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.NET is a unique tool that allows companies to build versatile solutions of any complexity, on any device, for any industry. Bamboo Agile houses experienced ASP.NET software developers that can create expertly designed web and mobile applications, which are not only highly functional and efficient, but are also notably easy to install, debug, and modify.

The software engineers of Bamboo Agile can bring your web and mobile solution ideas to life using their impressive expertise in the framework of ASP.NET. The size and interest of your enterprise aren’t important – we build robust multi-tier apps for all kinds of companies and target audiences. Thanks to the light and smoothly organized nature of the ASP.NET’s coding environment, the project and all of its consequent updates will be delivered much faster than those built with the use of other programming frameworks.

One of this framework’s greatest advantages is the ability to manage applications in any development environment. Our software engineers can possess all of the necessary skills to integrate .NET solutions with other Microsoft technologies and third-party apps, further expanding the already rich functionality of the potent ASP.NET framework without losing any of its high-performance speed, power, and comprehensibility.

Bamboo Agile can optimize the most complex .NET-based applications for the cloud. Depending on the scale of your solution, we can make it so that your product runs smoothly on any .NET PaaS or is deployed in an efficient hybrid cloud environment. While Azure is the preferred cloud computing service designed by Microsoft with .NET developers in mind, our team can swiftly migrate your app to any major third-party cloud computing platform.

What are the key advantages of .NET?

.NET apps are known for their short development cycles and extremely easy one-time setups. This means that the delivery and updates of such applications are some of the quickest in the industry.

Since the code of every .NET app is processed on the windows server before being displayed in the browser, such applications execute much faster than the non-server-side-scripting-based solutions.

The ASP.NET framework allows software developers to deploy on-the-fly updates and bugfixes without having to restart the entire server.

.NET streamlines the process of upgrading code for faster algorithms – the built-in guide to reusing objects in more up-to-date environments alongside ASP.NET’s additional editing features all serve to make shaping your solution swift and undemanding.

ASP.NET boasts a variety of built-in features that allow it to cache frequently requested web pages, provide localization for specific languages, detect users’ specific browser capabilities, and more.

.NET’s Model View Controller architecture allows for very efficient code organization, which greatly accelerates the development process by allowing to recycle substantial parts of the existing code.

.NET apps smoothly integrate with other Microsoft solutions, making it so that exchanging various data between servers, emails, documents, and Microsoft Office files is totally quick and effortless – all you need is a single login.

.NET keeps its apps secure through utilizing a number of safety components: on top of providing a strong security basis by default, the framework allows developers to implement cryptography or use such methods as role-based protection.


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Why choose Bamboo Agile .NET developers?

With how many .NET service providers there are on the market, it may get hard to decide which vendor should be the one to entrust your unique software project upon. We’re proud to declare that Bamboo Agile stands out among its competitors quite positively, thanks to the combination of our team’s amazing skills and several key principles.

We provide full-cycle .NET development services, the first step of which includes a detailed business analysis of your requirements for the project. This will ensure that the team’s resources and time are allocated in the most efficient way for your product to end up as a truly profitable, high-quality application.

The Bamboo Agile software engineers are not just highly skilled in classic coding systems, but also make certain to keep track of all the latest technological advancements. Our in-depth .NET development expertise allows us to build projects that are guaranteed to stay dynamic, relevant, and beneficial for years after their release.

We employ the most reliable, efficient, and transparent methodologies during every .NET development cycle. However, it’s important to stay flexible – our team uses the Scrum, Agile, and SAFe methods interchangeably, depending on the customer’s own wishes and the core specifics of the project we are working on.

Bamboo Agile prides itself on its client-oriented approach. We are advocates for clear and transparent communication – no decision is made without getting our customer’s approval. Daily calls, meetings, emails, and notifications are all integral in keeping our clients involved and updated during each and every development stage.

We like to give our clients a choice between two distinct and well-established pricing models. T&M and Fixed price are the default options, but Bamboo Agile also offers a third one – a mixed variant that combines the two standard methods into a more flexible and customer-friendly approach.

Key Verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise

Bamboo Agile has an impressive track record of working with a huge variety of companies and businesses from all across the globe. We have developed modern, fast, scalable software for large corporations and startups alike, stemming from all kinds of niches and industries. Nonetheless, we can still devise several key areas of our professional expertise.

We’ve built numerous profitable, highly efficient e-commerce applications, all of which boast beautiful, massively attractive interface designs, smooth and robust functionality, powerful security systems, and, of course, superb customer satisfaction.

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Over 60 telecom companies around the world partner with Bamboo Agile. We build solutions that can greatly enhance your company’s customer relations by providing instant tech support, info about subscription plans, quick and secure payment options, and quality entertaining content.

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Whether you consider e-learning to be the way of the future or a mere passing fad, you can’t deny the importance of it in the current day and age. Bamboo Agile has created a number of highly effective educational solutions, which have been proven to greatly improve student engagement and attendance rates.

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Our software allows companies to easily keep touch with their customer base via personalized promotional Push, SMS, e-mail, and Viber mailouts. On top of that, our apps provide valuable data on client engagement rates, which can be of great use for future marketing campaigns.

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