Frontend Development Services

Frontend development implies building highly usable and attractive web apps in accordance with the layouts and requirements presented by the customer beforehand. To add to that, it means creating new adaptive versions of software solutions that fully retain the general design and functionality across multiple platforms and screen definitions. The Bamboo Agile team is composed of skilled Angular, React, Vue developers, capable of constructing flexible and highly functional UIs, which will - no matter the complexity - provide perfectly smooth performance on every device.


Oftentimes first impressions hold a lot of power - this is a crucial notion to consider when enticing users to an app. Even if the software itself can boast perfectly smooth performance and functionality, the client might never give it a single chance because of the screenshots looking drab, overly-complex, and uninviting. This is why our UX/UI design team puts great effort into creating an attractive, easy-to-navigate interface that will not only make the working experience pleasant, but also encourage fresh customers to give your product a try.

Leverage our frontend developers' competence to deliver fantastic user experiences

Our frontend software engineers are split into Angular, React, and Vue developers, with each group specializing in what they do best. We harness the power of Angular to build maintainable and highly-secure solutions, complete with a refined user interface and an impressive array of functional features. React, in turn, lets us create beautiful interactive animations and UIs while ensuring high-speed system performance and stability. The efficiency of the development process also translates into more marketing opportunities and faster, cleaner product delivery. Our engineers are masters of building effective SPAs and hybrid mobile applications. The solution’s robust functionality is accompanied by seamless and blazingly fast performance, all packaged into an uncluttered and user-friendly UI. So, our developers are capable of building attractive, scalable, and high-quality products.

Optimized performance

Everything hinges on how well your application can perform its basic functions. The devs at Bamboo Agile have always prioritized the speed and stability of the final version, so when it comes to frontend development, we do everything to ensure that the code is reliably quick, well-organized, and functional. Thus, we also expand the software’s integration opportunities and streamline future maintenance work and debugging processes. This doesn’t just apply to custom applications - we also offer frontend performance tuning and migration services for third-party software.

Appealing responsive design

We know the value of making your application look attractive. Our UX/UI designers have years of experience in forging gorgeous Material interfaces that turn a mediocre, albeit functional, web experience into a highly-enjoyable one. Professional-looking aesthetics, fine colour choices, great interactive animations, and strong readability are all essential parts in every interface that the Bamboo Agile team designs.

Rich functionality

While simplicity is a perfectly valid choice in some cases, robust functionality is oftentimes an extremely valuable asset for any web or mobile-based application. Our designers and software engineers combine their forces to create intricate multilayered workflows that will bring your solution to the next level in terms of both efficiency and general appeal. To add to that, with how expertly-structured our code is, you won’t have to worry about all those features taking a toll on the software’s flawless performance.

Outstanding quality & security

Finding and fixing seemingly small issues right as they arise is integral in ensuring that they won’t grow into something far more dangerous and game-breaking later down the line. This is why our QA team watches over the entire frontend development cycle, constantly checking for possible bugs and exploits. We also guarantee the safety of company and user data by following all the necessary security protocols during development. Thanks to such diligence, Bamboo Agile can deliver truly consistent and reliable performance, which means higher levels of trust and client satisfaction.
Technologies We Use
While having a team of highly skilled software engineers is a must, any development company knows that having access to top-of-the-line equipment is a game changer. This is why Bamboo Agile always stays ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of the most impressive, cutting-edge technology.
Bamboo Agile Frontend Competence
LanguagesJavascript / Typescript, HTML / CSS
UI FrameworksMaterial, Bootstrap
Javascript frameworksAngular, React, Vue.js
State managersNGRX, Redux
Cross-platformReact Native, Flutter

Why choose the Bamboo Agile Frontend developers?

Choosing the perfect vendor for your frontend development project is no easy task - after all, they will be responsible for how your app and, likewise, your entire brand is perceived by the customers. The team at Bamboo Agile has all the requirements and expertise a company needs to deliver a fully sustainable, high-quality product.

Key Verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise

Bamboo Agile has done frontend development for an impressive number of fields. However, while we have experience in working with a huge array of companies and industries, there are four key verticals that can be singled out in our professional expertise.