School OS

A secure AI-powered solution that helps parents to track their children's progress, and the staff to organize the tuition process.
Using web and/or mobile app, parents, teachers, and headmasters can monitor pupils’ progress, and access the schedule, teachers’ notes, etc. Both apps allow parents to monitor their children’s grades and attendance. Teachers can view and fill in the class register, leave notes for students, and see their schedule.
Project team:25 people
Delivery date:October 2016
Time spent:6 months (initial release); the project is in progress
Features for Users
  • Monitor children's progress
  • View the pupil’s educational journal
  • See homework due the next day
  • Access the electronic diary
  • Access pupil rankings
  • Receive notes from teachers
Features for Teachers
  • Access the working schedule
  • Access teacher rankings
  • Leave and receive notes
  • Review notes
Features for Headmasters
  • Make notes for pupils
  • Review educational journals
  • Review studies statistics
  • Review notes
School OS is a unique product developed by the Bamboo Agile team from scratch. Before starting work on the project, we had to do lots of research (including big data analysis) to better understand modern educators’ specific needs and to refine the vision of the product. Our goal was to create apps which would simplify parental monitoring of their children’s progress allowing to view their grades and rankings, and facilitate the parent-teacher communication. An important requirement was that the final product should be accessible via web and mobile apps.
On the backend: using MySQL database for data storage; using Redis data storage for keeping cached data and user sessions, manual and performance testing, creation of server monitoring settings, integration with payment systems; using sockets for real-time updates on mobile devices, plus FCM integration for subscriptions and push notifications.
On the web side: creation of web interface for various user roles, slow internet connection support, offline mode, setting up the functionality for sending SMSs in different countries.
On the API side: adding functionality for sending push notifications to the mobile app; localizing the system interface into different languages.
On the mobile side: uploading app builds to Google Play and iTunes Connect, promo website launch.
The BambooAgile team created web and mobile apps which allow users to monitor and manage the educational process. With School OS, users are able to view the schedule, homework, academic achievements in every subject, and benefit from many other features essential for today’s digitally connected students, teachers, and administrators. Depending on user type, the system enables different features.
All relevant information is available: students’ grades, attendance, assignments, schedules, teachers' notes, etc. The solution offers a unique feature: providing an insight into a pupil’s performance and making data-based suggestions on how to improve it.
School OS has three different UIs: one for parents, one for teachers, and one for school administrators. Each version has specific functionality. Each user is given a unique ID and password for the system so a parent can access only their child’s profile.

Tech Used

Back end:
Front end:
iOS, Android, Web
Сross-platform framework:
Cocos 2d-x

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