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Backend Development Services

An app is only as reliable as its backend – if its quality is subpar, so is the app’s performance. It’s the foundation of all software, and while your clients won’t be able to see it, their user experiences will always be linked to the backend.

This is the main reason why Bamboo Agile is so keen on constantly evolving and expanding its application development services. We house a team of specialists with equal amounts of expertise in front- and back-end solutions development. Whether you need a competent crew for API integration services, API development, backend integration, mobile app backend development, or backend web development services, our software engineers will have your needs covered.

The backend is your application’s backbone, and keeping it up to date is crucial for the software to stay relevant. If you want to enhance an already existing application or migrate a legacy app to a new environment, this section of the application development services we offer is just what you need. We will analyze the ins-and-outs of your software’s very core, and lay out the ultimate strategy for a full system revamp.

Bamboo Agile is dedicated to building refined, quality products – polished and secure backends are no exception. Our team is skilled in building scalable and swift backends from scratch, powering any kind of software, starting from web applications to IoT systems. Thanks to the top-of-the-line practices we use during software development, the results are consistently impressive both in terms of security and performance.

Want to lean into the lucrative mobile market? The engineers from Bamboo Agile are ready to help. Messengers, streaming applications, social networks, multimedia software, and more – any mobile solution benefits from a powerful core. We can create extensive fault-tolerant backends and fast APIs to smoothly synchronize large quantities of data across thousands of mobile devices.

One great way to take your app to another level is API integration services. Bamboo Agile provides API software development services for web and mobile software, allowing your apps to reach a much wider audience by connecting with many other systems. What’s more, our engineers are very well-versed in seamless integrations, meaning that the performance of the API will remain quick and stable no matter the number of connections.

Case Studies

See what Bamboo Agile is capable of: check out the case studies on our best backend development, backend integration, and API integration projects!

Why choose Bamboo Agile Backend Engineers?

Bamboo Agile is a company built on its members’ love for technology. We’re not just fascinated by it – we love taking part in its development. What Bamboo Agile engineers offer goes far beyond pure industry knowledge (though, rest assured, we’ve got plenty of that). We want to engage with our customers, making the experience of backend development as exciting for you as it is for us.

Data safety is important regardless of what exactly is being developed. That said, being the core of a valuable app, the backend has to be extremely well-protected. Bamboo Agile mobile and web development services include us ensuring the app’s complete security in accordance with all major guidelines and regulations.

Another important factor to building a good application is flexibility. Bamboo Agile engineers create clean and easy-to-manage backends that scale naturally alongside your business needs.

We like to keep our customers immersed in the whole backend development process, and the Agile methodology serves as a great way to encourage consistent and dynamic communication. Thanks to always being in-tune with how you feel about this or that aspect of the project, we can make sure that the end result is exactly what you want to achieve.

One of the reasons Bamboo Agile manages to stay on top of both frontend and backend development trends is the team’s passion for trying out new technologies. Being stuck in a comfort zone for years is not our style. We pay special attention to what the industry has to offer, and are always eager to expand our stack.

We like to give our clients options. At the start of each development project, the customer has a choice between several payment methods: Fixed Price, T&M, and a mix of the two, if that’s what they’re most comfortable with.


Javascript, Typescript (Node.js), .NET, Java, C++


Spring, Nest.JS, Express, ASP.NET, Qt/QML


RDBMS: MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
NoSQL: Firebase, MongoDB


Amazon AWS, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible, VMware, Docker

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile's expertise

Versatility is an amazing quality for a software development company to have. Of course, we love testing ourselves in all sorts of development fields! That said, Bamboo Agile does have a number of industries that compose the core of its expertise.

Bamboo Agile has years of experience in creating beautiful e-Commerce applications for web, Android, and iOS. We know how to design an online store that will keep your customers returning for more.

Plus, being a Shopify partner has its perks. Thanks to the platform’s vast array of development tools and themes, making a functional and user-friendly online store is more quick, efficient, and cost-effective than ever before.

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This one is Bamboo Agile’s oldest specialty. Our development team has been closely working with Telecom companies since its very inception in 2002.
Now, with two decades of experience in making VAS applications, high-load telecom solutions, and streaming apps, we’ve earned the trust of over 60 wireless network providers from all across the world.

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One of our primary goals is making good education accessible to everyone no matter the social status, location, or physical condition. We create simple-to-use LMS and schooling applications that make the educational process more fun, effective, and easy-to-manage for teachers and students alike.

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Marketing is an integral part of building any brand. It only makes sense that you’d want to make the process as efficient as possible – which is where advanced marketing software comes in.
Our marketing solutions streamline the process of issuing mailouts to brand subscribers via Viber, SMS, email, or Push notifications. This makes sending announcements, special deals, targeted ads, and other kinds of content easy and efficient. It also compiles automated reports that help measure your audience feedback and campaign effectiveness.

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What are backend development services?

Backend development refers to the process of creating the backbone of an application. It is invisible to the user, who interacts with the app via its frontend. But backend is essential in most applications, as it’s responsible for all the internal calculations, security features, interactions with the database, and so on.

What are the 3 parts of backend development?

Backend development can typically be split into 3 components:

  • the server. The computer that receives data requests.
  • the database. Stores and organizes information.
  • the application. The server app that processes incoming requests, pulls the necessary info from the database, and sends responses accordingly.
How much does it cost to hire a backend developer?

It depends whether you want to hire a freelancer, an in-house team, or an outsourced vendor. The latter is the most common choice, as it combines a reliable level of development expertise with reasonable pricing.

Outsourcing costs vary greatly from region to region, but Central and Eastern Europe generally offers a good balance of quality and price. Depending on the backend specialists’ level, the cost can be $25 – $49 per hour.

What are examples of backend development?

Let’s use something familiar as an example – say, an online store. When you type “baseball cap” into the search bar, the backend of the store gets a request. It then retrieves the information on the baseball caps they have from the database and sends it to the frontend. The frontend receives that data and displays the search results to you.

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