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Martech & Adtech Development

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Managing your advertising campaigns is easier in all aspects when there’s a custom system developed specifically to incorporate your team’s main toolkit helping your business grow and flourish. Bamboo Agile’s 15+ years worth of experience in martech development covers the creation of platforms for mobile marketing and game promo campaigns, as well as building stable high-load solutions with custom telecom systems integrations.

Our teams design software that lets your business keep better track of tried and true strategies, manage current marketing attempts, and consider possible marketing options for the future. Bamboo Agile can design and develop your business’ ideal marketing technology solution empowering your lead generation, brand building, and customer retention processes.

We can create robust ad tech software solutions that can process large amounts of data, integrate popular advertising management platforms, create marketing campaign tracking systems, or generate contract software for advertising companies.

Martech & Adtech Solutions for any business

At Bamboo Agile, we make sure you are aware of any changes in the project by having our teams always communicating with you. Discover the full range of our marketing software and abilities to see where our expertise matches your business needs.

Our developers are skilled in many types of marketing automation. They can cleanly integrate a variety of features for leads management, nurturing, scoring, and other marketing purposes without having to change the end goal of your software.

  • Push Notifications and In-App Messaging
  • All Around Social Media Management
  • ML-Powered Advertising
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing

Give your customers a personalized experience that can scale. We build marketing applications that provide a tailored experience unique to your customers’ individual needs.

  • Tailored Product Recommendations
  • On the Fly Content Customization
  • AI-Driven Audience Segmentation & Targeting
  • Continuous Personalized Conversations Across Channels

At Bamboo Agile, our developers know how to create martech and adtech applications that integrate third-party systems smoothly and deliver holistic outcomes. We keep the transitions smooth and ensure the final product is fully functioning with a variety of features.

Advance your digital marketing campaigns with our IoT enabled software. Reach your customers with relevant marketing messages and by using their connected devices. We can use updated proximity strategies to drive traffic and proactive customer service, promoting a growth in customer conversions.

  • Reaching Customers Through Connected Devices
  • Drive Traffic With Proximity Marketing Strategies
  • Leverage Beacons for Mapping & Tracking
  • Proactive Customer Service

The Bamboo Agile end-to-end development team can incorporate a variety of effective data storage strategies into your custom software to prevent common data errors. Integrate effective big data strategies into your martech at the start by using a solution that collects information on target audiences and consolidates, cleanses, and governs data safely.

  • Data Mining & Aggregation
  • Strong Data Governance
  • Master Data Management

Use marketing technologies and strategies designed for business with our BI-supported decision making. Let BI technology help you make the right choices by giving you access to the right information in the correct format.

  • Model & Refine Ideal Customer Personas
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Measure & Predict Purchasing Intent
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • On-Demand Forecasting & Price Optimization
  • Interactive Dashboards & Customized Reports
  • Mobile BI For On The Go Analysis

Improve your inventory management, optimization techniques, and audience targeting with our robust Adtech solutions. Avoid ad blockers by taking a server-side approach to advertising and use AI techniques to tackle your biggest marketing challenges.

  • Inventory Management
  • Bidding Platforms
  • Demand-Side Platforms
  • Supply-Side Platforms

Fail-proof Martech & Adtech development

Our martech software development team knows a number of ways to improve your marketing technology solutions. We can offer the development of features that allow your business to grow with your marketing solution and improve your promotion techniques accordingly. Our solutions are built to be reliable and flexible, making them more than just a small business option.

Use AI segmentation and behavioral insights for your martech software to design and deliver customized marketing messages. Test and improve your content and creatives with relevant experiences across multiple channels.

Get the most out of your budget and marketing campaigns. Attract new customers and captivate your current audience on any screen and across a variety of channels, boosting your ad revenue further than ever before.

Comprehensive BI and big data analysis tools can be incorporated into your custom martech or adtech solution to measure efficiency and predict ad performance. Make it easier on your marketing team with a software that can quickly visualize data in an easy to understand way for informed decisions.

Create unique messages for every person in your audience with AI-based personalization. Scale your outreach and attract customers with Adtech that knows how to create relevant advertising messages.

Use advanced analytics to discover insights that will drive your marketing decisions. From performance reports to customer analysis, integrate our machine learning capabilities into your marketing application to make accurate predictions and discover new customer patterns.

Automate complex workflows and use machine learning to improve advertising. Build easy solutions for direct and programmatic marketing, giving your campaigns a more efficient edge.

Make onboarding easier with a custom martech app that makes even the most complex processes a breeze. With intuitive usability and straightforward functionality, specialists and new hires alike will be able to easily navigate your platform.

Integrate server-side ad insertion to counteract ad blockers and continue reaching new audiences with video ads. Take advantage of addressable TV to make the most of your marketing budget with relevant creatives and deep insights on campaign performance.

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Why choose the Bamboo Agile development team for your Martech or Adtech software?

You can be confident you’ll end up with a marketing software you can rely on. Due to the expertise and skills gained over the course of our 20 years in tech, our team is able to grant you complete peace of mind throughout the whole development process.

Our teams go the extra length to meet your standards and understand your business goals. Developers at Bamboo Agile make sure your criticisms and ideas are taken into account during the process of martech or adtech development, and you never feel like your input is being ignored.

Our experienced team is able to provide you with expert consulting right from the start. We know the best testing methods and what features will make your marketing workflow easier, allowing us to efficiently design your martech or adtech solution.

Bamboo Agile follows Agile, Scrum, and SAFe methods when it comes to project management. We believe that by being flexible during the process, we can better meet our client’s needs and design a martech solution that meets their business goals.

The pricing methods at Bamboo Agile cater to you and your business needs. We are able to work with the time and materials approach or a fixed price. Alternatively, we can devise a combination of the two. Whichever you prefer, we ready to accomodate.


What are MarTech and Adtech?

MarTech and Adtech are technologies that streamline various marketing processes. They can help manage advertising campaigns, promos, surveys, automated mailouts, and so on.

What is MarTech advertising?

It means advertising with the use of Martech. For example, launching a series of automated messages about an upcoming sale for brand subscribers and then monitoring the results (which is easy to do with auto-generated reports) to optimize future campaigns.

What are the types of Adtech?

Adtech can be split into several types:

  • Demand-side platforms. DSPs let people purchase targeted ad impressions from publishers, accessing a broad array of sources via a single interface.
  • Supply-side platforms. SSPs allow publishers to sell their ad inventory to clients, generating ad revenue from their web or mobile applications.
  • Ad exchange. An ad exchange solution is a marketplace for advertisers and buyers that operates similarly to a stock trading platform.
  • Data management platforms. DMPs help users track and analyze marketing campaigns and audience data.
  • Customer data platforms. CDPs build customer profiles from your existing audience to help you make more informed marketing decisions.

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