services encompass the following procedures:

  • Web, API, and mobile automated tests;
  • Functional, usability, data migration, and other tests;
  • QA reporting.

Software security vulnerabilities can mean serious negative consequences for a business – anything from a system disruption caused by external threats to legislation breaches. Bamboo Agile implements a comprehensive software security audit into the software rescue process to ensure that all the security standards and requirements are met. Our audit covers several steps to build confidence in your software security:

  • Software vulnerability assessment: internal and external threat identification;
  • OWASP compliance;
  • Software architecture analysis to reduce the risk of breaches due to third-party integrations.

Your project recovery process

Software project recovery happens to efficiently bridge the gap between the existing unfinished solution and its fully functional version that operates with minimal risk. The entire process includes recovery plan preparation, recovery, testing, and the final launch.

We work closely with your team to collect the functional requirements for the system and identify the gaps in its security and structure to build and schedule a detailed software project rescue plan.

We execute the chosen project recovery plan entailing code review, refactoring, reengineering, performance engineering, or any other service, and regularly report on the progress.

To ensure the quality of the updated software, we use robust and best-suited end-to-end quality assurance techniques, embracing manual and automation testing.

After assuring the product quality, we release the software and provide continuous project support and update delivery on demand.

The advantages of our software project rescue services

With over 20 years in application development, we’ve learned how to protect projects from unnecessary costs, potential disruptions, barriers for scaling, and low system performance. Bamboo Agile always invests in the newest technologies, development methods, and quality assurance tools to deal with the diverse aspects of getting a project back on track.

Following the identification, evaluation, classification, and prioritization of risks related to a software project, we take preventive actions to ensure that the most crucial issues will be avoided or at least minimized. Bamboo Agile reports on risks or roadblocks appearing during the development process and takes immediate action to solve these problems.

We prepare system and user documentation on requirements, designs, architecture design descriptions, source code reviews, and help guides, as well as user manuals and tutorials, all adhering to traditional Agile practices. Our guides feature system dependencies, software project reports and metrics, coding standards, and more.

We enforce data protection regulations, ensuring compliance in all software development processes. Bamboo Agile provides solid user data protection, combining multiple data encryption and pseudonymization methods, including AES, RSA, or Twofish, advanced data recovery capabilities, and compliance with standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

Bamboo Agile is committed to the protection of your intellectual property. We ensure limited access to any information about your project recovery for third parties and your exclusive ownership of the codebase and other deliverables.

Why hand over your project recovery to Bamboo Agile?

Whatever the cause of your solution not turning out the way you wanted it to, Bamboo Agile is able to get your software project back on track. Attract our professional team for your project audit to detect opportunities for increased business value and benefit from a well structured, cost-effective, and transparent software development process.

One reason to consider outsourcing to Bamboo Agile is our deep analytical expertise. Our experienced business analysts execute a comprehensive audit of your software and business needs to investigate the full potential of the project recovery process and ensure that the project scope addresses the most significant vulnerabilities and risks.

Being well familiar with how software limitations can affect development and new features release, or how outdated infrastructure can result in scalability issues, we advocate for using up-to-date technology solutions facilitating operational processes and enhancing the application performance for end-users.

Stay in control of the project recovery process and get constantly updated on the current project status, providing your feedback regarding any improvements all the way until the project’s completion. Bamboo Agile utilizes multiple communication channels, including daily reports, online meetings, email updates, and onsite visits to ensure all the ideas and concerns will be delivered as planned.

Bamboo Agile engages with project recovery clients by following the Agile and Scrum development methodologies in line with the industry standards. We provide our clients with visible deliverables after each two-week iteration, keeping the schedule, budget, and software quality under control.

We work on your terms. Based on which development stage the software is on, timelines, and the determined scope of the project rescue services, Bamboo Agile offers you ad hoc pricing strategies: fixed-price, time & materials, or any other custom options.

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile's expertise

Since 2002, Bamboo Agile has gained deep expertise in e-Commerce, Education, Telecommunications, and Marketing solutions by closely partnering with industry leaders and famous market players. This expertise gives us a special advantage over other vendors, allowing us to speak the language of our clients and precisely understand their business needs in software project rescue.

Availing from being an official Shopify Partner, we have developed various e-commerce apps for small and medium businesses all over the world. Our skills allow us to deliver truly scalable websites and online stores enriched by product inventory, customer support, cookies, multiple languages, payment and shipping modules, discounts, or even the launch of new sales channels. By knowing e-Commerce from A to Z, our team provides high-quality e-Commerce project rescue services aimed to stabilize website performance for better user experience.

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More than 60 mobile operators and digital delivery providers around the globe use the services built on our SMPP and billing systems, incorporating e-commerce, payments, and self-service. Since 2002, Bamboo Agile has developed and integrated plenty of applications for Telecom, enabling users to access the information about their accounts and subscription plans, view entertaining content, pay bills, and e-sign documents. Having a deep understanding of the industry, we know that our project rescue services will undoubtedly be useful for optimizing the performance and increasing the scalability of any telecom solution.

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Bamboo Agile has developed a vast number of customized educational apps tailored to the needs of public and private schools and universities. The company’s educational technology portfolio embraces certified LMS as well as student information systems working for the most progressive educational programs and national education systems worldwide. We aim to combat the problem of legacy school applications. Our team offers rescue services to transform unappealing and difficult to use systems into the ones creating a pleasant user experience.

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Being a development partner of various retail companies and popular brands, Bamboo Agile has developed marketing software that creates automated targeted SMS, Push, and Viber mailouts to brand subscribers. The marketing solutions we have developed also generate admin reports, manage ads, promos, and announcements, as well as check the status of each campaign with customized dashboards.

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Let us help you with software project rescue!

Book a consultation with Bamboo Agile experts to determine the current state of your project and identify which parts need updating. We will review your documentation, perform a code review, and execute some testing to provide you with a reliable status report - all under an NDA.

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