HR Software (NDA)

HR Software (NDA) is a secure cloud-based solution that streamlines HR management for companies across Europe and the GCC. The Bamboo Agile team was tasked with enhancing, modernizing, and developing numerous new features for the software.
Project team:16 people
Delivery date:February 2020
Time spent:ongoing
The client wanted to enrich their application’s functionality, making the process of managing HR, payouts, and reports as efficient as possible. Our dev team was provided with a list of tasks, all aimed at enhancing the HR solution’s performance and overall usability. The main challenge lied in planning the workflow in a way that would ensure delivering the most high-quality results within the given deadlines.
The Bamboo Agile team went on to fulfil all of the client’s requirements, developing a wide range of new HR and Payroll management features. We’ve helped streamline the process of issuing administrative tasks, documents, employee benefits, onboarding, and leaves, and implemented a number of automatic features, such as payment calculation, auto-generated reports, leave policy calibration, and expenses tracking. To add to that, the app is now able to handle different types of salary, and can issue payouts to employees from all across the GCC. Finally, we’ve greatly enhanced the speed of the web version and have rewritten the mobile HR application from scratch. Furthermore, Bamboo Agile will continue to improve the software with each following update.

Enhanced Backend

Our engineers have gone to extra lengths to ensure that the HR software is not only blazing fast, but also highly stable and reliable. We’ve reworked parts of the formerly monolithic backend into a scalable microservices architecture, and have replaced the old and outdated REST API with the more powerful GraphQL API.

Database Migration

While monolithic codebases have their share of advantages, the recent trends are clearly pointing to the fact that microservices are the way of the future. So, making a separate database for each business means that the software will be a lot easier to scale, configure, and regularly update in the long run.

Product Quality Assurance Automation

Oftentimes testers find themselves performing repetitive tasks that are not only tedious, but also unrewarding and terribly time-consuming. We’ve implemented automatic testing to make checking for bugs, errors, and other performance problems a swift, undemanding, and efficient process.

Applicant Tracking System

It’s not uncommon for some companies to receive dozens or even hundreds of resumes within one day. Naturally, a regular HR manager would find sorting through all of those overwhelming - impossible, even. This is why the HR Software app has been equipped with an advanced Applicant Tracking System to automatically find the most promising candidates for any given position.

Performance Management

Supervising your employees’ performance has never been easier: HR Software features an array of management tools that make administering tasks, writing and requesting reports, checking the team members’ activity and issuing professional evaluations a matter of seconds.

Organization Charts

Tracking and comparing all kinds of data is made easy with HR Software’s expert visual design: almost all information is organized in colourful comprehensive charts, making research and analytics simple and appealing.


One of the key features of the solution is the ability to easily request, generate, share, and store various documents. The app provides its users with several templates to make writing reports on HR and Finance an absolute breeze - simply insert the necessary data into the appropriate fields and receive a detailed, perfectly formatted paper.


We’ve added the ability to integrate multiple leave policies depending on the type, grade and location of every employee. Don’t fret about legal technicalities - the app will calculate leave policies for your company’s satellite offices according to their regional labour laws.


Knowing what discounts and medical benefits are offered by your business can be life-saving. However, scouring document folders for concrete details of that is something few employees are willing to go through. HR Software presents all the info in a neat and well-organized manner that makes using and calculating medical and end-of-service benefits straightforward, effortless, and really quick.

Multi Salary Types

The application makes differences in currency a non-issue: HR Software now supports payrolls for employees located in countries all over the GCC and Europe. No need to worry about tax rates and commissions - the software will fine-tune every payout in accordance with all regional norms.


The staff behind the HR app knows the importance of keeping in touch with their customer base. The community tab allows users to read various blog posts, articles, announcements, and updates from the HR Software team, as well as to share said content via other messenger apps and social media.

Mobile app

We’ve helped build a mobile self-service application, which allows employees to track such crucial data as upcoming meetings, leave allowance, their colleagues’ availability, payouts, business expenses and so on. The app users can also submit their own leave and document requests, contact co-workers, and manage medical benefits.


It’s no secret that one of the top factors of success is the product’s accessibility. Overcoming the language barrier means bringing your app to thousands of new potential customers, which is why we’ve implemented support for all of the major European and GCC languages.

Further Enhancement

Despite the impressive amount of features implemented by us at this point, the Bamboo Agile team still has a lot of work to do. Our top priorities include increasing the platform’s capacity, improving its solidity and providing consistent bugfixes and updates in the future. Moreover, our staff will keep delivering continuous integration for the software.
We’ve successfully enhanced the web and mobile versions of the HR Software solution, both modernizing the parts that were already in place and expanding on the app’s functionality with a wide range of high-quality features. To add to that, we’ve made massive improvements to the backend, which have resulted in a performance that is much faster and far more consistent than ever before. All in all, the end product has become a truly powerful and helpful application, equipped with everything necessary to carry out HR and Payroll management in a way that is both practical and enjoyable for the user.

Tech Used

Angular, Node.js
SwiftUI, Kotlin

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