What an LMS brings to your organization
Digitization of educational processes
The LMS can be equipped with on-the-fly management tools designed to boost students’ engagement and efficiency. Scheduling, real-time success tracking and tailoring courses to accommodate particular learning needs have never been easier!
Reduced training costs
Hiring, onboarding, and retaining on-site training specialists are all costly endeavors. Custom LMS development will erase the need for all those expenditures, as well as the need to pay monthly fees for third-party educational services.
Improved learner performance
Backed by years of experience in custom LMS development, our analysts work alongside educational experts to devise the most efficient short and long-term learning and tutoring strategies.
Increased availability of learning
LMS allows learners to access educational materials from anywhere in the world, via any device. Since e-learning is a far cheaper alternative to traditional courses, such platforms help make education a lot more available.
Better learner engagement
Our experts aim to make the learning experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. Increase student engagement by implementing gamified elements, quests, loyalty programs, 2D and 3D graphics into the educational process.
Holistic skills assessment
Tracking learners’ progress can be of great help in assessing their further potential in various fields. LMS lets you monitor the skill growth of your employees using concrete data compiled into comprehensive charts.

Custom LMS Development Services

Bamboo Agile uses years of expertise in educational software development to create sustainable custom LMS solutions for educational institutions and their learners, as well as for corporate needs - that is, for your employees, clients, and business partners. Our team will guide you through the entire custom LMS development process, providing data-driven consultations with on-site and off-site visits, third-party LMS enhancement, custom LMS development, seamless integrations with other educational software, continuous improvement, end-to-end quality assurance, and comprehensive IT support. We keep you updated every step of the way to ensure that we can create the perfect application to boost your employees’ skills and engagement, as well as to make the learning process more accessible and enjoyable for students worldwide.


If you are looking for someone to consult on custom LMS development, look no further than Bamboo Agile. Our company houses reliable edtech experts who have graduated from xEdu (Finland) and ED2 (Russia) and boast years of experience in building custom LMS and custom eLearning products. Being notably well-versed in Instructional Design, our educational experts constantly work on devising the most effective and intuitive ways of organizing the learning process using state-of-the-art software solutions.

Bring More Value to Your Custom LMS with These Features
Learning Management Systems can become a valuable asset in boosting your employees’ engagement and efficiency, helping them achieve more high-quality results in shorter spans of time, as well as improving your company’s customer satisfaction. Bamboo Agile incorporates a number of cutting edge features to help you take full advantage of the LMS software possibilities.
Communicating has never been easier: our custom LMS software is equipped with live video, instant messaging, VolP calls, and notifications to help students and tutors keep in touch.
Curriculum management
Custom LMS can let you check, save, manage, and modify curriculums for both tutors and learners with the touch of a finger.
Learners Assessment
Monitor any student’s progress using our learner assessment tools, which compile test results, attendance records, and general grades into one simple chart.
Tests & Quizzes
Tests aren’t the most exciting part of the learning process. Check your students’ knowledge by means of educational games, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended quizzes.
Analytics & Reports
Take advantage of personalized learning and financial reports, graphs, and diagrams for smarter and more efficient planning available with your custom LMS.
Mobile learning
One of the biggest appeals of e-learning is its accessibility. Our team can develop native and cross-platform educational software with user-friendly design on both web and mobile.
Learning does not have to be boring - progress bars, achievements, badges, trophies, leaderboards, and in-app currencies make classes more fun for students and tutors alike.
The custom LMS software we develop can deploy a variety of payment methods, with such features as paid subscriptions, paid certifications, discounts, and electronic coupons.
User management
Organize classes, compare test results, and monitor your students’ progress and curriculum using our convenient user management tools.

Custom LMS that exceeds your expectations

Bamboo Agile is a technological powerhouse with extensive knowledge of both the general software development market and the e-learning industry. Our firm grasp on how to create the best possible web and mobile learning experience guarantees that the custom LMS we produce will not just meet, but exceed customer and learner expectations.

Compliance & security

We do everything to ensure that our e-learning and custom LMS software is secure. Multi-level data encryption, extensive and remote access control, audit logs, and other administrative tools are all used alongside SCORM, xAPI, and GDPR to ensure that all of your personal, financial, and educational data is safeguarded.

User-friendly design

One of the key components of making software-based education widely approachable is implementing a user-friendly interface. The UX/UI designers of Bamboo Agile work to make custom LMS applications that are as easy to navigate as they are pleasing to the eye.

High performance

Every single learning management system we develop is engineered with high speed and scalability in mind. Our diligent QA team carries out extensive load and stress testing to ensure that your custom LMS solution can handle thousands of concurrent learners with ease.

Powerful integrations

Bamboo Agile can safely integrate your custom LMS with such third-party solutions as ERP, CRM, social media, payment systems, and more. Our team’s top-notch API development skills and knowledge of industry-leading system interoperability guidelines is a guarantee of your app’s security and seamlessly smooth performance.

Monetization features

Increase the value of your custom LMS by implementing smart monetization features. This will not only earn your business extra profit through subscriptions, coupons, and extra in-app purchases, but also help achieve positive results sooner and make the education process within your company more efficient.

Why Bamboo Agile?

Custom LMS development is a delicate and complicated process. It’s only natural to want a tried-and-true company to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Equipped with years of experience in educational software development, Bamboo Agile is as reliable as a dev team can get.

Technologies We Use

We utilise versatile frontend and backend technologies, such as Node.js, .NET, Java, Vue.js, React.js, Angular, and others, as well as an array of mobile technologies (Kotlin, React Native, Swift, SwiftUI) for sophisticated custom LMS development.