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Big Data Services

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Big data technology can be used to speed up your business actions and identify what’s hiding under the surface. No data is ever too big to increase your business’s value and workflow effectiveness.

We can provide and set up management systems, security practices for all your information, and deep learning algorithms to ensure your business is the most accurate it can be in all predictions. The entire process of big data application development can be covered by our team including consulting, design, configuration, big data integration, and maintenance so you won’t have to worry about allocating the main scope of work between teams.

Bamboo Agile provides data visualization services for building interactive reports, statistics, and presentations, generating personal dashboards, and many others to deliver the information your users need in the most user-friendly and understandable way.

In order to take full advantage of big data, we offer big data integration services to deliver a unified view of crucial data from various sources in one place. When all your data is in one easy to access location, the business intelligence (BI) becomes simplified, so you can search for the correct information and easily comprehend it for accurate evaluation without losing valuable details.

Bamboo Agile doesn’t leave you to figure out the maintenance work once we’ve finished with your big data application development. We provide professional maintenance and support to all of our technology clients such as updating software or adding new users. Our team also conducts regular maintenance check-ups and monitors your solution’s performance in order to identify potential problems as soon as possible.

Implement Custom Analytics

Your analytics could be implemented into a custom solution that lines up with your business’s objectives. You’ll be able to manage information more easily than ever without sacrificing security, your business’s needs, or workflow efficiency.

We provide big data application development services to produce solutions capable of business performance management, risk assessment, customer and profitability analytics, and asset analytics. Our analytics solutions meet a variety of your business requirements without slowing down your systems or losing data.

The Bamboo Agile team is able to build IoT solutions that consolidate your business information from sensors and devices and solves the main challenges related to processing and predictive modelling, bringing you more valuable insights.

Your solution can turn massive amounts of information into actionable insights. Our solutions provide your business with behavioural analysis, fraud detection, price optimization, targeting and personalization, and predictive support.

Why choose Bamboo Agile?

In order to provide the best solution for your business, you need to be sure you can trust the big data application development vendor handling it. At Bamboo Agile, we provide reliable service and straightforward technology practices.

We use Percona to develop the best big data solutions and know how to use all of their advanced tools in order to develop a database that’s more stable, more secure, and has better performance than competing platforms.

By simplifying your technology without sacrificing functionality, Bamboo Agile promotes the spread of data-enabled decision-making across various industries, enabling onboarding and training flow to be smoother and making workflow more efficient.

Armed with the industry-specific methodologies, including Agile, Scrum and SAFe, our technology team focuses on a client-centric approach, putting your needs first and considering your technical values within the entire big data application development process.

Our big data application development team is knowledgeable in modern stack. We implement all our knowledge into designing your solution and you can be confident all team members have the experience and knowledge you need.

Your business has its individual needs and we have the individualized pricing to match them. Whether you’re looking for a price based on time and materials or a fixed price, our big data application development team can provide a pricing model tailored to your business needs.

Utilize our core Expertise for your next project

Our big data application development team has experience in multiple industries and can develop advanced solutions to meet all of your requirements. From e-commerce to education, we can provide analytics solutions for you.

When it comes to e-commerce, there are many ways analytics and technology can improve your business. Our big data application development team can conceptualize and provide data visualization services for shopper analysis, customer service, personalized customer experience, and targeted advertising. Big data analytics in e-commerce is almost unlimited, and our professionals can help you take advantage of it in an efficient manner.

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Give your telecom business the competitive edge it deserves by using big data technology in your telecom solution. We can implement it for analyzing network data and call detail records, call management information, fault monitoring, performance monitoring, and subscribers’ info.

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Education is a vital industry. We offer big data application development services to help improve learners’ performance, customize programs, identify drop out reduction solutions, and other common education problems. With advanced analytics solutions for your education business, you’ll be able to improve the experience of learners and upgrade your practices with ease.

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Big data in marketing can be used in many ways. Analytics can be used to focus on customer analytics such as behavioural, attitudinal, and transactional metrics from your marketing campaigns or things such as websites, customer surveys, online communities, loyalty programs, and other customer analytics. Big data can also be used by the financial departments for sales, revenue, and profits or by the operational departments of your business to measure the quality of marketing operations, manage resource allocation, control budgets, and manage business assets.

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