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What We Offer

At Bamboo Agile, we are dedicated to creating web applications with flawless performance providing seamless user experience. We build client-centric customized solutions that power businesses and their customers every day.

Our web development teams casually go beyond standard practices and techniques, and focus much on UX/UI, making sure your customer feels right at home at your site or portal. We are capable of mixing developer competences in a right way to come up with non-standard web design decisions.

The Tech We Use

WEB app
FrameworkAngular, Vue.js, React.js
LanguageJavascript, Typescript
Syntax checkingTSLint, ESLint
Bundler/TranslatorAngular, Vue.js, React.js
CSS frameworkBootstrap, Material
Other modules involvedRxJS,, NVD3

Case studies

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Bamboo Agile, a Bamboo Group company
We are a full cycle software development company

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