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Custom Web Application Development

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When it comes to web apps, Bamboo Agile has proven time and time again to be one of the top developers in Europe. Learn more about our custom web application development and team’s expertise in this section.

Bamboo Agile knows how important it is that your requirements are met. We make sure we meet your business needs while building a trusted, visually rich product to boost customer use and satisfaction. Our frontend developers take care to perfect that ultimate user experience in code. Whether it’s viewed on a mobile device or a desktop, we develop highly responsive and interactive custom web applications that will make users want to return again and again.

Let our developers design and build the core of your website. With their eye for robustness and their skill, guided by competent management, you’ll get a solid application architecture that can accommodate future growth and scale, is flexible to integrate with other systems, has cutting edge security features, and has an advanced data structure to provide valuable insights.

Full-Cycle Development Process

Bamboo Agile has a team of engineering, design, and management professionals able to create a custom web solution for you. Throughout the entire development process, Bamboo Agile will be there to answer questions and make any adjustments you find necessary. Whether it’s your first time or your tenth, our team will provide you exceptional service and deliver outstanding web apps, all the while saving you the critical time needed to focus on your business.

As you begin your journey, we will be there to help you design and develop your concept. This is just the first step towards designing your custom web application, but our R&D team will be ready to learn the ins and outs of your business from the very inception of our cooperation.

When it’s time to start prototyping your project, we’ll continue to walk you through the process. By focusing on the UX/UI design early on, we’re able to provide your customers a place they find both visually appealing and easy to navigate, regularly bringing them back for more.

We use only high-end technology and practices. Our expertise is vast and includes React.js, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Qt, .NET, and others. We build web apps that meet your business requirements with an emphasis on clean code, quality management, and improved productivity, making sure your backend holds strong no matter what.

Once your web application has been developed, we put it through rigorous testing to make sure it meets industry standards. We don’t just provide you with a statement of quality assurance, we prove it by performing multiple manual and automated tests before releasing the finished project.

We work with you to release your application once we are certain your project is completely debugged and you are satisfied with the outcome.

At Bamboo Agile, we strive to make sure your application is the best it can be, which is why we will continue to work with you even after it has been released. It’s no problem for us, as our code is designed for easy version control. By enhancing it as your business platform grows and develops, we make sure you and your clients are always satisfied.

Advantages of our custom web applications

Bamboo Agile uses the top technologies in the field and constantly examines the newest trends in the tech world. This not only provides you quality care at all times, but also puts your web application ahead of the competition. We have come up with several ways to ensure that the time you spend working with us is time well spent.

By choosing our professional website developers, you choose a team that will make your application run smoothly, guaranteed. Web apps that have high-quality performance will captivate customers, keep their attention, and eliminate churn risks.

With 360-degree security, unimpeded interoperability, and a strong focus on performance, our software is a testament to our professional team’s dedication to creating the safest applications on the market.

With the times that we live in, data security is of the utmost importance. When it comes to unparalleled data security, we have proven experience working with important standards in data-sensitive domains such as HIPAA, GDPR, OWASP, and others.

Making sure your software is visually appealing and easy to interact with is important to our team. Bamboo Agile has top-of-the-line UX/UI designers on board, ready to bring out the best in your project.

It’s important that your project is able to be enhanced in the future. We make sure your web application can withstand new features being added to it and can handle an increase in simultaneous users. Plus, we always code in a way that facilitates easy version control.

By implementing full compliance with coding standards, we are able to consistently turn out high-quality code, establish code style guidelines, and maintain the best practices around custom web app development workflows at all times.

Case Studies

These are just some of the custom web app development projects our team has been hired to create. From a futuristic online store to a new way of teaching, Bamboo Agile has done it all.

Why choose Bamboo Agile as your development partner?

In the world of technology, it’s important you find the best company to help you with web app development. While custom website development may seem daunting at first, our team is eager to help you feel at ease and keep you involved throughout the entire web app development process. No more worrying or guessing at what’s going on behind the scenes: we take you there with us.

At Bamboo Agile, we go the extra mile to make sure you feel confident your concepts and ideas are being taken into account. Our team works with you the whole time to make sure the end design is just what you had in mind.

When you choose Bamboo Agile, you are able to work alongside our team, not just relay information to them. During custom web app development, we organize weekly meetings and calls, regularly report any updates, and make sure your feedback is taken into consideration.

From day one, we work with you to quickly make your idea a reality. Our team has experience building products from the ground up and we know the best ways to collect customer feedback and test product hypotheses. To ensure your website will not only be developed but have a high potential for growth, we provide professional advice from the start of our collaboration.

On average, those that work at Bamboo Agile can boast 5 years of experience in software development. Our staff are all very dedicated individuals with the skills to conquer even the most challenging problems.

Modern developing methodologies like Scrum are not lost on us. Our team adheres to the tried-and-true agile web app development process which is tailored to meet your business needs while also providing transparency. Active communication and frequent updates allow us to increase performance quality and introduce functionality in a flexible way.

Our teams are fluent in a large variety of languages, frameworks, and programs, not just your average web application developer stack.

We work with you to come up with a pricing approach that best suits your needs. Whether that’s a traditional fixed-price or the time and materials method, we’re ready to accommodate your preferences.


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, Firebase


Javascript, Typescript

CSS frameworks

Bootstrap, Material


PWA (Progressive WEB application), Mobile WEB App

Top-notch expertise across various verticals

Want to make sure Bamboo Agile has the experience you need? We specialize in several different areas of custom web application development and provide our clients with the exact services and solutions they need. Below, you’ll find just a few examples of what we’ve achieved in a variety of fields.

e-Commerce is a highly lucrative and competitive market, making it important to have quality web apps that can withstand the competition. We use Shopify to create successful solutions that allow for custom design while still providing quality support and reliable hosting. As an official Shopify affiliate, we can provide sophisticated e-Commerce applications for both start-ups and mature brands. Our expertise allows us to deliver customizable and scalable solutions, be it promo sites or stores enriched by a product inventory, customer data collection, payment and shipping modules, discounts, or the ability to launch new sales channels.

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Whether you’re a telecom service or a digital delivery provider, Bamboo Agile has your back. When you choose us, you choose to join over 60 other mobile operators that have trusted us with creating high-performance apps. Our advanced telecom software is built around our custom SMPP and billing solutions that incorporate e-commerce payments and self-service, among other things. During the past 10 years, we’ve developed a vast number of custom web software for telecommunications that allow users to access information about their accounts, view entertainment content, explore different tariff options, and e-sign documents.

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Bamboo Agile has created many web apps for educational solutions that fit all kinds of teaching institutions. From schools to corporate training centers, our EdTech platforms work on any device and can provide multiple user interfaces (e.g. teachers, parents, and students). Our apps are designed to make both the management of and the participation in the educational process more efficient and engaging, as well as more accessible.

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Not only do we provide custom web application development services for e-Commerce, Education, and Telecom, but we also design marketing and ad solutions as well. We’ve designed numerous web-based services to automate promo campaigns by sending messages through email, push notifications, SMS, and Viber. The software also comes with detailed automated report functionality, which allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and tweak them accordingly.

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What is custom web application development?

Custom web application development is the process of conceptualizing, designing, and building a web-based solution (in other words, a website) tailored to the needs of a specific client.

How do we develop a web application?

Bamboo Agile offers full-cycle custom web application development services. This process is more or less the same for all types of apps.

First, we carry out a requirements analysis to understand how the end product is supposed to look like and operate. Then we design the UX/UI and, having received your approval, go on to actually code the software. Finally, after everything is done and tested, the web app is ready for release.

We handle every step of the launch process to ensure it all goes smoothly. We also provide further development services in the form of maintenance, bugfixing, and updates.

What is an example of web app development?

Web apps come in all shapes and sizes: from an online store to a gaming website, to an HR management solution, to a newsletter, to a social media platform, to a media streaming service, to a rudimentary blog – a web app can be whatever you want. After all, the page you’re reading this on is a web app, too.

What are the types of web applications?

Web applications come in many different types. The most common ones are:

  • Static and dynamic web applications. Static web applications cannot be modified in real time, while dynamic ones can.
  • Single- and multiple-page web applications. SPAs let users browse without refreshing the page, MPAs require reloading.
  • Rich internet web applications. RIAs overcome regular web software restrictions with plugins and function similarly to desktop applications.
  • Progressive web applications. PWAs use APIs and progressive enhancement methods to make a web application function and appear like a native mobile app.

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