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Node.js Development Agency

Node.js is an extremely powerful open-source JavaScript runtime environment, which comes with an array of unique benefits; its broad accessibility and versatility make it the perfect tool for designing applications for promising startups and mature businesses alike. As a Node.js development agency, we include a variety of specialists, such as engineers, architects, project managers, and consultants, all of whom have years of experience in creating and modernizing applications behind their backs. 

Bamboo Agile is one of the most reliable vendors on the market when it comes to Node.js development services. Your unique web solutions that have only existed as a concept up to this point can finally become a reality with the help of our highly-skilled and experienced team. We can create sustainable, powerful, and easy-to-use custom apps that will facilitate your business in a most efficient way. To add to that, our team offers long-term maintenance services for every application we produce, meaning that our clients have one less management aspect to worry about.

Every developer knows that a rigid, unstable, and convoluted build is a certain recipe for disaster. As a Node.js development company, we boast years of experience in creating sustainable, scalable software architectures, which are not only comprehensive and well-organized, but are also extremely easy to modernize and maintain. This means that keeping the app relevant can be done without having to rewrite massive amounts of poorly-structured and outdated code for every update or modification to the program, saving the client company a ton of precious time, money, and human resources.

It’s no secret that reliably fast, high-functioning software is an enormous benefit for any growing or established business. A stable API is integral in making the performance of any web or mobile solution smooth, quick, and efficient. Our Node.js developers have extensive experience in developing secure and adaptable server-side APIs that are designed to provide your company with consistently high-performance applications.

APIs implementations



Nest.JS, Express

Data Management
RDBMS: MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL
NoSQL: Firebase, MongoDB



RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS

Workflow Engine



Amazon S3


Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon EKS


AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

Case Studies

Custom Node.js-based solutions developed by us

Why Choose Our Node.js Developers?

There are a lot of vendors offering Node.js development services, but few are as proficient at it as Bamboo Agile. We have been building custom Node.js-based applications for many years, so if you’re looking for a reliable company to help your software vision become a reality, then you came to the right place.

It’s perfectly normal for a customer to be unsure about certain intricacies that come with developing and implementing some Node.js-based solutions. Our team’s extensive experience allows us to provide dependable consulting and assistance services at any stage of the software development cycle.

We capitalize on its long-established expertise, while making sure to always stay at the very forefront of technological advancements. With our ceaseless passion for innovation, we’ve built advanced, top-of-the-line applications for a variety of clients – starting with promising startups to the biggest international corporations.

As was already said, the Bamboo Agile team has an impressive variety of top-notch technologies at its disposal. Our Node.js engineers are adept at using a multitude of cutting-edge tools in tandem with Node.js, having experience with large-scale, data-intensive web solutions, including such frameworks as NestJS and Express.

A client-oriented approach is key in building a strong collaboration. We make sure to keep the entire development cycle transparent and flexible, providing our customers with daily email and on-site updates, holding regular meetings with audio and video calls, as well as being highly receptive to feedback and offering high-quality consulting services.

In software development, staying adaptable is paramount. This is why we do not always stick to one methodology over the course of a single development cycle. While we operate using mostly Agile, Scrum, or SAFe methods, we can combine different approaches if it’s something that we or our client deems necessary.

Flexibility is also extremely valuable when it comes to pricing. We generally use the T&M approach, but can switch to the fixed price model or even combine the two methods if it’s better suited for the project at hand and is something that our customer is comfortable with.

Key Verticals of Our Expertise

Exploring new industries always comes with an array of challenges, which is why we take pride in having mastered a number of them since our company’s inception. Our expertise is nothing to scoff at – Bamboo Agile has extensive experience in collaborating with the biggest players in the fields of e-Commerce, Education, Telecommunications, and Marketing.

We’ve taken part in building numerous e-commerce applications and scalable websites equipped with easy-to-navigate product inventories, secure payment and shipping modules, customer analytics, discounts, buyer reviews, and more – all wrapped in an attractive, user-friendly package.

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More than 60 mobile operators and digital delivery companies all over the world use Bamboo Agile’s SMPP-based solutions. Our apps allow clients and providers to view and manage user data, check subscription plans, issue payments, e-sign various documents, provide quality entertainment, and offer instant customer service.

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Bamboo Agile has been developing LMS and other kinds of e-learning software since 2016. Having a very keen understanding of the market allows us to implement high-tech solutions into both the more progressive private schooling systems and the more conservative nationwide educational programs.

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Our team is no stranger to working with world-class brands and retail companies: ad solutions aside, we have provided such marketing services as Viber mailouts, automatic targeted SMS, and announcement emails to help with promoting the company’s products, give their subscribers important updates and gather valuable client data.

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