What are the benefits of a quality backend?
Great Scalability
Your Backend solution can support stateless servers, which makes the app’s REST interface very easy to scale.
Cost Efficiency
There're plenty of ultimate tools for API development, which can alleviate the need for building numerous backends to cover multiple mobile operating systems.
Content Distribution
API integration services offer some immense opportunities to increase brand awareness: they allow you to share any kind of content to many platforms and relevant channels after only publishing it once.
More Valuable Data
Another great benefit of API integration services is the ability to build more thorough databases and feedback reports by gathering extensive data on users from every integrated platform.
Blazing Fast Performance
One of the most important skills a backend engineer can possess is knowing how to effectively optimize their software. At Bamboo Agile, we harness that knowledge to the fullest, creating fast, smoothly running apps.
Full Security
We use the latest security practices to ensure that our backends are 100% protected. No matter the complexity of the solution, our backend software engineers will pay utmost attention to its safety.

Backend Development Services

An app is only as reliable as its backend - if its quality is subpar, so is the app’s performance. It’s the foundation of all software, and while your clients won’t be able to see it, their user experiences will always be linked to the backend.

This is the main reason why Bamboo Agile is so keen on constantly evolving and expanding our backend development services. We house a team of specialists with equal amounts of expertise in frontend and backend development. Whether you need a competent crew for API integration services, API development, backend integration, mobile app backend development, or backend web development, our backend software engineers will have your needs covered.
Technical backend audit
Technical backend audit

Technical backend audit

The backend is your application’s backbone, and keeping it up to date is crucial for the software to stay relevant. If you want to enhance an already existing application or migrate a legacy app to a new environment, this section of our backend development services is just what you need. We will analyze the ins-and-outs of your software’s backend, and lay out the ultimate strategy for a full system revamp.
Backend application development

Technologies We Use

LanguagesJavascript, Typescript (Node.js), .NET, Java, C++
FrameworksSpring, Nest.JS, Express, Qt/QML
RDBMS: MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
NoSQL: Firebase, MongoDB
InfrastructureAmazon AWS, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, VMware, Docker

Why choose Bamboo Agile Backend Engineers?

Bamboo Agile is a company built on its members’ love for technology. We’re not just fascinated by it - we love taking part in its development. What Bamboo Agile backend engineers offer goes far beyond pure industry knowledge (though, rest assured, we’ve plenty of that). We want to engage with our customers, making the experience of backend development as exciting for you as it is for us.

Key Verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise

Versatility is an amazing quality for a software development company to have. Of course, we love testing ourselves in all sorts of development fields! That said, Bamboo Agile does have a number of industries that compose the core of its expertise.