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Asterisk is an open-source communication toolkit for building adaptable and scalable telecom applications. It’s a powerful framework, able to handle complex IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers, CRM integrations, and much more.Considering its amazing accessibility and functionality, it’s hardly a surprise that Asterisk is currently the number one most popular PBX framework in the world: with over one million Asterisk-based systems in use at the moment, it’s earned the trust of small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies alike.

Being a team that started out developing communication software, Bamboo Agile boasts a keen understanding of the industry – naturally, we know how to operate Asterisk with maximum efficiency. We are effective both in terms of coding skills and advanced project management, meaning that no matter the complexity of your Asterisk call center software solution, the final product will be delivered in great condition – and without missing a single deadline.

Asterisk PBX is the perfect tool for hosting high-speed PBX solutions, streamlining IVR management, conferencing, calls, queues, extensions, handling connection loads, and so on. Bamboo Agile has years of experience in building powerful PBX, so if you’re searching for a vendor to make or enhance a corporate communication system, look no further.

Asterisk-based IVR has gained immense popularity among banks, hospitals, call centers, and even government offices – in large part, due to its stable performance and ease of customization. Bamboo Agile can fine-tune an existing IVR system to fully comply with your company’s requirements, as well as create a completely new application from scratch.

Asterisk Gateway Interface is one of the most useful features of the platform. What it does is allow external programs to be launched from the Asterisk dial plan, thus letting user-written scripts integrate with Asterisk-based communication systems. Thanks to the years of expertise with AGI, we can deliver well-organized scripts that – aside from enhancing the application’s performance – enable support for such popular languages.

Why choose Bamboo Agile Asterisk developers?

Plenty of companies offer Asterisk development services, so choosing the absolute perfect vendor for your project may seem like a daunting task. The best solution is to stay informed: what makes each company stand out among the rest? And, likewise, what makes Bamboo Agile such a reliable development partner?

We keep engagement high from the moment you submit your Asterisk project idea to us. Is it your first time developing an application? No problem at all! We’ll walk you through the process, providing step-by-step consultations with seasoned industry experts.

No decision is made without our customer’s consent. The Bamboo Agile team makes sure to keep you updated on all the project ongoings by hosting daily meetings and audio calls. To add to that, we provide clients with regular progress reports via email and messenger apps.

While Agile takes the cake as the most widely used project management approach of today, we can also employ SCRUM and SAFe methodologies in our collaborations. To add to that, while working on your call center software, Bamboo Agile can combine the above-mentioned approaches into one mixed methodology.

Our software engineers are not only fluent in a variety of languages and frameworks, but are also eager to learn and adopt brand new developer technologies. Knowing that, we strive to provide the Bamboo Agile crew with all the latest programming tools the industry has to offer.

We can calculate the approximate price of your development project right off the bat. When it comes down to payment, our customers can choose between Fixed Price and T&M, with the additional option of combining the two methods.

Our Main Areas Of Expertise

While expanding into a variety of different markets is essential for growing any business, losing sight of what you’re truly good at can be very dangerous. The team of Bamboo Agile does pride itself on its versatility, but we have always kept our 4 major priorities in check: e-commerce, education, telecommunications, and marketing.

Bamboo Agile has partnered with a multitude of brands to deliver scalable and highly-appealing online shopping platforms. Our Shopify proficiency allows us to build robust applications on both web and mobile, complete with attractive catalogues, secure modules for payment and shipping, and admin features for launching sales, discounts, and customer data collection.

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If there’s any field we know like the back of our hand, it’s telecom. Having earned the trust of over 60 mobile operators across the world, Bamboo Agile provides stable and effective solutions for network providers and their customers. No need to worry about overwhelming data loads – we know how to keep performances smooth and connection consistent.

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We want to make quality education accessible for everyone. Bamboo Agile has been involved in developing custom e-learning software since 2016. By building flexible solutions that are both engaging and easy to manage, we strive to make the educational process more fun, interesting, efficient, and, again, available.

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Some of the world’s most prominent companies use Bamboo Agile’s marketing software – and no wonder! We build reliable, functional solutions that streamline the process of sending promotions, ads and various announcements via email, Push, Viber, and SMS notifications, as well as track your client interaction and issue reports based on general customer response.

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