Velcom Recommends

A mobile app allowing the mobile operator’s clients to control their account balance, manage their subscription plans, get automated support, and access entertaining content.
This solution made for the Velcom (A1) mobile provider allows its users to access real-time info about their mobile account, and (if they subscribe) watch online TV and listen to their favorite music. The users are also entitled to information about location of brand services and many other features, including automated support.
Project team:11 people
Delivery date:July 2015
Time spent:3 months
Features for Users
  • Choose 3 favorite types of music
  • Choose 3 favorite types of videos
  • See real-time balance info
  • See free minutes left
  • See MBs of traffic left
  • Watch online TV via the VOKA service
  • Check roaming connection
Velcom (A1) chose Bamboo Agile to create a mobile app that would serve as a new communications channel between the company and its clients, while becoming part of the corporate loyalty management ecosystem.
Bamboo Agile proposed a customer-centric design going beyond mere communication and support functions to also include personalized content and services, and offering improved user experience.
Back-end: creation of modules to parse .XLS files containing information to be stored, via a back-end integration with a MySQL database, in turn integrated with Redis for storing cached data and user sessions. Server monitoring and performance testing settings were integrated with FMC for subscription and push-notification services.
Web: creation of a web interface for adding & editing information to be stored in the MySQL DB, accessible via API in the mobile app.
APIs: access to the data from the MySQL DB.
The launch of the Velcom Recommends app resulted in a 27% decrease in voice calls to the operator's customer support centers. More data on user online behavior allowed Velcom (A1) to offer personalized services, increasing revenue per customer substantially. Customer satisfaction rating went up, bolstering the clients’ loyalty.
In 2017, the app was fully redesigned and new functionality was added. Due to deep links to the CMS, subscribers could easily browse featured audio and video content according to their preferences. With a new home screen widget, users had personalized web content and all info about their account and balance at their fingertips.

Tech Used

Back end:
Front end:
iOS, Android

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