Application Maintenance & Software Support Services

Our team at Bamboo Agile are no strangers to critical business challenges, and we use our expertise to deliver superb application maintenance and software support services for the operations of all of your systems.

We embody the ideal of providing professional and cost-effective application maintenance, consistently delivering reliable IT-infrastructure that continues to be improved and optimized to your needs. We aim to reduce software system TCO and instil confidence in all of our clients, whether they are utilizing our custom solutions or third-party software we have integrated.
Pre-support audit
Pre-support audit

Pre-support audit

Bamboo Agile provides an independent software audit, covering the project assessment, recommendations for product enhancements, and the final report regarding its readiness for the software support services transfer. From those results, you are able to direct the trajectory of application maintenance and support into either improvements or a complete overhaul.
  • By carrying out a pre-support audit, you determine the real status of your project, eliminating the future detection of any unexpected expenses on support, and get prepared for cost-effective software support services' transfer.
  • An audit allows conducting an assessment of the software developed by another team, helping ease the preparation for application maintenance and support.

Software modernization & support

Code issues resolution
We are experts at taking a poorly constructed code and turning into an innovative solution with upgraded maintainability and readability. Our application maintenance and software support services include refactoring, which allows for increased performance and future enhancements, and multi-stage code review.
The tech stack updates
Our services include a detailed, in-depth business analysis, where our team pinpoints a specific combination of innovative tools and frameworks that will replace antiquated stack. But our team takes it one step further, and is always ready to design a new custom solution to meet your needs.
Improved usability
We are fluent in system analysis and application modernization services. Our UX experts frequently modernize a system’s usability and accessibility standards by improving UX design or enabling multiplatform UI implementation. Throughout the process of improving usability, our application maintenance and software support services are always focused on boosting user satisfaction.
Our goal is to streamline communication between stakeholders by crafting clear and concise documentation including SRS, architecture design, source code documentation, easy-to-grasp admin and user guides, project reports, coding standards, and more. Working together with you, our team aims to improve maintainability and transparency with detailed and helpful documentation.

Perks of working with us

Our close-knit and highly specialized team holds years worth of qualifications to tackle the most complex software problems or issues. Our application maintenance and software support services team keeps up with, or surpasses cutting-edge technology, ensuring quick and efficient operation of your application, while adhering to industry standards.

360 Degree Service

We optimize your IT costs by taking on every task large or small, routine or unique. We provide comprehensive, all-around support through consulting, assessments, and 24/7 IT application maintenance. We deliver practical tools to resolve outages and reduce downtime, and we help our clients implement these measures when required.

Powerful scalability

Advancing the scalability of high-load systems is what Bamboo Agile is known for. We thoughtfully consider the design and performance of your solution, ensuring it is focused on expansion and growth. We guarantee that your solution will be able to support a plethora of concurrent users in the future.

Top-notch Quality

Our team has established itself as an innovative department when it comes to addressing quality issues. We address each project with individual scrutiny, optimizing your solution to your specific needs.


We take the time to conduct a thorough end-to-end assessment of your system, pinpointing and addressing existing security issues by proposing security recommendations. Our software engineers are specialists who will look at the focal points that are unique to your business and use best practices and OWASP guidelines to rebuild a robust security system for you.

Bugs detection and fixing

Our application maintenance and software support services are designed to locate and isolate bugs and issues before they become significant strains on a project. We frequently run checks to pinpoint the origins of any issue, while tracking and testing all features of your product.

Minimized regressions

Our clients are always confident to roll out new releases that are reliable and progressive. We have meticulous application maintenance and support procedures to tackle regressions, allowing your long-term project to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Why choose the Bamboo Agile team?

We are committed to delivering quality IT solutions, in a fast and friendly manner, and to maintaining and supporting our clients and their systems, even after the design is complete.

Technologies We Use

We are always on top of the technology that is cutting-edge in the software development landscape and are more than comfortable working with various technologies.

Areas of Expertise

While we are experts in a variety of realms, Bamboo Agile teams consistently excel in the areas of e-Commerce, Education, Telecommunications, and Marketing. Our track record comprises client testimonials about our dedication and gold star customer service.