Performance Analysis Services

It’s important to us that your custom software solution performs well. As such, Bamboo Agile conducts various types of performance testing to spot any potential problems and analyze the data on how your solution is fairing on a daily basis. Our engineers continually test your solution to prevent problems before they arise and keep your software running fast.

Performance is something that needs consistent monitoring to best benefit your software. It’s easy for problems to remain hidden until it is too late. So regular audits, testing, and server analysis services can save you time and monetary resources. At Bamboo Agile, we offer a variety of tests and services that can improve and monitor your software.
Load Testing
Load Testing

Load Testing

During our audit, we make sure to check how your system performs under a variety of loads. While doing this, we are able to identify the number of connections your software system can handle. We can also detect where your system might be experiencing bottlenecks and discover what part of your software is causing them.
Stress Testing

Benefits of it

Routine performance audit from the development stage to the app’s release day can provide a variety of system benefits. It helps catch problems before they can become ones and regularly saves businesses from expensive system crashes. Because it’s so important for the final result, we may hold performance tests throughout the entire development process.

Stay on Schedule

Bamboo Agile keeps your best interests in mind which is why we conduct regular performance tests while keeping your software solution on schedule. When you catch problems when still in development, you’re less likely to encounter major bugs right before your system release date. While it may seem like the process is moving slower, you won’t have any unfortunate surprises moments before your solution is finished.

User Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important to keep your business going and a quality system is one of the best ways to ensure this. Use our advanced performance testing techniques to help catch future problems. A faulty system will leave customers frustrated and looking for other options, so keep ahead of system failures and improve your customer’s experience.

Proactive Quality Assurance

Performance analyses can help you plan future system activities easier with accurate data on your system’s performance and capabilities. Don’t wait until something becomes a problem to fix it and prevent possible bottlenecks early on.

Increased Productivity

Slow processing and bugs can cost your company a pretty penny. Save money by eliminating costly software fixes due to performance issues by monitoring your system with performance analysis checks. If your system is continually performing well, you’ll also see an increase in employee productivity and a smoother workflow.

Why Choose Bamboo Agile Developers?

With so many developers out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best option for your business. At Bamboo Agile, we understand. That’s why we make it our job to put your mind at ease and be transparent with our business values.

Performance Analysis Tools We Use

Our team members are experts at using HP LoadRunner, Apache JMeter, and Microsoft Visual Studio to test your software solution’s performance. We show you your software’s performance results in an easy to read report that contains informative visuals and recommendations for improvement.

Key Verticals of Bamboo Agile Expertise

As a professional software development team, each of our members is skilled in multiple areas of business. We can develop your solution with any subspecialty without sacrificing quality or performance.