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Broadcasting services have come a long way since the start of the millenium, first and foremost, due to the rapid development of the Internet. The market has irreversibly changed: now that online video has largely replaced traditional television, the demand for high-quality streaming software is greater than ever before. It’s no surprise that more and more companies are striving to build the next hit online streaming service.

Bamboo Agile will happily guide you through the process of developing a live video streaming platform of your own, complete with a thorough business analysis, appealing UX and UI design, configuration, integration with social networks, testing, and deploying the finished product on the market. Be it VOD, enterprise live streaming, video conferencing or commerce, our team’s high standards guarantee that your solution will boast smooth, high-speed performance and strong, sustainable user engagement long after its initial release.

We can create brand new video streaming platforms for the already established OTT services. This will result in increased revenue, accessibility, and quality of their user experience: highly personalised content, robust interactivity, the integration of social networks, second-screening implementation, consistent HD video quality, and an array of other convenient perks are bound to keep your viewers hooked.

We let your unique VOD (video on demand) ideas become a reality. Our team can develop top-notch video streaming software, which will allow your viewers to watch their favourite films and TV shows without worrying about monitoring old-fashioned channel schedules or having to buy expensive movie tickets. To add to that, your audience engagement is guaranteed to skyrocket with personalised content recommendations, highly responsive customer support, and popular integrations with popular social networks.

Even the most advanced apps of their time become outdated in a year or two. If you feel like your live streaming solution needs an upgrade, look no further than Bamboo Agile. Our seasoned experts will quickly determine the areas in dire need of improvement, as well as take note of the features that can be added or modified in your video streaming app. After our coders and designers finish work, your audience will enjoy a more potent, varied and stylish HD streaming experience.

The live streaming application fundamentals

An app is only as good as its features. Thus, a live streaming app has to fulfil a number of basic requirements – or, better, surpass them – to be a truly viable product in this competitive market. Personalization, accessibility, and convenience are the core principles around which every online platform is built, and which define the fundamental features of the project. That’s why to ensure the success of a live streaming solution, our team will construct it with a number of essentials in mind.

We give users the option to express themselves by creating a unique customizable profile, complete with the ability to log in through their Google and Facebook accounts.

Viewers can stay updated on all of their favourite creators’ content by using the subscriptions feature, which is certain to keep the interest high on both ends of the deal.

Our web and mobile applications will ensure that fans won’t miss any valuable content by letting them save video streams for future viewings.

We help extend your streaming platform’s reach by giving users the ability to share content and log into the service using other socials.

Your custom video streaming app can use AI engines to analyse every user’s preferences and suggest content that perfectly suits their tastes.

We can greatly expand your demographics by creating a multiplatform experience, offering users the opportunity to stream videos from their Apple and Android devices.

Improve your audience engagement by tracking what kind of content gets the most interaction and capitalising on it, using our app analytics feature.

Boost viewer loyalty and retention through our convenient second-screen feature, which lets users do whatever they want without missing out on the content.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

While the above mentioned essentials are great for helping new users get familiar with your streaming software, what gets them to stay are the features that set you apart from the other video platforms on the market. Bamboo Agile can turn your streaming service into a sensation, incorporating leading-edge technologies and perks into the app’s design.

Looks aren’t everything, but one can’t underestimate the role a stylish UI plays in creating a decent first impression. Our skilled design team can build a beautiful, highly-usable interface that will greatly boost the live streaming app’s accessibility, improve viewer engagement, and enhance customer satisfaction on both web and mobile.

Our live video streaming software can boast stable and highly performant backends. This means that the app’s settings are varied and highly customizable, providing users with the access to advanced backend configuration. Our team can also implement redundancy and dynamic load balancing for more efficient scalability.

High latency can absolutely ruin any online streaming experience, which is why our live streaming apps can connect to the nearest CDN, ensuring speedy content delivery to specific audiences based on their geographical location. To add to that, these multi-CDN services will help your solution streamline content optimization and greatly reduce total ownership costs.

Worry not about corporate and user data being safe – we can establish complete protection of all copyrighted, personal, and monetary information on the platform. Our engineers can implement AES encryption, DRM and IP-based access control to mitigate breaches from hackers, unauthorised users, data leaks, and piracy.

The quality of a live streaming app is directly proportional to its video quality. Our software engineers implement real-time data compression to lower the bandwidth usage on both ends of the connection – this ensures that the video runs smoothly with minimal losses to its definition.

We hold the highest standards for our live streaming apps’ performance: every web and mobile solution is designed with speed, reliability, and scalability in mind. No need to worry about your platform being unable to handle more than a few visitors at a time – our load testing ensures that your streaming app can support millions of concurrent viewers.

Payments can serve as an amazing incentive for content creators. Bamboo Agile will integrate your streaming platform with a variety of secure monetization features: pay-per-view, monthly subscriptions, tiered pricing, and many more – pick and choose whichever model suits your streaming solution best.

Strategically placed third-party pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements are an extremely effective way of earning additional revenue. Studies show that the majority of consumers are content with watching ads for lower subscription fees, with over 75% being fine with ads in exchange for free content.

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Why Bamboo Agile?

Choosing a live video streaming app developer is no easy task – the vendor has to be skilled, experienced, and highly receptive to customer feedback; transparency and flexibility are also critical in building trust, which is the baseline of any collaboration. And we can’t forget the importance of the dev’s ability to plan ahead, to foresee risks and avoid common pitfalls. Of course, there are very few companies that can boast all of the abovementioned characteristics. But you’re in luck: Bamboo Agile is one of them.

A detailed business analysis is invaluable in creating a market-oriented product. Our BA experts will make sure that both the development process and the launch of the solution are profitable and effective.

Our collaboration doesn’t simply stop after the app is launched: Bamboo Agile offers maintenance services, such as timely updates, regular performance reviews, and technical support long after the initial release.

Communication is crucial in building trust, which is why we’re intent on keeping our clients constantly involved and updated on the state of the project; this ensures that the end product is perfectly tailored to our customers’ wishes, no matter the field.

You can’t stay ahead of the development game without keeping an eye on all the latest tech. We adopt leading-edge inventions to bring you the highest quality state-of-the-art services and solutions.

Our team uses three different methodologies depending on the project specifics and the client’s preferences: Agile, Scrum, and SAFe. We can also combine these methods if it means boosting effectiveness and speed of live streaming app development.

When talking money, flexibility is key. We use the T&M model by default, but can easily switch to fixed price, and even mix the two approaches if that’s what our customer is comfortable with.

Key Verticals of Our Expertise

Bamboo Agile has over 20 years of experience in software development and communications technologies. Having developed web and mobile applications for a large number of different industries, we can safely say that we can implement live streaming functionality into almost any kind of software. Here’s how live streaming technology can be applied to our core domains of expertise.

e-Commerce web and mobile apps can benefit from minor streaming features, too. Promotional videos for new collections and video announcements can be placed right on the platform. Plus, the idea of product listings featuring short videos to see how the product looks in motion are becoming increasingly popular.

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Telecom companies have long been providing their customers with entertainment, and live streaming is simply the most recent form of that. Online movie theatres, show streaming services, video and audio streaming platforms – all are amazing ways to increase profits and keep customers on board with their favourite content.

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EdTech platforms can be outfitted with streaming features to diversify schooling programs with video content and even more unconventional things, such as educational podcasts. Video streaming is pretty much essential for online course platforms and applications, too. It’s overall a great feature for any schooling software.

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For many streaming services, a large part of their revenue comes from advertisements. These come in the form of short pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements, banners, and sponsorships with streamers and creators. Placing ads on popular streaming platforms has become incredibly popular – and it’s quite effective, too. So consider outfitting your streaming service with advertising opportunities.

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What is the process of live streaming?

Live streaming is the process of transmitting a couple seconds of a multimedia file as soon as they load, instead of waiting for the whole file to download before playing it. It’s sending an audio or video file in real time without it being recorded or stored.

What technologies are used in live streaming?

There are several technologies that need to work together in order to make live streaming apps possible. They are: content delivery networks, live streaming protocols, APIs, codecs, and video players.

What is an API for live streaming?

Live streaming APIs allow websites to convert linear video streams into various file formats. They are especially useful for streaming content across a number of different devices; this makes quality live streaming APIs equally important for broadcasting companies, businesses, and individual streamers.

(How) Can I start my streaming service?

You can start your own streaming service with the help of a professional development team. You can either compose one in-house or outsource live video streaming app development to a company that already has the necessary tools and industry knowledge.

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