Why choose Asterisk?
VoIP integration
One of the greatest advantages of Asterisk is its compatibility: it can seamlessly integrate with most modern VoIPs, supporting a massive variety of protocols and VoIP services.
Asterisk boasts a remarkable list of features, including Calls, Computer-Telephony Integration, Codecs, VOIP Protocols, Traditional Telephony Protocols, ICDN Protocols, and so on.
Widespread Acclaim
Asterisk is, hands down, the most popular open source PBX solution out there. It’s available on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and several other operating systems. The software also offers a commercial license that allows closed code.
Amazing Scalability
Asterisk-based call center software solutions are notably easy to expand, thanks to TDMoE, direct connection to Asterisk PBX, Voice-over IPs, separate installation integration, unified dialplans across multiple offices, and more.
CRM Integration
Open-source platforms tend to smoothly integrate with a huge number of other call center software solutions. Asterisk provides complete support for CRM, which allows admins to directly manage their customer base.
Improved Efficiency
Asterisk-based solutions serve to make connection stable, meetings - faster, and your business - more effective. The call center software automates managing corporate calls and conferences in a very cost-efficient way.

Call Center Software Solutions Development

Asterisk is an open-source communication toolkit for building adaptable and scalable telecom applications. It’s a powerful framework, able to handle complex IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers, CRM integrations, and much more.Considering its amazing accessibility and functionality, it’s hardly a surprise that Asterisk is currently the number one most popular PBX framework in the world: with over one million Asterisk-based systems in use at the moment, it’s earned the trust of small businesses and Fortune 1000 companies alike.

Being a team that started out developing communication software, Bamboo Agile boasts a keen understanding of the industry - naturally, we know how to operate Asterisk with maximum efficiency. We are effective both in terms of coding skills and advanced project management, meaning that no matter the complexity of your Asterisk call center software solution, the final product will be delivered in great condition - and without missing a single deadline.


A strong internal communication system is one of the greatest advantages a business can have. Any organization that uses a hosted PBX will tell you that the private branch exchange functionality has given a substantial boost to the company’s operational ability. Asterisk PBX is the perfect tool for hosting high-speed PBX solutions, streamlining IVR management, conferencing, calls, queues, extensions, handling connection loads, and so on. Bamboo Agile has years of experience in building powerful PBX, so if you’re searching for a vendor to make or enhance a corporate communication system, look no further.

Why choose Bamboo Agile Asterisk developers?

Plenty of companies offer Asterisk development services, so choosing the absolute perfect vendor for your project may seem like a daunting task. The best solution is to stay informed: what makes each company stand out among the rest? And, likewise, what makes Bamboo Agile such a reliable development partner?

Our Main Areas Of Expertise

While expanding into a variety of different markets is essential for growing any business, losing sight of what you’re truly good at can be very dangerous. The team of Bamboo Agile does pride itself on its versatility, but we have always kept our 4 major priorities in check: e-commerce, education, telecommunications, and marketing.