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Agriculture Software Development Services

Bamboo Agile pushes for innovation in agriculture and offers a great number of agrotech software development services to aid you in boosting your farm’s productivity and income. These include the development of custom web and mobile agriculture apps, as well as third-party software integration. We can develop automation agriculture apps, such as aerial imaging and analytics software and combinations of AI, ISOBUS and GPS technologies for guiding heavy machinery, such as tractors and harvesters.

Our team can create weather, cattle and field monitoring agrotechnology software to not only give you a better understanding of what’s going on on your farm at any given moment, but also to allow for more decisive planning thanks to precision analytics and predictive algorithms. And, of course, we can make farm accounting and marketing much simpler with custom easy-to-use management software.

Agrotech Software Projects We Can Develop

We develop all kinds of modern agriculture technology – from mobile farm management and accounting apps to drone and heavy machinery calibration for agricultural needs. We’ll help our customers streamline the management process, automate their crops and irrigation, ensure food safety, and do much more to maximise their farming business’ growth and efficiency with agricultural innovations.

Bamboo Agile can develop agricultural drone software to give farmers access to structured UAV data analytics; that data can be used to monitor crop health, track livestock, plan irrigation and predict yields; or indoor and vertical farming software to assist your clients in monitoring, analysing, and adjusting lightning and climate conditions within indoor farms.

  • Aerial imaging and analytics
  • Indoor and vertical farming
  • Weather monitoring and predictions
  • Robotics and automation
  • Supply chain and food security

Analytics can be extremely time-consuming if done manually, which is why our development team strives to create smart diagnostic agriculture apps. Feel free to leave predicting crop yields and weather conditions to state-of-the-art prescriptive modelling tools – this will not only provide you with the opportunity for smarter and bolder planning, but also free up a great deal of time.

We can develop GIS agrotech that allows customers to capture, sort, analyse, and present important spatial and geographic data on layered interactive 2D and 3D maps. Some valuable insights can only be gained through 3D modelling and location analysis, made possible only with this specific kind of mapping software.

We can create custom farm management apps to help you effectively plan and control your business with just a few clicks. Use interactive user-friendly dashboards to manage fertilisation, crop protection, irrigation, harvesting, accounting, machine maintenance, input usage quantities, costs, and work hours for every activity on the farm.

IoT Agriculture Sensors are more accessible than ever before, helping farm owners maximise crop production, reduce waste and conserve water and fertiliser resources. Farmers can now monitor irrigation, yields, soil moisture, weather conditions and other field data through complex IoT sensory systems, which our team can develop for you.

  • Smart IoT sensors

We will tailor our products to your specific business needs, so that you can achieve your goals in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Our flexibility and wide range of expertise allow us to provide a variety of agricultural innovations for web and mobile applications.

What you can achieve with Bamboo Agile’s Agriculture App Development

Bamboo Agile is an engineering powerhouse with over 20 years of experience behind its back. Our team’s technical skill, thorough planning, and flexible approach to agrotech application development guarantees transparency, reliable communication, and timely, high-quality results.

The agricultural industry presents a wide variety of challenges, and we strive to provide the most efficient ways of overcoming them. Automating up to 90% of your business through specialised agriculture software products will not only streamline the overall workflow, but also make seasonal planning, food safety tracking, marketing, data analytics, monitoring, and accounting much easier.

Bamboo Agile can boost your farm’s productivity by combining such technologies as sensors, weather stations, and connected agricultural tools into an IoT. This will allow you to keep better track of crops and livestock, to collect and compare various data and to react to issues a lot faster.

Combining multiple wireless agrotechnologies will give your farming business an amazing efficiency boost. We can seamlessly integrate mobile agriculture apps across all your fields, labs, warehouses, and admin facilities, thus, bringing your business-wide collaboration and production to an entirely new level.

Increasing your company’s productivity and efficiency is simple with seamlessly integrated system capabilities. Our developers use API integration to link existing agriculture apps to multiple external services, streamlining the management and production processes and offering analytical insights for easier future planning.

Improve your scheduling, yields, resource distribution and income with our smart predictive agrotech software solutions. The applications we can develop will collect and analyse meteorological, GIS and general field data to make weather and market forecasts with an accuracy reaching as high as 95%.

Having access to the right resources at the right time is crucial in today’s farming industry. To help you avoid losing revenue to over-stocking, our team can develop custom planning and supply management agriculture apps. Our agriculture software products will aid in balancing the distribution of essential seeds, fuels, fertilisers and crop protection chemicals.

Software security is a top priority at Bamboo Agile. We strictly follow the principles and guidelines of the OWASP Secure Software Development Life Cycle Project and have added the SDLC sequence to our organisational DNA, ensuring that the tools and practices we employ are completely secure at every development stage.

Why choose Bamboo Agile for agriculture app development?

It’s natural to be picky with your agriculture custom software development partner. In the modern agriculture technology development industry, transparency, quick turnaround time, and continuous quality assurance are all invaluable features – features that our developers at Bamboo Agile pride themselves on.

Our BA experts will figure out the best way to bring your vision to the market, all the while making sure the users get the result that they want, with agriculture software products that evolve alongside the ever-expanding business landscape.

Our team will keep you updated via daily reports, video calls, email, and onsite visits to ensure you’re fully informed on the state of your agriculture application development project. While we offer you great control, your feedback is invaluable to our continuous improvement.

We let you stay ahead of the curve by enabling your active engagement in the agriculture app development project starting from day one, offering mobile and desktop agrotech solutions development services complete with rapid prototyping and consistent feedback.

Our team members see the value in Agile, Scrum, and SAFe development methodologies. We follow both in our development processes and collaborations, depending on the kind of project we are working on, as well as on the client’s professional preferences.

Instead of being mediocre jacks-of-all-trades, all our developers are masters of their own respective languages and platforms. We know what we do best, and distribute the tasks accordingly in order to achieve high-quality results.

While the T&M pricing model is generally preferred in application development, we give our customers the option to choose and combine various approaches (T&M and Fixed price, for example) to make the project delivery more solid and efficient.


How can software help agriculture?

Advancements in software can revolutionise agriculture by making it more energy and resource efficient, requiring less hard and exploitative human labour, providing better quality control, and resilience in the face of illnesses and unfavourable weather conditions.

What software is used in agriculture?

Agriculture employs a large variety of software, such as:

  • Automation software;
  • Analytics and big data software;
  • Mapping and GIS solutions;
  • IoT sensor and irrigation technology;
  • Business management and accounting software;
  • And more.
What are the 5 examples of technology innovations in agriculture?

The biggest agriculture technology innovations in recent years have been:

  1. Precision agriculture. Precision agriculture relies on tending to various crops depending on their specific needs, which are determined via complex systems of sensors and geotechnologies;
  2. Indoor vertical farming. Vertical farming is the practice of growing crops stacked in rows on top of each other, thus saving space and resources;
  3. Machine automation. The automation of irrigation and farm machinery helps reduce the cost and time required for human labour, as well as lower the risk of exploitative practices;
  4. IoT sensors. Smart sensors can deliver precise information about the state of the air and soil around specific crops, which helps farmers adjust their irrigation and fertilisation practices to be more effective;
  5. Bee vectoring. In lue of the bee extinction crisis, bee vectoring employs specially reared bees to deliver targeted pest and disease management solutions via strict biological control.

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Bamboo Agile will set up a dedicated team to work on your agriculture software project to maximise everyone’s engagement and efficiency.

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