A mobile marketing platform helps create automated mailouts and send them to subscribers’ devices.
This solution was created for Bamboo Group’s mobile marketing agency. Its paid users are able to send targeted SMS, Push, Viber, and e-mail messages up to 1,000 characters long. The mobile marketing platform also gives its users access to different types of data reports.
Project team:13 people
Delivery date:active development
Features for Business Clients
  • Send messages to subscribers
  • View subscriber base
  • Create subscriber bases
  • Create subscriber blacklists
  • Check balance
  • View balance statistics
  • View customers’ answers for SMS
  • Order SMS packages
The goal was to design and implement a platform performing automated, multi-channel electronic mailouts via the web based management tool which would enable our clients to view their account balance, the number and type of messages sent, and multiple types of reports.
Integration with the MNP and HLR API.
Development and implementation of a new Dispatch Sending Daemon.
Integration with the Telegram messenger platform.
Integration with SuperMag Loya (a loyalty management system).
Platform tech support.
We designed and implemented a paid platform which allows our users to send bulk electronic messages to their clients, obtain feedback from them, and see the share of those who open and read their messages. Users can also order SMS packages so the system can work as an enterprise SMS service or web-to-SMS service. The platform can also be utilized in the e-commerce sector to send regular messages (newsletters, sales notifications, etc.) to a subscriber base. The platform’s functionality is continually extended so the solution stays cutting-edge and meets the latest market requirements.

Tech Used

Javascript, Perl, Lua
Percona, MySQL
Technologies and frameworks:
Node.js, Angular, Express.js
Message queue broker:

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