A Variety of Telecom Systems Integrations

Bamboo Agile has been working with over 60 mobile network providers since 2002. Our team has extensive experience with telecom systems integration and building multi-purpose omnichannel platforms that are capable of incorporating e-commerce, multiple payment systems, self-service applications, superior network management, and other telecommunication services.

We create custom SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer), billing solutions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) solutions to make customer interaction flow smoother. We also help companies tap into the growing system integration market by providing high-quality Telecom integration solutions.
SMS Gateway Integration
SMS Gateway Integration

SMS Gateway Integration

By outfitting your software with an SMS API, you are able to easily integrate SMS capabilities into your website, mobile app, CRM, or another platform. SMS integration is the easiest way to send bulk messages automatically and directly from your own platform. This telecom systems integration can be used to notify and remind users for any reason your business needs such as shipping updates or payment notifications.
USSD Integration

Benefits of our telecom systems integration services

The software integration market is worth over 100 billion USD in North America alone, and it’s expected to increase its market size by billions of dollars in the future.

Our advanced integration services provide your software with the tools it needs to impress your customers and deliver a flawless user experience. With our knowledge on all of the latest technologies, your business’s solution is outfitted with integrations that optimize workflow, improve security, and boost customer growth.

Optimized Workflow

The Bamboo Agile development team provides your software with technology built to improve and optimize day to day workflow. Basically, we can create the perfect operation support system for your business. With IVR integrations, your customer service line doesn’t get backed up and with SMS gateways integrated into your solution, and you can contact customers en masse to save costs and resources.

Boosting Growth

When your business support system works seamlessly and your customers are happy with the service, your audience grows. Bamboo Agile designs your software so it attracts new customers and boosts your business’s growth.


In the modern world, data security is of the utmost importance. Protect your software with our robust system integrations without sacrificing customer service or employee workflow. Our development team can design your solution to work smoothly with third-party gateways while remaining thoroughly secure.

Innovation in Monetization

Not only do our telecom services benefit your business, but they also provide innovative methods for the integration of billing and payment systems. Our new monetization models for your business are the most convenient way for your users to make payments, giving your business a quicker return.

Why choose the Bamboo Agile team?

During your telecom integration process, our team is there alongside you and ensuring you receive high-quality service.

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise

Bamboo Agile can develop your solution with any subspecialty without sacrificing quality and skill.