Benefits of Big Data technologies

Business intelligence at your fingertips
Make your data more easily accessible by storing it in one place, benefiting all departments in your business with one reliable source of information.
Data-driven decisions
Use analytics to manage business reporting, market strategy planning, process optimization, and business forecasting.
Discover new market opportunities
Big data technologies keep all your information structured and efficient within your business processes. You’ll get results quicker than ever and be able to discover brand new horizons.
Our Big Data Services
Big data technology can be used to speed up your business actions and identify what’s hiding under the surface. No data is ever too big to increase your business’s value and workflow effectiveness.


We can provide and set up management systems, security practices for all your information, and deep learning algorithms to ensure your business is the most accurate it can be in all predictions. The entire process of big data application development can be covered by our team including consulting, design, configuration, big data integration, and maintenance so you won’t have to worry about allocating the main scope of work between teams.

Implement Custom Analytics

Your analytics could be implemented into a custom solution that lines up with your business’s objectives. You’ll be able to manage information more easily than ever without sacrificing security, your business’s needs, or workflow efficiency.

Enterprise analytics

We provide big data application development services to produce solutions capable of business performance management, risk assessment, customer and profitability analytics, and asset analytics. Our analytics solutions meet a variety of your business requirements without slowing down your systems or losing data.

Customer analytics

Your solution can turn massive amounts of information into actionable insights. Our solutions provide your business with behavioural analysis, fraud detection, price optimization, targeting and personalization, and predictive support.

IoT data analytics

The Bamboo Agile team is able to build IoT solutions that consolidate your business information from sensors and devices and solves the main challenges related to processing and predictive modelling, bringing you more valuable insights.

Technologies We Use

We use modern technologies to provide you with reliable analytics and solutions.

Why choose Bamboo Agile?

In order to provide the best solution for your business, you need to be sure you can trust the big data application development vendor handling it. At Bamboo Agile, we provide reliable service and straightforward technology practices.

Utilize our core Expertise for your next project

Our big data application development team has experience in multiple industries and can develop advanced solutions to meet all of your requirements. From e-commerce to education, we can provide analytics solutions for you.