Our application modernization services grapple with most of the vulnerabilities holding companies back:
Poor user experience
Reduced user engagement level, low MAU and DAU indicators, or a bad ranking of the app in stores or classifieds are often evidence of a defective UX/UI or performance.
Complexity of the UI
A lack of comprehensiveness in the UI hinders the user flow, making them trip over trivial things and creating difficulties with finding the needed functionality.
Reduced business efficiency
The avoidance of thorough testing and system monitoring blocks the streamlined run of your software, leading to the disruption of your business processes.
Slow performance
The operational inefficiency of an application downgrades user retention, which is unacceptable for businesses setting their sights on digital transformation.
Lack of system scalability
App scalability and flexibility issues suppress your business growth, setting the barriers for product expansion and adaptation to the market.
Limited number of features
By postponing the development of useful and requested features for your users, you decrease your app's productivity, competitiveness, and attractiveness.
Security vulnerabilities
Data losses and security breaches put business-critical and customer data at risk, as well as demonstrate your system’s noncompliance with safety standards.
Costly maintenance
High investments in operating and maintaining a complicated legacy solution hold back further application enhancement and business growth.
Disordered introduction of changes
With an inefficient project management process, teams struggle to introduce any incremental changes or improvements to their workflows.

Application Modernization Services

App modernization is the key for many solutions to remain competitive on the market. Bamboo Agile works out the best legacy system modernization strategy for the renewal of web and mobile applications from the minor refinements to giving them a new lease of life. Our team mainly focuses on a step by step redevelopment of the frontend and backend, leaving the services fully workable. Our approach implies a piece by piece solution redevelopment and creation of new components. The microservices architecture can be helpful for carrying out a redevelopment project.


Since software modernization strategy requires a full assessment of the Client's business, landscape, and competition, Bamboo Agile provides application modernization consulting services, embracing the following processes:
  • Comprehensive solution and infrastructure audit
  • Technology consulting
  • Business intelligence (BI) insights
  • Roadmap for legacy system modernization

Approach To Prolific Application Modernization Services

To maximize the efficiency of the legacy software modernization process and envisage all the potential risks, we manage the entire project from the pre-development stage to the final application release. App modernization includes the following stages:

Key benefits of application modernization services

During our 20+ years of experience in software development, we've learned how to shield businesses from excessive operating costs, high capital inputs, or any risky endeavors provoking new challenges. Bamboo Agile resolves crucial issues by migrating, replatforming, or remediating applications, delivering novel opportunities for scalability and flexibility.

Striking scalability

With a more transparent and smooth workflow achieved through re-engineering, redesign, platform and cloud migration, a modernized application gains excellent flexibility for integration, scalability, and customization, allowing your business to rapidly and boundlessly grow.

Optimized performance

Optimizing the software with fast and stable performance in mind, you eliminate the mediocre parts of the code to build operational efficiency. It's an unbeatable return on investments for a business owner, leading to higher competitiveness and usability of the solution.

Improved security

Having automated data backup and recovery aboard and following up-to-date security standards, you protect your business from accumulating defects, regulatory noncompliance, downtime due to incidents, breach disclosure, and other unpredictable costs.

Stellar user experience

Leverage leading-edge technologies to design outstanding digital experiences that boost user engagement and create a new competitive advantage for your business. During software modernization, we align our business processes to shape the user flow into a smooth product journey.

Reduced costs

With the increased efficiency, higher maintainability, and stable performance, a modernized application allows you to adhere to an optimized budget and free up funds for innovation.

Risk management

Bamboo Agile identifies, evaluates, classifies, and prioritizes risks related to a software project, and takes preventive actions to ensure that the most crucial ones will be avoided or at least minimized.

Why modernize your app with Bamboo Agile?

Embark on the journey to bring your software and infrastructure up to date with the right team of professionals. Bamboo Agile offers comprehensive legacy modernization strategies designed specifically around your challenges — whether it's poor system performance, inefficient business processes, security vulnerabilities, or other — to help your business remain competitive no matter what. Start working with Bamboo Agile to take advantage of top-notch modernization:

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Key verticals of Bamboo Agile Expertise

Having operated alongside numerous businesses, we know the challenges unveiling a brand-new domain experience. As a matter of pride, we've gained a substantial background and expertise in e-Commerce, Education, Telecommunications, and Marketing by working tightly with industry experts, main market players, and accelerators since our start in 2002.