Mobile Application Development Services

Bamboo Agile is a custom mobile app development company passionate in giving you that stellar experience that will get your audience to take action. We came into custom mobile app development in 2009 with one of the first entertainment Nokia store applications. Since then, we are eager to provide you a creative custom solution for your organization's users. You get that customer’s special preference, tailored to suit your business specifications.

At present, various industries all over the world are looking for ways to intensify their brands. It is logical to invest in a custom made app to give your business a quick turn around and exposure. However big or small your business needs are, we’ll develop a state-of-the-art mobile app that is shaped specially to fit your business needs.
Android mobile app development
Android mobile app development


We are equipped with years of committed services in the Android app development market, having created software installed on tens of thousands of Android devices. Our skill goes far beyond basic Java programming: we’ve mastered such languages as Kotlin and C++, and have ample experience in working with the Android SDK development kit.
iOS mobile app development

Full-Cycle Custom Mobile App Development Process

We go through our customer’s requirements to understand our client's needs. We run a full-cycle support process from the analysis to maintenance stages:

Extending the value of your mobile application

In this time and age, to excel in any kind of business, mobile application development services are inevitable. Discover techniques your business can enjoy from getting a mobile app and extending better customer services to your users. Our team will help create a user experience that is well designed and extend existing business applications. We aim to help generate practical developmental experience and beneficial business outcomes.

Optimized app performance

Ensuring that you constantly optimize end-to-end performance plays a crucial role in custom mobile app development. Today customers request applications that are personalized, updated continuously, and specially made to meet their needs.

We build smooth, blazing-fast mobile apps optimized for minimum resource consumption. Underpinned by a resilient and high-performance backend, your mobile solution will scale to handle 100,000+ simultaneous users with ease.

Mobile security

We provide mobile security services to defend your app from potential digital fraud and illicit manipulations. Securities we provide include:
- Application sandboxing and data encryption
- Fine-grained user roles and permissions
- Automated code review and static analysis
- Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning
- Best enterprise mobility and management practices
- Compliance with GDPR

Rich features

Bamboo Agile delivers top-notch mobile applications embracing a full package of features bringing users back to the app and increasing their loyalty. Equip the core of your application with 360-degree security, interoperability, and add, as icing on the cake, the features they would appreciate: from push notifications and search options to social media integration, gamified elements or customized analytics.

Multiplatform expertise

We deliver a consistent visual and technical experience across all platforms. Take advantage of the commercial opportunities made possible with hyper-personalized content recommendations by using our expertise in creating smart spontaneous UI customization algorithms.

Outstanding mobile design

Users will be delighted with curated mobile experiences that exceed expectations. From easy onboarding to intuitive navigation, guide visitors along a carefully crafted path of custom mobile app development to improve customer satisfaction and boost conversions.

Ready for publishing

After the testing is complete, the app is ready to be published on the App Store or Google Play. We will take care of the entire process.

Why choose Bamboo Agile mobile application development services?

Our team will carefully strategize plans based on your business needs to ensure that the final product brings in great results for your company, clients and business partners.

Technologies We Use

We always keep up to date with the latest trends in the custom mobile app development field, making use of such technologies as Kotlin, Swift, Swift UI, React Native, Flutter, and so on.

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile's expertise

Our area of expertise is quite substantial: the Bamboo Agile development team has been sharpening its impressive skills in a wealth of domains and industries since 2002. A new business area is never a problem – our R&D will go all out to tailor the app to your business specifics and needs.