A social mobile app centered around predictions and enabling users to compete against their friends.
This mobile app incorporates a set of features, including leaderboards, Amazon Web Services back end, integration with social media, SDK integrations including the Big Data & Stats Analytics platform, and complex game design implementation.
Project team:12 people
Delivery date:June 2016
Time spent:3 months
Features for Users
  • Choose a game
  • Take part in a game
  • View all available games
  • Accumulate points
  • Spend points
  • Buy points
DuelBet, an interactive entertainment provider, needed not just a social app but an innovative social mobile game. Bamboo Agile was chosen as the developer because of its proven expertise in developing cross-platform gaming apps and using the Cocos2d-x framework for building multi-platform apps. Another challenge was to communicate instantly with a third party team responsible for the design of DuelBet app UI.
Adaptation of the UI design to different platforms and screen sizes.
Building back-end systems including databases and data processing components, with Amazon Web Services.
Speeding up the testing phase by developing a unique algorithm that enables the simulation of gameplay on back-end servers.
Using an Agile approach to project management to specify, develop, and test the features of the app in manageable, two-week cycles, making possible the implementation of rich functionality within a short term.
The DualBet app became a new type of social prediction mobile game. The integration with the Stats & Analytics platform allowed users to follow game scores in real time and see final results. By accessing interactive leaderboards, players could track their progress as well as their friends’. Push notifications let the users know when matches started.

Tech Used

Back end:
Front end:
iOS, Android

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