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C++ Development Services

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages out there – and for good reason. Its object-oriented nature makes coding efficient, swift, and effortless, while the speed and capacity of C++ scripts result in consistent, fast, and intricate software performances. Combining great power and versatility, it’s no wonder that operating C++ and Qt have long become staples of many professional programmers’ skillsets.

Being proficient in both managing the Qt framework and writing complex C++ scripts, we can deliver impressive, high-quality results on any platform. Whether you want to create a fun small-scale application or supply a massive database with a strong, stable and dynamic backend, our specialists are certain to not merely fulfill, but surpass your most daring expectations.

We offer both native and cross-platform development services. One of the biggest advantages of C++ codes (and, by extension, Qt) is their speed and effectiveness regardless of the device the application is running on. Bamboo Agile uses the full extent of the language’s capabilities to bring equally great user experiences on mobile, desktop, and embedded OS. Of course, our developers can also create potent C++ solutions, fine-tuned to work perfectly on a single OS.

Scaling with C++ is easy, as is tweaking the script. This makes it an amazing tool for modernizing old, outdated applications, and absolutely perfect for enhancing server- and client-side online data systems. Harnessing our vast coding know-how and proven Qt expertise, we provide outstanding C++ application enhancement services, improving the apps’ user interface, performance, and functionality.

Frameworks & Libraries

C/C++, STL, Qt/QML, Boost, OpenGL, Cocos2dx

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, macOS

Development tools

Visual Studio, XCode, InteliJ Idea, Qt Creator

Why choose Bamboo Agile C++ developers?

Being one of the most popular and versatile coding languages, C++ is something a lot of devs claim to be experts in. However, having the technical know-how is only one of the many facets that come into play when choosing which software developer to work with. The software engineers of Bamboo Agile are very proficient in C++, that much is certain. Still, it is far from being our only advantage.

At Bamboo Agile, every development cycle begins with a thorough and diligent analysis of all your project needs and requirements. The BA experts carefully evaluate each element of the software’s design, distributing the resources in a way that will guarantee the most efficient and productive workflow.

The tech industry isn’t kind to those who aren’t willing to constantly innovate. Our engineers are not only experienced in languages that have long become staples in the field, but are also willing to branch out and evolve, adopting new technologies as soon as they hit the ever-expanding IT market.

Being rigid in terms of business practices has never been our style. We use a number of approaches during development cycles, and have zero trouble switching between the Agile, Scrum, and SAFe methodologies on the fly. Therefore, we can easily work using whatever format our client considers to be most convenient.

Bamboo Agile has always prided itself on its strong client-oriented approach. Not only do our project managers conduct regular meetings, calls, and conferences throughout the whole development process, but we make sure to send out daily progress reports and updates by email, file-sharing services, and messaging apps.

Feel free to choose whichever method you’re most comfortable with: our pricing models include T&M and fixed price, but there is an option of combining them into one mixed approach.

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile's expertise

The Bamboo Agile team has experience in different industries, and we know exactly what we’re good at and what our key fields of expertise are. It may sound limiting, but you would be surprised at how versatile the knowledge of e-commerce, education, telecom, and marketing software can be regardless of trade.

Bamboo Agile is inspired by the idea of making our modern healthcare more reliable, efficient, and precise through the implementation of advanced technologies in basic and complex medical practices alike. Currently, C++ is the language of choice for building bioinformatics applications, thanks to its speed and ability to handle complex data structures. It is also a very effective tool for developing image analysis software and hardware motion control software.

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We have the trust of over 60 mobile operators from around the globe, providing high-quality software services that enhance both their customers’ experience and their own networks’ functionality. Having been in the industry for well over a decade, we’ve gained a truly impressive understanding of its inner workings. And so, we harness that knowledge to create silky smooth and memorable telecom experiences.

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We’ve been developing top-notch educational software since 2016, aiming to make schooling more widely accessible and enjoyable for students and teachers. One of the key factors in creating such apps is versatility: our e-learning solutions can be implemented both locally and on a nationwide level. Thus, they are perfectly suited for all kinds of learning: experimental and public school programs, corporate trainings, specialized courses, and so on.

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Coming from being a close partner of multiple retail companies, we’ve perfected the craft of building strong, fast, and efficient marketing solutions. Bamboo Agile has designed easy-to-use applications that streamline the process of sending out promos, ads, and all sorts of announcements via email, targeted SMS, Viber messages, and Push notifications. Furthermore, our apps are capable of gathering customer engagement data and issuing automatic marketing reports to the platform’s administrators.

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