Why should you choose Vue.js?
The Vue.js framework was developed with great versatility in mind. Not only does it feature an array of functions, but the framework also integrates smoothly with numerous other libraries and pre-made projects.
Perfect for Web UI
Quite fitting of its title, Vue’s priority lies in the view layer. The native library is largely focused on creating interfaces, which makes the framework ideal for developing efficient web UIs.
Virtual DOM
Vue.js uses Virtual DOM, which serves as a faster and more effective alternative to Real DOM due to the availability of server-side rendering. This allows applications to support bigger amounts of user traffic and helps SEO.
High performance in actions
Another advantage of the Virtual DOM is its high performance in actions on rows, such as create, select, and delete. The increased speed at which they are implemented can be an absolute game-changer.
Vue’s versatility extends to its support of many widgets, as well as to the ability to modify legacy Rail apps and single-page software.
Best of All Worlds
Being released a little late into the game may sound like a huge disadvantage. However, the Vue.js framework adopted all the best features of its predecessors.

Vue.js Development Services

Since its very release in 2013, Vue.js became a favourite among progressive developers thanks to its fresh, envelope-pushing nature. Focused yet versatile, it’s no wonder that more and more companies choose it as their go-to framework for web applications.

Bamboo Agile has been involved in Vue.js since it first launched, which means that we’ve had plenty of time to acquaint ourselves with all of the platform’s intricacies, its technical features, and inherent limitations. Our Vue.js developers have honed skills over the years in perfect tandem with the expert knowledge of many third-party libraries to produce software that leverages Vue.js’ full potential. We create apps that are flexible, fast, and easy-to-maintain. In the end, no matter the complexity of the project, you can be completely certain that the Bamboo Agile engineers will deliver a product that both you and your customers will adore.
The revolutionary character of Vue.js is what makes it a truly standout tool for bringing groundbreaking ideas to life. With its amazing compatibility, speed, and an impressive, vast array of functions, it has established itself as a powerful framework of the future. If you want to see your progressive vision become a reality, this is the kit for you.

Need a dependable and skilled Vue.js development company to build a frontend with? You’ve already found one: Bamboo Agile boasts an incredible track record of leading-edge Vue.js-based projects.

Why consider Bamboo Agile among Vue.js development companies?

Since the framework is relatively new, finding a competent Vue.js developer for it might prove a little troublesome. That said, Bamboo Agile were among the lines of the framework’s adopters, which has allowed the team to get acquainted with all of its ins-and-outs much faster than the majority of the competition.
Leading Consulting Services

Leading Consulting Services

Completely new to Vue.js development? No problem! Our experts are always eager to answer all your questions, as well as to discuss your ideas and needs for the project. Don’t worry about the lack of deep industry knowledge - our team will gradually walk you through the whole software development process.


If there’s one thing you can be certain of, it’s that you won’t be kept in the dark about any project decisions. We keep our clients involved during every step of the development cycle, ensuring that you stay in the loop via on- and off-site meetings, video conferences, regular progress reports, and email updates.
Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology

We use Agile, Scrum, and SAFe methodologies. However, we offer the option to combine them if that’s what the customer prefers, or if it is deemed to be more beneficial to the project.
Technologically Focused Team

Technologically Focused Team

Bamboo Agile would be nothing if it weren’t for our passion for technology. The team is not just skilled at working long-established languages and frameworks - our devs also closely monitor every major development in the field, being quick to try out promising new solutions and inventions.
Personalized Pricing Approach

Personalized Pricing Approach

We like to keep our pricing flexible - whether you prefer T&M or the fixed price approach, we’re willing to accommodate your every need. What’s more, Bamboo Agile supports mixed payment models, in case that’s what our client is most comfortable with.

What We Know Best

While flexibility is a huge plus for any software development company, Bamboo Agile understands the value of focusing on what’s really important when it’s needed. We’ve dipped our feet into a fair number of industries over the years, but our priorities have always lied in the markets of e-commerce, education, telecommunications, and - last, but not least - marketing.