Bamboo Agile overcomes the main IT challenges healthcare solutions face today:
Out-of-date technology
Over time, legacy healthcare technology solutions accumulate lots of security holes. Since it’s often difficult to upgrade, many organizations are stuck using outdated technology, which causes risks for everyone involved.
Complex, hard-to-understand interfaces might turn both medical professionals and patients off using healthcare IT solutions completely.
Poor interoperability
Most healthcare software allows hospitals to access their patient-related data, but doesn’t let individuals withdraw or transfer data to other medical and healthcare organizations.
Data insecurity
Custom healthcare software development companies struggle to keep users’ personal information safe from data breaches and cyberattacks.
Non-compliance with standards
Healthcare software’s non-compliance with regulatory standards disrupts normal operations, as well as the safety of employees and patients.
Data management & analytics
A healthcare app allows the generation of patient medical records, transcript notes, and other medical information, but often lacks robust management and analysis functionality.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Bamboo Agile combines the expertise of its internal medical consultants and professional software engineers to deliver products and services in line with all possible healthcare needs, standards, and regulations.

Whether you need a patient portal, advanced health-tracking, or robust analytics software, we are here to bring your healthcare app to life. Having experience in creating mHealth solutions for both patients and medical professionals, our team can cover whatever you need. By putting your needs at the forefront of our focus, we can develop medical software that provides ease of use, boosts growth, supports customization, and optimizes the workflow. It doesn’t matter if your custom healthcare software is for caretakers, hospitals, assisted living facilities, or clinics - Bamboo Agile can do it all. We work with you to tackle whatever software challenges you and your customers face by bringing together medicine and technology.



You can safely entrust the process of healthcare web development into our hands. Once you’ve envisioned what you and your company need, our developers work with you side by side until the release. No matter the web-based application you need, Bamboo Agile’s development team can handle it.

Overcoming Challenges with Custom Healthcare Application Development

Every medical center faces challenges. For one, even the most modernized hospitals need a way to keep information secure and in one place. Be it doctors or patients, we get to the bottom of every stakeholder’s needs and tailor our healthcare software accordingly. Our teams are ready to develop the healthcare or medical software you’re looking for in the customized way you need.

Healthcare IT Solutions

Monitoring a critical patient’s health remotely is important. Bamboo Agile is able to create telemedicine and remote monitoring solutions that allow doctors to oversee blood pressure, heart rate, fitness, and sleep, analyze medical data, or implement reminders and alerts.

Telemedicine Solutions

Interactive Patient Portals

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Patient-Generated Data Solutions

mHealth Solutions

Medication Reminders and Pill Trackers

Medical Image Analysis

Clinical & Health Management

Optimizing the workflow and keeping track of patients’ vitals are important processes in any healthcare facility. Bamboo Agile can efficiently integrate your custom app with a personalized EMR or EHR solution, incorporate an e-prescription solution into your app, or allow you to provide patients with customized care outside of hospital walls.

EMR, EHR Solutions


Chronic Disease Management

Medical Risk Assessment Software

Health Monitoring & Diagnosis

Healthcare Automation Solutions

Medical Practice Management software

Engage and retain your patients with management solutions, allow them to book an appointment smoothly, and keep track of all your supplies with easy-to-understand healthcare software developed by Bamboo Agile.

Healthcare CRM software

Healthcare Analytics Solutions

Medical Billing Software Solutions

Booking Management Information

Hospital Asset Tracking

Laboratory Information Management Systems

Medical Lab Management Software

Fitness applications

Be it activity trackers, workout, or nutrition and diet applications, Bamboo Agile can develop various fitness applications with their inherent high performance and robust on-demand integration with electronic health records or other healthcare IT solutions.

Activity trackers

Workout applications

Nutrition and diet applications

How Our Healthcare Software Stands Out

Bamboo Agile developers are highly skilled and trained to make your software the best it can be. Our teams put your needs at the center of focus to create an app that continuously attracts customers and leaves them satisfied. With features such as e-prescription, clinical content management, health management, offline accessibility, and many others, your app is built to impress.

Optimizing work spaces

Enhance your patients’ care by streamlining patient admittance and insurance claims. Lowering costs while also delivering personalized healthcare will increase patient visits and provide your company with a more solid workflow.

Increased growth

Digitizing your workspace and patient portals can attract new customers. Those searching for easily accessible healthcare will find your app, and originally unreachable patients can become loyal users.

Ease of use

Having an easy to use app on hand is important for both patients and medical professionals. Whether your healthcare software is designed for your staff members, your patients, or both, Bamboo Agile developers make sure it is easy to navigate and understand.

HL7 standard compliance

Your custom healthcare application is guaranteed to meet all security and data privacy regulations. Our developers know it’s important that your patient’s information remains secure and we put extra effort into making sure your app adheres to all HL7 standards.

Robust integrations

Developers at Bamboo Agile have extensive experience in integrating a variety of third-party systems while keeping your healthcare app secure. We make sure that your software can accommodate many third-party integrations while remaining safe, robust, and effective.

Why Choose Bamboo Agile as a Medical Software Development Company?

When you’re interested in custom healthcare app development, it’s important you find a reliable software development company to partner with. Our developers have 5 years of experience on average and have achieved excellent results in software development for various industries.

Technologies We Use