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At Bamboo Agile, we develop distinct web and mobile education software for our clients, whether individual, corporate, or institutional. Our expertise in web and mobile education software development is proven by completed training at xEdu (a Finnish accelerator for EdTech developers), years of partnerships with the Ministry of Education, international school networks, and organizations aimed to digitalize the most important social economies. This allows us to handle every step of a project from implementation to customization, no matter how complex.

We know how to elevate the engagement of educational apps, and, as a matter of pride, our educational software has gained international recognition at various edtech contests, including Bett Awards, GESAwards, Reimagine Education, and many others. Moreover, our edtech software projects have been presented at country pavilions, demonstrating provision of a unique learning experience across multiple platforms. Our broad expertise as an education software company allows us to create solutions aimed at various educational segments all the way from

Organizations worldwide are increasingly moving towards online learning over traditional in-person teaching methods. We are experienced with developing integrated modules for educational institutions, corporate training organizations and centers, and we deliver custom multi-featured Digital Learning Platforms. We have been experts at educational software development for over a decade, with a track record of edtech solutions for public and private educational institutions or startups.

We also specialize in enhancing your existing web or mobile app and provide services such as mobile optimization, collaboration functionality (such as sharing files and media), and legacy system migration and enhancement. On top of this, we can confidently add other components to your existing app that streamline course building, enrolment, scheduling, and questionnaires.

Revolutionizing Learning Through Edtech Software

EdTech solutions offer an alternative and innovative approach to conventional or traditional learning methods in the classroom. Our solutions help you engage your students while tailoring every facet of your web or mobile learning app to your specific needs.

Our team is knowledgeable in crafting innovative learning management software that is built to suit your institution needs. Integrated with online learning platforms or analytics tools, the LMS we develop can become a one-stop shop for managing your teaching and non-teaching tasks.

  • Attendance and behaviour tracking
  • Certification management
  • Curriculum management
  • Discussions
  • Gradebook
  • Integration with analytics tools
  • Report management
  • Surveys
  • Other

Adhering to edtech industry standards, our expertise in software development allows us to provide you with an advanced learning solution that meets the crucial needs of your students and their course work.

  • Asynchronous learning
  • Assignments management
  • Authoring tool
  • Blended learning
  • Certification expiration
  • Gamification
  • Offline mode
  • Social learning
  • Students assessment
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Webinars and live streaming
  • Other

Using a combination of edtech industry knowledge, platforms like Coursera or Udemy, and our design expertise, we can develop one-of-a-kind learning platforms and custom course marketplaces that help you and your students achieve your goals.

  • Admin interface
  • Analytics and dashboards
  • Custom search and navigation
  • Messaging
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Order system
  • Payments
  • Product listings
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Other

We conceptualize student information systems that are robust and analytical for both educators and students. Our solutions easily manage data with features like parent or user management, and assessment and reports management, allowing educators to improve the delivery of their educational processes by analyzing and visualizing data.

  • Alumni
  • Assessment management
  • Attendance and discipline tracking
  • Communication system
  • Forums and class portals
  • Grades and transcripts
  • Notification system
  • Parent management
  • Reports management
  • Users management
  • Other

Our solutions are customized to oversee the KPI’s of your students or participants, allowing you full control over your educational process. Our edtech software is developed to facilitate effective and efficient management and administrative duties such as monitoring enrollment and registration, or processing admissions. Our EdTech developers are able to mold every inch of the management solution to suit your specific needs. The designs of your management software will also provide you with concrete data and metrics of your students or clientele as a group or as individual users.

  • Admissions
  • Account management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Exams management
  • Hostel management
  • Library
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Staff management
  • User management
  • Other

Whether you are managing a small to medium-size business, a large enterprise, or a startup company, we are able to deliver comprehensive corporate solutions for training, education, and overall talent management. Today, employees at any organization are highly motivated and ambitious, focusing on both organizational and individual goals. Our solutions feed employees’ desire for feedback and professional improvement by addressing key areas such as learning and development and performance management, and by crafting a digital space for education and skill advancement.

  • Assessment
  • Certification management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Content library management
  • Content management and customization
  • Course creation
  • Employee performance reporting
  • Feedback tools
  • Gamification
  • Live webinar
  • Other

Clients Trust Us with Distinct Educational Software

We have an extensive track-record of providing clear communication and seamless delivery of a variety of educational tools and solutions to our clients. Our final product stands out not only for its ease of use, functionality, or aesthetic appeal, but because the quality is top-notch at a reasonable cost.

Our solutions are crafted with both a user and mobile-friendly UX/UI design, while allowing stunning visuals. We focus on providing digital learning environments that are free from interference and distractions, allowing teacher-student interactions to be as smooth as the navigation and the learner onboarding processes.

Our modular education systems are extremely malleable, with architecture that allows for future changes and adjustable learning practices as the learner makes individual progress. We can incorporate course localization and internationalization that is complemented with superior authoring capabilities, allowing the opportunity for customized training programs.

We aim to provide you with upscale education apps that don’t break the bank. We assure that all of our custom solutions will be fully owned by you, with no risk of vendor lock-in. We also design things right the first time around, avoiding costly redos. We will not request accumulating subscription or licensing fees, perform unnecessary and expensive upgrades in the future, or include bloatware to drive up costs. We focus on building only the features your users need, and we ensure solid IP rights safeguards to protect your investment.

Learning security is of the utmost importance to our team at Bamboo Agile, and we are deeply committed to providing the strongest software safety features that align with your institution or organization’s privacy and cybersecurity policies. We design our solutions to protect your systems and students.

Our professional education apps are relied upon for their scalability. Clients depend on our team to leverage best practices for data caching optimization, RAM, GPU, and battery life. Our developers consistently perform load and stress testing that allows us to provide peak media experience inside of a fault-tolerant architecture. We factor in optimal speed and scalability in our designs and leverage a coherent multi-CDN approach.

We perform end-to-end edtech software testing (including functional, regression, usability, and localization) and test automation for web, mobile, API, or hybrid. Our quality assurance teams do all-encompassing QA analytics and reporting, and advanced QoS and QoE.

Game-based educational solutions have been shown to increase the effectiveness for some users; they also allow for innovation and unique educational materials. Our designs appeal across all user demographics including children and adults, with state-of-the-art games that appeal to all e-learners. These gamified materials also increase the attention of learners, reduce memorization time and fatigue.

We lean on our expertise and best practices on data caching optimization, battery life, RAM, and GPU to deliver custom solutions that can bear the weight of multiple users, without sacrificing rapid operation.

Case Studies

We have created various mobile solutions that have helped companies build excellent relationships with their customers. Take a look at some of our case studies on the variety of mobile platforms we’ve created: from e-Commerce to Education, Telecommunication, taxi apps, and so on.

Why Develop Edtech Software with Bamboo Agile?

We are an experienced educational software developer, committed to providing high-quality education applications, with superior customer service. Our developers work with you to flesh out your objectives and help you achieve your learning or teaching goals with a visually appealing and cost-optimized solution. Therefore, we consistently develop edtech software that transforms learning from conventional to innovative, by focusing on powerful management software, automated data synchronization, integration with custom mobile payments, and secure systems for communication and teacher-student engagement.

Our business analysts have worked on an extensive array of educational projects, and are fluent in the required professional terminology. Our analysts understand the ins and outs of designing architecture for the future of EdTech solutions. We regularly design custom knowledge access solutions for individual users, as well as complex infrastructure solutions that increase engagement and efficiency for educational institutions.

Bamboo Agile is known for collaborating with many serious educational projects from startup to scale-up, hence our reputation for providing outstanding consultancy services on new projects. Our agile process allows us to work for you, and for you to work with us, ensuring that product decisions are comprehensive and astute.

Our eLearning developers think outside the box to ensure we are leaders in our industry. Our expertise is informed by seeking out new information and challenging solutions. Our members have trained with professionals in the Finnish education system, participated in the Bett Show, GESS, and approach the craft with a deep appreciation and curiosity for the latest trends in education.

We are a highly expert team with a progressive approach to education. We follow the Agile and Scrum methodologies in our web and mobile app development processes and collaboration with the client, allowing for top-notch performance and customized educational applications.

We have partnered with educational institutions, corporate training organizations, small to large enterprises and startups around the globe. We are fluent in your language and we are committed to crafting your unique solution with our expert team. As your future development partner, we offer a professional development team, years of specialized experience, the ability to work in multiple time zones, and a quick turnaround time.

We don’t just customize our solutions, but we aim to customize our pricing too. We can combine approaches such as fixed price and Тime and Мaterials for your project.


What is educational technology software?

Educational software refers to applications that help teachers and learners improve the education process. This is usually achieved with management, progress tracking, and evaluation functionality, as well as interactive gaming elements.

What are examples of educational software?

Some popular educational software examples you’ve probably heard of are: Duolingo, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Schoology, Moodle, Wisenet, Canvas LMS, and others.

What is the best educational software?

The best educational software is one that fits your needs, is highly secure, and actually boosts the learners’ knowledge in an engaging way. Different kinds of Edtech applications are also better suited for achieving certain goals.


The different education software types include:

  • LMS. Learning management systems are complete educational platforms that allow users to control and participate in the learning process to an extent comparable with studying in person.
  • SIS. Student information systems are supplementary apps that provide data and statistics on the current student progress in the form of automated reports.
  • SMS. School management systems let educators control various processes in their educational facility.
  • mLearning apps. These kinds of apps let people study using only their smartphones.
  • Course platforms. Course platforms are usually web-based and provide their users with a broad assortment of courses for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Corporate training platforms. Corporate training software is meant to grow the qualifications and skill of professionals in a particular field or company.
  • Others.

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