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Android App Development Services

Google’s Android OS is one of the largest software platforms currently out there, boasting an impressive number of 2 billion users worldwide. No wonder that any company, be it an up-and-coming startup or an enormous international business, wants to tap into that gigantic market; and the most effective way of doing that is, of course, creating an attractive custom application.

Bamboo Agile has an extensive track record of providing high-quality Android app development services, having created fast, scalable software for a variety of industries, including, but not limited to e-commerce, education, marketing, and telecommunications. 

The Google PlayStore is home to over 2.8 million Android apps, so to compete, your application has to really stand out among the crowd – either by offering a number of unique features or simply being more efficient than its peers. The Bamboo Agile team has years of experience in creating custom applications, so turning our clients’ ideas into successful and highly-marketable products is second nature to us. Our staff of industry professionals can vouch for the end result’s strong functionality, stability, and business value.

Underestimating the importance of an attractive UI is one of the greatest mistakes an Android developer can make. Your apps’ performance might be blazing fast, but an incomprehensible and drab UX can turn off your potential clients before even pressing the Install button. Luckily, our design team knows exactly what makes for an application that is as easy on the eyes, as it is to pick up and navigate.

Android users don’t take kindly to bugs and sluggish performance, which is why we pay utmost attention to continuous quality assurance. Our diligent QA team carries out meticulous testing throughout the entire development process, using actual Android devices instead of PC emulators. This ensures that their experience is fully authentic, resulting in more accurate performance reports and efficient bugfixing.

Don’t think that we abandon the project right after its release – Bamboo Agile provides maintenance services to ensure that the app is stable and highly functional long after the initial launch. Our support team is renowned for being greatly receptive to feedback, which means that any performance issues and glitches are fixed as soon as they are reported. Thus, we guarantee that your apps stay relevant and fresh for years to come.

Android development process

We compile a unique, dedicated Android development team for the project depending on the nature of the Android apps and your business requirements. This way we can ensure that all the people involved have the perfect skillsets for the end product to reach its maximum potential. Now let’s see what stages the development process at Bamboo Agile comprises.

We first establish what your requirements are for the project at hand to then conjure a plan that will guarantee maximum efficiency during the entire development cycle.

Our UX/UI designers manage every aspect of the solution’s interface, crafting a user experience that is both enjoyable and easy to get into.

We create smooth-running apps that boast remarkable scalability and seamless 3rd party services integration.

Our software engineers build powerful backend solutions for data storage, security, and custom third-party integrations by using Node.js, .NET, and Java.

Quality of the end product is of utmost importance to us, which is why our QA team makes sure to keep a close eye on your application’s stability throughout the development process.

After the final version of the software is complete, the Bamboo Agile team will publish your Android app on the Google PlayStore, guaranteeing full compliance with all of the necessary guidelines.

We provide maintenance and app modernization services for every solution that we release, so that your Android apps stay flexible and up-to-date as time goes on.


Kotlin, Java


Apollo, Coroutines, Dagger, Retrofit, Firebase, AndroidX, Android Architecture Components, Amplify, Tesseract, Data binding


Android SDK

Our Featured Android Apps

Why choose Bamboo Agile Android developers?

Bamboo Agile has been developing top-notch scalable Android apps for many years. We’ve proven our expertise time and time again by building advanced, cutting-edge applications for some of the world’s most influential businesses. That’s not to say we only know how to work with the big sharks – our client base is incredibly varied, and all our products are perfectly tailored to suit every single customer’s requirements and tastes.

Providing a pleasant user experience is key in making your product appealing and broadly accessible. Our UX/UI designers can create layouts that are not only aesthetically coherent, but are also natural and intuitive, making them easy to pick up even to those who have minimal experience in working with Android apps.

Protecting our Android apps from attacks, malware and exploits is one of Bamboo Agile’s top priorities. No need to worry about your user and company data being stolen or leaked – all of our applications are equipped with the latest built-in security features to ensure a safe working environment and data storage.

Strong integrations can mean a substantial boost to your Android app’s functionality and reach. The experienced team at Bamboo Agile provides smooth backend web service and internal corporate systems integration (CRM, CPM, ECM, ERP, HRM, and more) that are bound to take your software’s performance to the next level.

Building trust and listening to customer feedback is crucial in building any truly powerful collaboration. We like to keep things 100% transparent, providing our clients with daily updates via progress reports, e-mails, on-site and off-site meetings, video conferences, and regular Skype calls.

When it comes to Android development, staying ahead of the curve is absolutely integral. Our engineers have state-of-the-art technologies at their disposal, all thanks to our dedication to monitoring and predicting all of the latest tech trends. And so, as we update our stack, your Android apps can be more advanced.

Bamboo Agile takes advantage of different payment methods, offering our customers the traditional choice between Fixed Price and T&M. There is a third option, however, which is a little more unique, as it combines the two pricing models into one mixed approach.

Key Verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise

Versatility is something that many development companies often want, but sadly, fail to fully achieve. Bamboo Agile is one of the few that have mastered a variety of industries, having worked with word-class business giants in the fields of e-commerce, education, telecommunications and marketing.

Our teams have designed a multitude of e-commerce applications and highly attractive, scalable websites for startups and mature businesses alike. Being an official Shopify Partner, we know the ropes to creating a feature-rich e-shopping Android app, complete with product inventories, customer databases, payment and shipping modules, discounts, etc.

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Bamboo Agile develops scalable Android apps for telecom that let users quickly access information about their accounts and subscription plans, pay for the provider’s services, and enjoy their favourite high-quality content. Our decade-spanning expertise in the industry can be backed up by over 60 mobile operators and digital delivery providers worldwide.

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We’ve been building customized educational software for schools since 2016. Our LMS and student information systems are tailored to fulfill the needs of every kind of client, whether they are part of a more experimental private schooling program or a more traditional nationwide educational system.

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Keeping your brand subscribers informed on all of the company’s latest endeavors is a must. We’ve helped numerous businesses enhance their audience engagement and collect customer data by creating automated targeted SMS, Push, and Viber mailouts to deliver instant service updates, promos, and announcements.

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