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Angular Development Services

Angular is a JavaScript framework primarily used in frontend development. Considering its remarkable versatility, ease of organization, and high-speed performance, it’s hardly surprising that the platform has gained tons of critical acclaim within the industry. Solutions powered by Angular technology boast some of the most powerful and scalable frontends available.

That said, there is a catch – and a fairly obvious one at that. Angular can (and does) perform wonders when used by a developer that knows what they are doing. Thing is, even the greatest tools won’t do much good in the hands of an amateur: no built-in features can compensate for a lack of skill. Which is why our Angular developers take great pride in being able to use this framework to its full potential.

We’ve been involved with the technology since it first hit the software market in 2010. With over a decade of proven expertise behind us, it’s safe to say that our Angular solutions are nothing to scoff at. Bamboo Agile offers numerous Angular development services, including: Angular web development, dashboards development, and Angular mobile app development.

Our Angular Development Experience

We’ve used Angular to build all kinds of cutting-edge applications, starting with smart educational software to modern online shopping platforms.

Why choose the Bamboo Agile Angular developers?

Angular developers may seem quite abundant, but finding truly reliable devs often proves to be a difficult task. Spare yourself the trial-and-error, and go for a company with an established track record of solid frontend projects. If there’s a team of software engineers you can fully confide in, it’s the team of Angular developers of Bamboo Agile.

Bamboo Agile has been in the Angular development services field for many years. We’re proud to say that over the course of this time, we’ve gained an amazing, intricate understanding of the IT industry. And, of course, we are eager to share that extensive knowledge with our customers!

We put immense value into our client’s trust – keeping you in the dark goes against Bamboo Agile’s core principles of cooperation and respect. Therefore, no project decision is made without your full consent. Our team also makes sure to keep you updated via daily reports and regular online and on-site meetings.

We generally use one of the three traditional approaches: Agile, Scrum, or SAFe. That said, we can adjust to our customer’s needs, if they wish to combine some of the above-mentioned methods or to apply different methodologies to different project parts.

We have a passion for cutting-edge tech. The Bamboo Agile engineers are not just skilled in well-established coding languages – they are also early adopters of all the newest technologies that grace the constantly evolving IT market. To us, staying ahead of the curve isn’t a dull obligation – it’s second nature.

Whether you choose Fixed Price or Time & Material, Bamboo Agile is sure to deliver outstanding results. Furthermore, we give clients the option of using a mixed approach, which can help circumvent the weaknesses of both pricing models.

Our Key Areas Of Expertise

Branching out is one of the most efficient ways to expand any business. However, losing track of what you’re truly good at is a problem – a problem that Bamboo Agile has managed to avoid. Over the years, we’ve retained our key verticals of expertise: e-commerce, education, telecom, and marketing solutions.

We’ve worked on a great number of popular online stores and mobile shopping apps. Thanks to our skilled programmers and talented UX/UI designers, the Bamboo Agile team has created loads of unforgettable online shopping experiences. Of course, being an official partner of Shopify helped as well!

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Some of the first pieces of software we’ve created were made for telecommunications. Today, over 60 wireless network providers use applications developed by the Bamboo Agile team. And no wonder – we build some of the most stable telecom and high-load data processing solutions!

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Bamboo Agile has always strived to make education available to everyone, no matter the social status or location. This is why we’ve been so involved in developing functional e-learning solutions for various platforms. Our software doesn’t just make learning accessible – it also makes it far more engaging and easy to manage!

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Our marketing solutions allow brands to streamline the process of issuing targeted advertisements, mailouts, promos, and announcements via SMS, Push, and Viber notifications. The software also helps create and send e-mails to your subscribers with updates and information on upcoming events, deals, etc.

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