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Patient Remote Monitoring App

An AI-powered mobile app that helps users diagnose COVID-19 and book doctor appointments.
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About the Project

Bamboo Agile was tasked with developing an AI-powered mobile application that would help its users diagnose COVID-19 and book doctor appointments.


  • Project team
    Project team:      5 people
  • Delivery date
    Delivery date:     December 2020
  • Time spent
    Time spent:         4 months


The software would target low-income regions, first and foremost. By letting potential patients diagnose the disease on their own, the app would help take the load off hospitals, as well as make medical help more accessible to those who need it most.


Bamboo carried out pre-development research, designed, and delivered an AI-based mobile app that helped people determine if they had coronavirus from the safety of their homes. The app also lets users book on-site or remote appointments with doctors from their local clinics.

The solution is designed to be integrated with select health clinics. Said clinics sync their data with the system and then provide software access to their staff and patients. The app was first set to launch in Brazil, with the intention to expand to more countries later on.

Technologies we used:

Swift, Kotlin


Key Features

This is the core feature of the application. To determine if they have coronavirus, users need to take a smart questionnaire in the form of a conversation with an AI bot. The questionnaire then adapts and changes depending on the user’s answers as the test progresses.

If the results show that the user is indeed sick, the bot offers to call a doctor or to set up an appointment at the clinic, if necessary. Generally speaking, this feature can be used to diagnose a huge range of diseases in the future, not just COVID-19.

This is where integration with clinics comes in especially handy: users can check available time slots at the clinic they are registered in and book an appointment with a relevant doctor. The app will then send a couple notifications to remind them of the upcoming visit.
The app features a text chat for easy doctor-patient communication. Users can attach images to provide doctors with a visual aid when explaining their symptoms. The application also allows to make audio and video calls, thus giving doctors the ability to hold remote appointments.
The app has an emergency button that patients can use if their state unexpectedly worsens. It sends an automatic request for an ambulance to the clinic the user is registered in, marking the current location of their device.


The team of Bamboo consisted of 1 iOS developer, 1 Android developer, a Project Manager, a Business Analyst, and (later) a UX designer. The development of an app was split between two teams: backend development was done by a third party, while Bamboo Agile was responsible for the mobile part of the solution.


We successfully designed a patient remote monitoring app for iOS and Android that incorporated a smart chatbot, scheduling features, and other functionality.

Despite the challenges that arose from the development being split between two teams, Bamboo Agile managed to optimise the workflow and continuously provide high quality mobile development services over the course of the collaboration.