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Telecom Systems Integration Services

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Bamboo Agile has been working with over 60 mobile network providers since 2002. Our team has extensive experience with telecom systems integration and building multi-purpose omnichannel platforms that are capable of incorporating e-commerce, multiple payment systems, self-service applications, superior network management, and other telecommunication services.

We create custom SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer), billing solutions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) solutions to make customer interaction flow smoother. We also help companies tap into the growing system integration market by providing high-quality Telecom integration solutions.

By outfitting your software with an SMS API, you are able to easily integrate SMS capabilities into your website, mobile app, CRM, or another platform. SMS integration is the easiest way to send bulk messages automatically and directly from your own platform. This telecom systems integration can be used to notify and remind users for any reason your business needs such as shipping updates or payment notifications.

Bamboo Agile offers USSD integration services for the telecom software, providing mobile network operators’ subscribers with a smart way to interact with their favourite news portals, sports and games clubs, or other entertainment and inspirational content.

Provide customers with smooth customer service experience with IVR (Interactive Voice Response). IVR systems are set up to help customers navigate your customer service line to solve basic problems and inquiries including shipment details, order information, or account management. With our IVR integration, your customers get the answers and help they need without the aid of a live agent.

Integrate a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, that allows for internet-based phone calls into your software. By conducting phone calls over the internet, you can conduct cheap or even free calling worldwide. VoIP integration takes care of call routing on its own and ensures your call reaches the right destination just like regular phone calls.

Our advanced SMPP integrations can be made for sending short messages from one source to another. They guarantee fast messaging and features shortcode, delivery reports, and support facilities for your business. Our SMPP system integration is a direct connection to your operator service carriers and improves your users’ experience, as well as your business estimates and forecasts.

Bamboo Agile is able to professionally integrate SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to establish a phone session between users from beginning to end and determine how the call participants can be reached over an IP network. With our SIP systems integration, your business’s software will see an improved connection and measurable growth.

We offer telecom system integration with optimized billing solutions that can be accessed and used on tablets, mobiles, laptops, or even TVs. We can include one-click and two-click subscription services for your software to make subscription management and charging easier than ever before. SMS payment options are also available and include MO (charging for sending) and MT (charging for receiving).

Benefits of our telecom systems integration services

The software integration market is worth over 100 billion USD in North America alone, and it’s expected to increase its market size by billions of dollars in the future.

Our advanced integration services provide your software with the tools it needs to impress your customers and deliver a flawless user experience. With our knowledge on all of the latest technologies, your business’s solution is outfitted with integrations that optimize workflow, improve security, and boost customer growth.

The Bamboo Agile development team provides your software with technology built to improve and optimize day to day workflow. Basically, we can create the perfect operation support system for your business. With IVR integrations, your customer service line doesn’t get backed up and with SMS gateways integrated into your solution, and you can contact customers en masse to save costs and resources.

In the modern world, data security is of the utmost importance. Protect your software with our robust system integrations without sacrificing customer service or employee workflow. Our development team can design your solution to work smoothly with third-party gateways while remaining thoroughly secure.

When your business support system works seamlessly and your customers are happy with the service, your audience grows. Bamboo Agile designs your software so it attracts new customers and boosts your business’s growth.

Not only do our telecom services benefit your business, but they also provide innovative methods for the integration of billing and payment systems. Our new monetization models for your business are the most convenient way for your users to make payments, giving your business a quicker return.

Why choose the Bamboo Agile team?

During your telecom integration process, our team is there alongside you and ensuring you receive high-quality service.

Our team members have been transforming the global telecom system for over 20 years. We’ve assisted 60+ mobile operators and networks and all rely on SMPP and billing systems. By now, we’ve developed and refined a vast number of telecom applications that help users access their accounts and information. If we happen to come by application development challenges, you can be certain they won’t go unsolved.

During the entire telecom integration process, our team arranges regular meetings and phone calls so you are always up to date on the most recent project information and our plans for the foreseeable forecast period. We provide full transparency during the process and make sure you are never in the dark.

The Bamboo Agile team has a proactive approach in its work. Our system integrators are adaptable and flexible, being able to rearrange the telecom integration process to best fit your individual needs. We offer new monetization opportunities and ideas that provide more efficient customer support for your business. And of course, we guarantee a smooth release regardless of your preferred deployment type.

Our teams follow modern methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, and SAFe. With these methodologies in mind, we’re able to adjust our telecom systems integration process to fit your business’s timeline and support robust communication. We can also ensure that all telecom integration requirements are being met successfully.

The Bamboo Agile teams are up to date on all the latest technology. They are skilled and knowledgeable in all telecom areas that they specialize in order to provide you with the best telecom systems integration possible in the most cost-efficient manner.

Different businesses have different pricing needs which is why Bamboo Agile has a flexible and personalized pricing approach. Whether you are looking for a time and materials quote or a traditional fixed price quote, our team can provide you with the pricing approach you want and need.

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile expertise

Bamboo Agile can develop your solution with any subspecialty without sacrificing quality and skill.

E-commerce is a growing business market that our teams have extensive experience in. Not only are we a certified Shopify affiliate, but we can also provide secure payment systems and SMS integrations as well as IVR and VoIP for your call center. Your telecom e-commerce software can safely be entrusted to our experienced teams to beat out the competition.

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Our teams have developed and integrated a number of applications for telecom businesses that allow users to access information about their accounts, monitor their subscription plan, view their content, pay bills, or e-sign important documents. We have assisted over 60 mobile providers and all rely on SMPP solutions. Bamboo Agile develops software that offers the best billing solutions and efficient self-service while giving customers high-quality user experience.

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Bamboo Agile can design a platform that caters specifically to educational solutions. With our knowledge in developing and education solutions, we offer the best modern application development and integration services that also provide improved user experience. Our SMS integration service helps notify parents and students on both LMS and SIS educational platforms and billing systems help make paying for school expenses (canteen, fees, etc.) easier on all.

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For businesses that focus heavily on marketing, our SMPP integration for mobile marketing allows your business to reach customers easier. We have extensive experience in designing marketing and ad solutions including automatic promo campaigns with bulk SMS delivery. Our solutions have been used by top retail companies and well-known brands who trust and rely on our SMPP integrated solutions daily.

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What is telecom integration?

Telecom system integration is the process of integrating legacy telecommunications with modern technologies. For clients, this means better and faster service. For service providers, it means more efficient automation, improved customer satisfaction, and greater profit margins.

What is site integration in Telecom?

Site integration in Telecom means linking communication service systems with high-tech software solutions. It’s an invaluable opportunity to boost operational efficiency and customer loyalty, while simultaneously saving a great deal of resources.

How to integrate two systems?

The most common way to link two systems together is via an API (Application Programming Interface). It sends functionality and data from one system to another using a unified format.

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