Real-Time Communication Software Development Services

These days, the need for top-notch WebRTC platforms is at an unquestionable all-time high. However, truly powerful real-time communication apps are few and far between - it is a problem, but one that the team at Bamboo Agile is ready to solve. Our staff consists of proven software, business and design specialists, who are not only equipped with multi-year knowledge of their trade, but also with the latest cutting-edge development technology. Whether you want to build a brand new RTC solution or modify an existing piece of software with some RTC functionality, our team of experts will be happy to assist you.


The growing trend of companies choosing to hold conferences online was well apparent by 2019. That said, this year has made WebRTC video conferencing an absolutely integral part of business. The Bamboo Agile team develops sustainable real-time communication apps that give users complete control over their work environment. Thanks to the rich functionality of Twilio Programmable Video, we’re able to deliver software that is stable, secure and swift no matter the latency. Video groups, individual bandwidth calibration and quality settings are only a small part of WebRTC video conferencing software capabilities.


No RTC solution is complete without a WebRTC chat. Bamboo Agile uses Twilio Programmable Chat to create advanced and highly effective real-time messaging tools. With such features as word filters, offline delivery, role distributions, transcripts and more, this WebRTC chat is perfectly suited for fulfilling all your business needs. Of course, if you are looking for a quick way of exchanging data or simply sharing some files with your colleagues, friends and family members, our own practical and secure WebRTC chats also have you covered.


We create incredible audio conferencing features by harnessing the power of Twilio Programmable Voice. Not only can our applications handle up to 50 call participants with ease, but said participants can join these meetings while having little to no internet connection - all they need is a phone, mobile or landline, and they’re in. To add to that, the whole software is as secure as they come, with features such as recording encryption and complete data protection.
Custom RTC Features
While every RTC has a certain array of crucial functions, such as audio and video calls, WebRTC video conferencing, file sharing and WebRTC chats, the team at Bamboo Agile has always strived to expand the capabilities of real-time communication software. We want our users to be able to conduct their business without having to deal with confusing layouts or annoying lags, which is why our RTC apps boast exceptional quality, rapid performance, and many advanced customization options.
WebRTC video conferencing
Hold WebRTC video conferencing sessions with up to 50 participants without sacrificing much speed, sound, and video clarity. The experience is further enhanced by features such as recording encryption, phone dial-in, and quality controls.
The DataTrack API allows users to implement charts, animations, whiteboards, annotations and other eye-catchers to raise customer engagement in either the conversation or the app itself.
Group RTC priority
Bring what really matters to the front with full layout control and the ability to distribute priority and bandwidth limitations among participants in WebRTC chats or WebRTC video conferencing.
Encryption and storage
Recording your WebRTC video conferencing sessions has never been easier - and more secure. Twilio uses encryption to safeguard all recording data which can either be downloaded onto your PC or stored within a cloud.
WebRTC chat essentials
No need to bother with low-level protocols - Bamboo Agile can implement a simple in-app WebRTC chat to let you contact other users via instant text messages from the start.
All user and messaging data is protected by multi-layer encryption, thus ensuring both your personal privacy and the whole business’ safety.
Voice call essentials
The voice call feature comes with a number of crucial functions, such as audio recording and playback, gathering speech and DTMF tone input, handling multiple call participants and queuing future calls.

Why use Bamboo Agile’s WebRTC solutions?

The quality of your RTC software can - and often will - reflect on the quality of your business. Sadly, truly reliable RTC services are hard to find: lagging, maintenance downtimes, and safety concerns can break a seemingly sufficient platform. Bamboo Agile strives to avoid the common pitfalls of real-time communication applications by ensuring steady, fast, uninterrupted workflows.

High-speed performance

Bamboo Agile’s WebRTC apps work smoothly on all major devices regardless of general network conditions. Thanks to such features as automatic bandwidth optimization, manual priority distribution, high-quality recordings and media controls, the overall performance is consistent, fast and easy to manage.

Powerful integrations

We employ flexible, efficient APIs to send out SMS, email and social media invites to WebRTC chatrooms, as well as to allow for mobile and landline phone dial-ins, building convenient layouts and handling participant surveys. What’s more, WebRTC video conferencing implementation can greatly enhance your clienting apps and contact centers’ effectiveness.

Full data protection

To us, customer privacy is paramount. Not only can every single recording be encrypted, but the built-in GDPR compliance and HIPAA eligibility ensure that every user’s personal and business data is perfectly safe. Twilio Video’s ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, PCI DSS 3.2 and SOC 2 support serves to further fortify that protection.

Robust customization

We give our users complete freedom to manage their business however they like. Whether they want to customize the layout manually or choose one of the prefabricated templates, designing the ideal workspace takes less than a minute. Furthermore, prioritizing certain video channels via individual quality and bandwidth controls will keep your meetings smooth, productive and perfectly organized.

No downtimes

We pride ourselves on performance consistency, and long maintenance windows can spell disaster for a real-time communication software. Thanks to the smart failover technologies our team employs, our servers remain up 99.9% of the time. Thus, no important meetings, business conferences or just friendly calls have to be postponed.

Global reach

The accessibility of the Twilio Programmable Video is boosted by an array of configurable localization and compliance features, making the experience more welcoming and convenient.

Our WebRTC Technologies

Bamboo Agile uses state-of-the-art tools for building scalable, functional and highly stable real-time-communication software. We primarily use Twilio APIs to produce apps that boast smooth, blazing-fast performance across all major browsers and platforms.

Why develop real-time communication software with Bamboo Agile?

Being cautious in choosing your developer is natural: making a seemingly primitive piece of software can turn out to be a drab, costly and time-consuming process - not to mention something as complex as a global real-time communication service. Does it have to be this long, stressful and expensive slog, however? Not at all. At least, not with the staff of Bamboo Agile.
Great quality assurance

Great quality assurance

Bamboo Agile prides itself on some of the highest standards in the industry. The QA team works hand-in-hand with our engineers throughout the whole development, ensuring that the end result’s performance is impeccable. Our diligence in testing everything starting from software infrastructure to handling of various network latency guarantees that the product is as blazing fast as it is useful.
Solid Business Analysis

Solid Business Analysis

Careful business analysis lies at the core of every fruitful development cycle. Our BA experts know how to combine your own project requirements with the latest IT industry trends, making a plan that will not only result in a fresh, lucrative product, but will ensure that the working environment is pleasant for both us, developers, and you, our client.
Maximum communication

Maximum communication

We’ve got nothing to hide - keeping the whole process transparent is one of our leading business principles. We here at Bamboo Agile make sure to keep our customers engaged and completely informed by holding daily calls, conferences, regular on and off-site meetings, as well as providing consultations, extremely detailed progress reports and brief email updates.
Varied methodology

Varied methodology

Being a client-oriented business, Bamboo Agile is eager to adjust to all customer needs. By default, we follow the classic agile and scrum methodologies. However, combining the two is also a perfectly valid option, if that’s what the client is most comfortable with.
Supreme tech expertise

Supreme tech expertise

Not only does our staff consist of highly skilled professionals, but all our workspaces are equipped with the latest developer tech. Merging experience and great adaptability, we keep pushing the envelope with every new project that we develop.
Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

The way we go about choosing a pricing model is similar to the way we go about choosing a methodology. We generally use either the TM approach or the fixed price method, but, of course, it’s possible to combine them into one mixed model.

RTC features within our key verticals of Expertise

Over the years, Bamboo Agile has dabbled in a huge number of industries, working with companies from both niche and mainstream markets alike. Despite our varied expertise, there are several key fields we’ve put the most emphasis on evolving thus far - all of which have benefited from having additional RTC functionality.


We have developed numerous outstanding applications that serve to make healthcare more accessible and easy for both patients and medical specialists. Thanks to the implementation of booking features, WebRTC chats, voice and video calls, as well as WebRTC video conferencing, doctors are able to provide quality consultations and give crucial first-aid advice in situations where every second counts.Learn more

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