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A base for online orders of taxi services.

About the Project

Taxi app is a simple and powerful tool built to keep and boost revenue streams from taxi services and put a solid base for online orders. This multiplatform mobile application operates as the fullest catalog of taxi services. Taxi app contains the fullest catalog of all taxi services for the country, which is updated every week.


  • Project team
    Project team:      6 people
  • Delivery date
    Delivery date:     June 2015
  • Time spent
    Time spent:         10 weeks


Velcom (A1) approached Bamboo Agile to develop a multiplatform mobile application which could operate as the fullest catalog of taxi services. The main goal was to enhance user interaction for the telecom sector.


Bamboo Agile built a well-crafted multi platform app, operating across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. We integrated into the app the base of short dialing codes of all taxi services and made the fullest catalogue of all taxi services in the region.

Technologies we used:

NodeJs, Angular, MySQL, Cocos2d-x


Features for Users

The app features a comprehensive database of taxi services, providing users with access to an extensive list of service providers that is regularly updated.

The app utilizes a custom Content Management System (CMS) to efficiently manage and update its content, ensuring that information regarding taxi services remains accurate and up-to-date.

Users can rate and review their experiences with different taxi services, providing valuable feedback to both service providers and fellow users to improve service quality and reliability.

Users can easily share their experiences or interact with the app’s content through integration with popular social media platforms.

Incorporating a local advertising network, the app serves targeted advertisements to users, generating additional revenue streams and promoting local businesses and services.

The app employs a filter to prevent the display or submission of inappropriate language.


Soon after launch, the iOS version of the app reached the top rank among the local applications in App Store [Free Overall and Travel category]. The taxi app is still in the top three for free apps [Travel category] in the App Store of the region.