Why should you choose React?
React lets you create views for each state within your application and will automatically update the components in accordance with relevant data changes.
Streamlining Events
React’s event system avoids memory overloads by pulling from its library of event objects. It operates through event delegation and fully eliminates the need to worry about things like event name compatibilities.
Virtual DOM
One of the key features of React is Virtual DOM – an abstract equivalent of the Real DOM. This means that the framework allows making simultaneous updates to multiple UI elements in a matter of seconds.
Component Reusability
React lets programmers reuse segments of code, which gives the development process a colossal speed boost. Moreover, the independent nature of React components allows for easier updates.
Downwards Data Flow
Complex view-model systems can be difficult to modify. React avoids that issue by being a simple view system with a single-direction – downward - data flow.
Extensive Library
Being an open-source platform, React offers a rich library of third-party apps and assets which can not just speed up, but help the programmers fine-tune their environments for every new project.

React.js Development Services

Open-source software is often looked down upon as being “weaker” than its supposedly more powerful costly counterparts. This myth, however, is extremely easy to disprove: a great example of a truly robust free-to-use solution would be React – a JavaScript framework developed by Facebook. React is known as one of the best tools for building appealing, intuitive, high-speed user interfaces currently available. Such features as seamless implementation of Redux and Virtual DOM have made it well-renowned among thousands of developers worldwide. Bamboo Agile has been an avid supporter of React since the technology hit the market. Having it as part of our go-to stack for years, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of the framework’s capabilities and power. Our engineers’ efficiency is reflected in the consistent quality of the React-based applications we have produced.
Want to make a solution that has great functionality, gorgeous UI, and a rapid performance speed to boot? Then you came to the right place. Our custom React.js development services will help make your most ambitious ideas a reality. The team of Bamboo Agile has extensive knowledge of both the industry and the React framework, meaning that the finished product will meet – and even exceed – your most daring expectations, no matter the intricacy of our client’s original vision.

Why choose the Bamboo Agile React.js developers?

React is an exceedingly popular framework, which means that the number of vendors offering React.js development services is anything but negligible. A React.js development company needs several key advantages to stay ahead of the growing competition, and, luckily, Bamboo Agile has more than a few.
Leading Consulting Services

Leading Consulting Services

It’s not uncommon for our clients to have no prior experience in React.js development, for that matter. Being extremely well-versed in both, the Bamboo Agile team will provide all the information and guidance that’s necessary to make your project truly successful.


Communication is integral to any collaboration. We strive to keep out clients engaged all the way through by holding regular meetings, calls, and issuing daily progress reports. And of course, no project decision is made without receiving our customer’s consent.
Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

We like to keep things flexible. Our main methodologies include Agile, Scrum, and SAFe, but we can also seamlessly combine them in case our customer feels more comfortable with using a mixed model.
Technologically Focused Team

Technologically Focused Team

Meeting the bottom line is great and all, but what drives us to stay atop the latest software trends is what has been at the core of the company from the very beginning – the team’s massive passion for technology. This love for what we do is what motivates us to constantly improve our skills and to expand our already impressive stack.
Personalized Pricing Approach

Personalized Pricing Approach

Our client’s comfort means a lot to us. Whether you prefer Fixed Price, T&M or something in-between, Bamboo Agile will figure out the perfect payment model for your custom React.js development project.

Our Main Areas of Expertise

Over the years, Bamboo Agile has dabbled in more than a few different industries. That said, we’ve made sure to never lose track of what we’re truly passionate about. Among the many fields and markets we’ve tapped into, four can be definitively singled out as the key verticals of our expertise.