Telecom Software Development Services

Bamboo Agile provides custom telecommunications software utilized by small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large corporations, without forsaking quality or security. We’re a serious player in this industry, developing custom VAS solutions since 2002, and partnering with 60+ mobile network operators across the globe.


No matter how you transmit your data, whether telephone, radio and television broadcasting, satellite, or the internet, Bamboo Agile can create a custom telecom solution for you. Our products are designed to easily move between web and mobile app platforms, and are built with the necessary backend and frontend that our clients have come to rely on.

We have successfully built solid custom telecom web and mobile app solutions such as enterprise systems and customer self-service apps for our clients. Our products are backed with robust security and load-resistance.


We've gained extensive experience in telecom systems integration and building omnichannel platforms that are capable of various services. By integrating SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer), billing solutions, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), we aim to make customer interaction flow smoother and more efficient.


We are able to design web portals for B2B or B2C that have a high level of security, functionality and a user-friendly UI. Our team is ready to develop web portals for the telecom industry, allowing you to provide 24/7 self-service capabilities to your customers including: payment management through their personal account, paying bills online, access to action and operations history, customizing and adding new services, and support team chat.


As IoT and internet-connectivity both grow, we are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, to provide you the best in IoT development solutions. Telecom companies can use our IoT development solutions to connect their physical assets to the cloud, remotely manage their operations, investigate malfunctions and run firmware upgrades. Our solutions allow you to open up new revenue streams by providing edge computing infrastructure for over the top (OTT) service providers and application developers.

Telecom Solutions We Build

Bamboo Agile are experts in creating custom telecommunications solutions. We bring to fruition the right Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), call center software, video conferencing, and corporate portals built around your organization’s needs.

Value-Added Services (VAS) for Telecom

Even with the rapid growth of the telecommunications industry, you can be confident in the Bamboo Agile team to tackle any and all challenges. We are effective and efficient in our approach to providing you with a variety of solutions. With 18 years of expertise, we help mobile networks operators use their facilities in the most efficient ways, generating extra revenue streams across all traditional platforms based on IVR, voting on radio and television, RBT, and more.

Global Web Portals

Loyalty Systems

Smart Radio Apps

Cloud Storage

Telematics App Development

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Solutions

Telephony VoIP Solutions

We regularly work with cloud-based telecom solutions to create customized products, including:

SIP trunking

Queue management

Conference calls

Data reports and dashboards

Security authentication

International Calling

Bamboo Agile brings to fruition the right Business Support and Operations Support Systems, call center software, or corporate portals, including:


Banking & payment transfers


Smart cities

GPS Tracking apps development

We work to develop embedded telecom systems such as vehicle tracking systems and GPS tracking applications to help you keep track of your people, assets, and more.

Video Conference apps & Live Streaming

We are able to create custom telecommunications software for your video conferencing needs with a focus on simple use and a user-friendly design. Our telecommunications solutions provide a robust and stable connection, optimized performance and high-speed efficiency. We can easily design web portals specifically for live video and audio streaming including:

Flussonic API integration

Separate video streams for web

Video recording

Separate video streams for mobile (iOS, Android) platforms

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

We ensure that your telecommunications needs run smoothly and error free with an expert team that can develop:

VoIP-based services


Business Support Systems (BSS)

In the face of an ever-evolving telecommunications industry, we allow your business to keep up and lead the change with new and innovative business models that you can rely on:

Charging and billing systems

CRM systems

Customer self-service portals

All-round data analysis and reporting

Custom web and mobile applications


Why Bamboo Agile telecom applications stand out

We can give a business of any size or stature a competitive and progressive advantage in transforming and scaling with our custom telecom software solutions.

Optimized workflow

We optimize your IT costs by taking on every task large or small, routine or unique. We provide comprehensive, all-around support through consulting, assessments, and your telecom software maintenance.

Boosting growth

Advancing the scalability of high-load systems is what Bamboo Agile is known for. We thoughtfully consider the design and performance of your telecom solution, ensuring it is focused on expansion and growth. We guarantee that your solution will be able to support a plethora of concurrent users in the future.

Ease of use

We leverage our software engineering skills to accurately assess and revamp your solution. We make suggestions on how to fix issues and improve performance without causing a stop in operations, and we have a commitment to ensuring your telecommunications solution is always user-friendly.

Security standard compliance

We take the time to conduct a thorough end-to-end assessment of your system, pinpointing and addressing existing security issues by proposing security recommendations. Our software engineers are specialists who will look at the focal points that are unique to your business and use best practices and OWASP guidelines to rebuild a robust security system for you.


Boost your productivity and efficiency with seamlessly integrated capabilities. We can streamline the processes for both back and frontend development, to ensure that your telecommunications software will work without a hitch or any restrictions.

Qualitative systems integration

The techniques we propose are aimed to increase your telecommunications system’s tolerance for redundancy and fault. We deliver practical tools to resolve outages and reduce downtime, and we help our clients implement these measures when required.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to telecom QA excellence includes the use of complex testing frameworks to align our custom telecom solutions with industry standards, regulations and most importantly, your business needs.

Why choose Bamboo Agile?

We are committed to delivering quality telecommunications software with efficiency and excellence. We maintain and support our clients and their systems even after designs are delivered and complete. Our developers have a knack for producing cutting-edge, user-friendly applications, in a quick turnaround time.
Fully transparent

Fully transparent

We check in and provide updates to you on the status of your project throughout the development process. We are glad to get feedback from our clients, and we believe that feedback is vital to our consistent improvement and growth.
Most valuable consultants

Most valuable consultants

One of the core tenants of our approach is getting from point A–your idea, to point B–an amazing custom solution, as quickly as possible. We work smarter, not harder, with an agile process to make sure your product is beyond your expectations.
Proven experts

Proven experts

Bamboo Agile developers have, on average, 5 years experience with dozens of marketable apps to their names. Focused on sustainable software development, UX/UI design, and QA, we always consider any positive changes bringing apps a competitive edge.
Agile, Scrum & SAFe

Agile, Scrum & SAFe

We follow both Agile, Scrum, and SAFe methodologies in our development processes and collaboration with our clients. Our managers regularly control the schedule, budget, and quality of deliverables providing our clients with full transparency regarding the progress or risks.
Tech focused

Tech focused

Bamboo Agile teams are specialists, not generalists, when it comes to their speciality software solutions. We advocate modern technology facilitating operational processes and enhancing the app performance for end-users.
Custom pricing

Custom pricing

We don’t just customize our solutions, but we aim to customize our pricing too. We can combine approaches such as fixed price and Time & Materials for your project.

Technologies We Use

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