Benefits of Shopify
Fully customizable
Shopify is a fully customizable store platform that allows for a wide variety of themes and applications. Our developers build Shopify apps with full functionality and a unique feel.
Over 1500 plugins & extensions
Our Shopify development teams will help you navigate the thousands of plugin and extension options available to configure your online store with relevant ones.
Minimal maintenance costs
Save business costs by using Shopify as your retail website’s platform. With our professional Shopify development staff, you’ll lower your website maintenance costs without having to sacrifice the quality.
Comprehensive CMS interface
Shopify offers a simple and comprehensive CMS interface for any retail business. It’s easy to add, edit, and organize products no matter how experienced users are.
Built-In SEO capabilities
Give your retail business a competitive advantage by using Shopify, flexible for SEO professionals that can further aid their businesses by ensuring it ranks high on search engines.
Real-time analysis
Our Shopify development teams ensure your retail business has easy access to a sleek admin panel, real-time business analysis, and intuitive admin features that make your business management a breeze.
Reliable & safe
Don’t worry about security issues when choosing Shopify. Our Shopify development team can guarantee all payment information, customer data, and transactions are protected by PCI compliance and SSL certification.
Multichannel sales
Our Shopify development team offers Shopify integrations across multiple sales channels including Facebook, Instagram, and more, so your business will flourish with increased brand awareness and revenue.
Instant payments
Shopify allows for multiple different payment methods, so customers may pay in Bitcoin, PayPal, or any major credit card. All payments are automatically and securely deposited into your business’s bank account within 1-3 days.

Shopify Development Services

Looking to hire Shopify developers? Bamboo Agile’s Shopify development team is skilled in setting-up the Shopify store, creating a unique Shopify store design, apps installation and configuration, payment and shipping configuration, and security settings. We can also help with Shopify migration: we’ll migrate your store from its current platform without such problems as information loss, duplication, or security breaches.
Our team may also assist you with your business’s redesign and development processes: we can build Shopify apps from scratch, revamp your checkout and cart page, program your store to manage multiple stores, and add Shopify integrations with your CRM, ERP, and email marketing.


Increase your retail business’s functionality and add Shopify integrations with third-party systems such as CRM or ERP software. Our Shopify development team can help your store break past barriers and build Shopify apps with features that are unique to your retail business. With our professional Shopify development experience, you can connect your store to outside resources and rely on a secure, scalable website.

Shopify Features
As a development partner, we know the ins and outs of all platform's features. Our professional Shopify developers can give you knowledgeable advice and answer all questions you may have. By contacting our Shopify development team, you can learn more about the many features the platform offers to business users that make it a top-notch retail platform.
Unlimited product inventory
Shopify provides unlimited product inventory capabilities. As your business grows and inventory management becomes more tedious, you may still enjoy reliable and easy management.
Abandoned cart recovery
Save costs and recover lost sales by sending out email notifications to customers that have left products unpurchased in their carts with a smart cart abandonment recovery process.
Robust shipping
Benefit from secure shipping that can be integrated into FedEx, UPS, CanadaPost, and other services.
Powerful ordering system
Outfit your website with a customizable order view, personal customer emails, automatic chargeback for when customers cancel their order.
Gift cards
Our Shopify developers can customize your website to allow your customers to give a gift card to others or use their own for store credit.
Blogging platform
o keep your customers up to date on all your brand’s updates, Shopify offers a blogging platform so you can publish articles, lookbooks, and more.
Mobile friendliness
Our development team can show you just how mobile-friendly your Shopify store design can be. Shopify is easily the most mobile-friendly retail platform and makes purchasing on mobile devices seamless.
Shopify has a built-in SEO function that provides a strong SEO foundation for your retail website. Our developers know how to set up your website in order to best take advantage of this feature.
Promos & discounts
Bamboo Agile’s developers can easily navigate the platform to design special promotions and discounts within your store’s dashboard to promote customer loyalty.

Benefits of Bamboo Agile’s Shopify development services

Bamboo Agile has a fully staffed development team to assist you every step of the way. During the development process, our trained Shopify developers can advise you on features and Shopify store designs in order to make the most of your store. With our professional team on call, your business will get the best service possible at an affordable price.

Eye-catching Shopify store design

Our developers know the best methods for using the platform to create a unique and appealing Shopify store design. You’ll captivate customers and give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

Professional support

During the entire development process, you’ll receive our development team’s professional assistance. Even with Shopify’s customer support in place, the Bamboo Agile development team will be around for extra help if and when you need it.

Quality assurance

Our Shopify development team offers reliable quality assurance for your entire project. With the platform's progressive web apps, we can ensure your store is secure, reliable, and fast.

Store maintenance

When you choose to hire Shopify developers from Bamboo Agile, you’ll gain access to our highly skilled and well-trained staff to help maintain your Shopify store. Our team offers extensive store maintenance and support before and during the development process.

Why hire Shopify developers from Bamboo Agile?

There are many factors to consider when entrusting your Shopify store design to a development company. At Bamboo Agile, we understand the daunting process and make it our mission to provide you with the peace of mind you need and deserve.