What custom CRM software provides for your business
Increase in productivity
With a custom CRM, you’ll see an increase in productivity and time saved around all your offices. When your employees have a software system they know and trust, they are able to complete daily tasks at a more efficient rate.
Automated sales & marketing
Save time with CRM software that automates all the routine tasks of sales, marketing, and support departments - interaction with the clients, lead generation, nurturing, reporting, or other campaigns through integrated channels.
Efficient client data management
Maximize efficiency with a CRM that stores and manages all your customer data. Align your engagement with the clients by having access to aggregated information, visualized dashboards, and automated reporting.
Comprehensive analytics and data reports
Take advantage of new opportunities with in-house analyses and data reports that are comprehensive and relatable. Our development team is able to outfit your software for tracking client interactions, activities, and conversions.
Improved conversion rate
Getting your own CRM software is a great way to boost lead conversion rates. By optimizing your lead generation, nurturing, and communication through a CRM, you let your business gain loyal clients.
Higher customer retention
Protect your business from customer churn. With a CRM, you’ll get control over the customer journey and will be able to rapidly take measures while steadily leading your clients down the sales funnel.

CRM Development Services

A CRM is vital for every business. But Bamboo Agile can go far beyond what’s possible with a typical CRM and implements the exact functionality you want. Our development team will help you effortlessly automate sales and advertisement, gather and analyze large quantities of client information, and provide support services your target audience can rely on.
Being an experienced CRM development team, we offer full-cycle CRM development services to enrich your business with – companies of all sizes can easily cover the majority of their customer issues with our software.


Bamboo Agile builds powerful software from scratch. Equipped with advanced data analysis, automated services, and operational optimization, your CRM will have all the tools it needs to beat out the competition. Your CRM software can be also equipped with risk management, user training, data migration, and more.

Features That Enhance Your Custom CRM Solution
Keeping in contact and working with clients can be one of the biggest challenges your business faces. The developers of Bamboo Agile have experience in designing software that greatly refines the capabilities of CRM applications. Here are some examples of how CRM functionality benefits companies that choose to implement it.
Contact management
With the implementation of advanced contact management services, you can communicate with your clients in a more personalized and targeted way. Our development team designs software that allows your business to segment, organize, and gather crucial client data in order to better cater to your target audience.
Sales & marketing unification
Your sales and marketing departments will be able to predict conversions and optimize their client strategies by qualifying each opportunity in the pipeline through lead scoring features.
Lead management
Determine high quality leads with a lead management feature integrated into your CRM software. Help your team focus on the best leads at the right time with a software system designed to support them.
Reports & dashboards
Reporting and customized dashboards are some of the most important features in a CRM, as they help view business statistics in an engaging, easy-to-grasp way. Our applications can provide real-time information, which can be accessed from multiple portals at once.
Improve your sales campaign with advanced analytics: analyze data from past campaigns to design future ones more efficiently. Bamboo Agile can develop CRMs that collect and analyze data from social media, polls, and website traffic all using the same software system.
Email client integration
Get your client emails automated and organized without having to use dozens of different tools outside of your CRM software. Your employees will be able to access all the previous interactions with a client, send messages, and launch email campaigns from just one app.
Marketing automation
Automate your marketing with the help of a CRM. Bamboo Agile can implement an automated system that will allow your business to target your audiences more selectively and save costs on advertising.
Automated call center & support
Take control of your call center from your CRM software and choose whether or not to integrate third-party platforms. Don’t risk losing information by using multiple systems – keep all your customer services in one place.

Benefits of getting a custom CRM

When you choose our CRM development team, you receive high-quality development services and an end product that is custom-built to suit your business goals. Our team knows all the ins and outs of CRM and can provide you with an application that improves the general workflow, as well as all the stages of client relations.

Full customization

By choosing to get custom CRM software, you get an easy-to-use application that fits your business needs. Our approach to customization helps ensure that your business requirements are always put first.

User-friendly interface

Our team employs a user-driven approach to ensure your CRM is easy to use even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. We have the right skills and knowledge to develop an application with great UX and accessibility.

High performance

With solid performance engineering and advanced machine learning, we can ensure your CRM software has superior speed, reliable architecture, and impressive scalability. Our teams put your application through rigorous load and stress testing so we can be sure your software will run smoothly at all times.

Easy onboarding

Spend less time training end-users with a CRM that is developed to meet your workflow needs. An intuitive software system that contains all your business requirements and has relevant features makes onboarding a breeze.

Powerful CRM integrations

Give your CRM software a competitive advantage with powerful integrations. You will be able to keep all your department resources in one place with superior security, which will drastically reduce the risks of data loss and misplacement.

Cost savings

Save money by paying only for the things you need. Our team works with your business to develop an application that doesn’t break the bank or sacrifice the functions and services you desire.

Technologies We Use

In order to provide the best CRM software development services on the market, our custom CRM developers rely on versatile technologies, including Node, Angular, Swift UI, Kotlin, Java, and more.

Why choose Bamboo Agile for CRM software development?

We understand that you want only the best for your business, and that includes software. But the trusted professionals at Bamboo Agile have a great reputation for a reason. Not only do we always strive for quality, but we also pay close attention to your feedback and keep in close contact during the entire CRM development process.