Why choose C++?
Object-oriented language
C++ is a language primarily designed around objects, rather than functions and logic. This kind of structure greatly streamlines the process of troubleshooting, boosts the code’s flexibility, reusability, and increases programming speed.
Extensive library
C++ Standard Template Library (STL) provides a huge variety of presets that make writing code fast and efficient. Furthermore, the library is conveniently split into sections for maps, hash tables, sets, and so on.
Consistent Speed
One of the key advantages of C++ is its blazing fast speed, standing out favourably among most other general purpose programming languages. If you require high performance under longer latencies, C++ is the choice for you.
Smooth Migration
Switching to a different machine - or even a different system - can be a terrible hassle. That said, migrating C++ code to a different type of architecture (say, from X86 to ARM) is a non-issue: it’s quick, safe, and totally effortless.
While C++ is primarily object-oriented, it can be used as a generic or imperative programming language. Such versatility makes it one of the most flexible and efficient tools in any developer’s arsenal.
Superb Scalability
C++ smoothly handles apps of any size and levels of resource intensity. Thanks to the language’s robust functionality, scaling all sorts of databases and solutions is a breeze - both in terms of performance and convenience.
Memory Management
C++ uses dynamic memory allocation. While this approach does put more responsibility on the coders, it gives them complete control over data storage.
Low-level Data Manipulation
C is a procedural programming language and a close relative of the much more advanced C++. The latter allows for low-level code manipulation, meaning that the two can integrate with little to no difficulty.
C Compatibility
To expand on the previous point, C++ has all the necessary functionality to be fully compatible with its predecessor. C++ can run .cpp files, which means that an error-free C code will work just as smoothly on C++.

C++ Development Services

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages out there - and for good reason. Its object-oriented nature makes coding efficient, swift, and effortless, while the speed and capacity of C++ scripts result in consistent, fast, and intricate software performances. Combining great power and versatility, it’s no wonder that operating C++ and Qt have long become staples of many professional programmers’ skillsets.

Being proficient in both managing the Qt framework and writing complex C++ scripts, we can deliver impressive, high-quality results on any platform. Whether you want to create a fun small-scale application or supply a massive database with a strong, stable and dynamic backend, our specialists are certain to not merely fulfill, but surpass your most daring expectations.


We offer both native and cross-platform development services. One of the biggest advantages of C++ codes (and, by extension, Qt) is their speed and effectiveness regardless of the device the application is running on. Bamboo Agile uses the full extent of the language’s capabilities to bring equally great user experiences on mobile, desktop, and embedded OS. Of course, our developers can also create potent C++ solutions, fine-tuned to work perfectly on a single OS.

Technologies We Use
While we are proud of the knowledge we have, stagnation is utterly unacceptable - especially for a software developer. Bamboo Agile keeps an eye on all of the latest IT trends, quickly adopting the most promising state-of-the-art technologies.
Frameworks & LibrariesC/C++, STL, Qt/QML, Boost, OpenGL, Cocos2dx
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, iOS, Android, macOS
DatabasesPostgreSQL, MySQL
Development toolsVisual Studio, XCode, InteliJ Idea, Qt Creator
TestingTestFlight, AppCenter

Why choose Bamboo Agile C++ developers?

Being one of the most popular and versatile coding languages, C++ is something a lot of devs claim to be experts in. However, having the technical know-how is only one of the many facets that come into play when choosing which software developer to work with. The software engineers of Bamboo Agile are very proficient in C++, that much is certain. Still, it is far from being our only advantage.

Key Verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise

The Bamboo Agile team has experience in different industries, and we know exactly what we’re good at and what our key fields of expertise are. It may sound limiting, but you would be surprised at how versatile the knowledge of e-commerce, education, telecom, and marketing software can be regardless of trade.