Android App Development Services

Google’s Android OS is one of the largest software platforms currently out there, boasting an impressive number of 2 billion users worldwide. No wonder that any company, be it an up-and-coming startup or an enormous international business, wants to tap into that gigantic market; and the most effective way of doing that is, of course, creating an attractive custom application. Bamboo Agile has an extensive track record of providing high-quality Android app development services, having created fast, scalable software for a variety of industries, including, but not limited to e-commerce, education, marketing, and telecommunications. Our team’s expertise of the mobile software market, as well as our engineers’ proficiency in working with all of the latest cutting-edge technologies, guarantees that no matter the requirements, the finished product will turn out exactly the way you imagined it - appealing, modern, secure, and efficient.


The Google PlayStore is home to over 2.8 million Android apps, so to compete, your application has to really stand out among the crowd - either by offering a number of unique features or simply being more efficient than its peers. The Bamboo Agile team has years of experience in creating custom applications, so turning our clients’ ideas into successful and highly-marketable products is second nature to us. Our staff of industry professionals can vouch for the end result’s strong functionality, stability, and business value.

Android development process

It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience in any kind of Android development - the Bamboo Agile staff will carefully guide you through the whole cycle from whiteboard to Google Play. We offer steadfast consulting services that are always there to provide you with all the necessary information and advice in case of uncertainty or confusion. What’s more, we will compile a unique, dedicated team for the development project depending on the nature of the Android apps and your business requirements. This way we can ensure that all the people involved have the perfect skillsets for the end product to reach its maximum potential. Now let’s see what stages the development process at Bamboo Agile comprises.
Technologies We Use
We use the latest technologies to ensure that the apps we produce won’t be outdated on arrival. An Android development company cannot stay afloat without a well-equipped, tech-savvy team, and our engineers are all highly proficient with many leading-edge tools, frameworks and programming languages.
Our Android technology competence
LanguagesKotlin, Java
FrameworksApollo, Coroutines, Dagger, Retrofit, Firebase, AndroidX, Android Architecture Components, Amplify, Tesseract, Data binding
ToolsAndroid SDK
ORM and DatabasesRoom, Firebase
Why choose Bamboo Agile Android developers?
Bamboo Agile has been developing top-notch scalable Android apps for many years. We’ve proven our expertise time and time again by building advanced, cutting-edge applications for some of the world’s most influential businesses. That’s not to say we only know how to work with the big sharks - our client base is incredibly varied, and all our products are perfectly tailored to suit every single customer’s requirements and tastes.
Key Verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise
Versatility is something that many development companies often want, but sadly, fail to fully achieve. Bamboo Agile is one of the few that have mastered a variety of industries, having worked with word-class business giants in the fields of e-commerce, education, telecommunications and marketing.