An online store that specializes in affordable and high-quality clothing. We have been working with the international Shopify-based web version of the platform.
Project team:3 people
Delivery date:ongoing
Time spent:2 months; the project is in progress
Bamboo Agile was faced with the task of enhancing the existing 12Storeez international website. Our team would have to analyze the customer’s requirements, which included multiple improvements to the store’s visual design and usability. We’d also have to add several brand new features - first and foremost, preordering. In short, we had to make the site more modern, functional, engaging and attractive.
We were provided with a list of features that had to be modified or added in, alongside a clear roadmap of the project’s deadlines. After constructing a concrete production plan, our software engineer got down to work. The process combined making the required changes to the site using Shopify, as well as regularly updating and syncing up with the customer. Most of the features we’ve managed to implement so far can be sorted into two categories - UI Enhancements and New Admin Capabilities.

UI Enhancements

One of the most important features of any online store is its search function. Said function, however, is directly dependent on the practicality of its various filters. We’ve customized the visual design of the site’s filters to make them much easier to use, as well as to make the store’s entire appearance more professional and aesthetically coherent.
The collections tab design has also received a substantial overhaul, alongside the general look and placement of the model cards in the store’s catalogue. All these, combined with smaller quality-of-life enhancements, such as the new burger menu and the automatically updating shopping cart, have made for a far more quick, smooth and satisfying customer experience.

New Admin Capabilities

It wasn’t all about user experience for us. Managing the platform’s general look and the information displayed on there can be a surprisingly draining task, which is why we’ve added a few functions designed specifically to help administrators streamline the process of handling the website’s content. One of such features gives admins the option to quickly turn the main menu background’s transparency on and off, making small tasks like checking the site’s layout for mistakes a matter of mere seconds. Another great, though, far more complicated function has to do with direct content management: we’ve made it so that 12Storeez administrators can easily work with JS libraries when choosing when and how to display certain content. This ensures that the workflow of the site staff is efficient, steady and enjoyable.

Coming soon

Finally, we’ve added a completely new section to the 12Storeez main menu, which is at first glance extremely similar to the store’s regular catalogue. What it does, however, is give the clients a glimpse into the wide choice of products that will become available in the near future, with the added ability to preorder said items. This whole “Coming soon” feature is unique in that it provides the company with an immense marketing advantage: it builds hype, improves online presence and strongly encourages further engagement from new and long-time clients alike.
While it’s difficult to measure long-term results of an ongoing project, the international 12Storeez website has become far more intuitive and easy-to-navigate for both clients and the site’s management staff. With improved frontend functionality the client expects a huge rise in customer engagement, satisfaction and, consequently, the company’s size and revenue.

Tech Used

Shopify, Liquid, Vue.js, JavaScript

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