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ERP Software Development Services

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Bamboo Agile provides a full range of ERP software development services from consulting to the release of your solution. Each of our staff members is knowledgeable in their area of expertise and can offer expert advice no matter where you are in the development cycle.

Our team offers professional consulting at all stages. Even before you sign on with our trusted team, we’ll work with you to understand how your business processes work, determine all your needs, and plan how automation and digitization can increase the efficiency of your operations.

From the start of our collaboration, our teams prepare designs of future systems focused on reaching high levels of usability despite high load data processing. This lets your users seamlessly navigate the system and complete all business operations with ease. Then, in accordance with all the requirements collected, our developers provide the ERP system with a robust backend, preparing all the needed integrations for a smooth data transfer. Finally, we create a user-friendly frontend that delivers a great user experience for your employees and external users.

Even after your ERP system is released, our team doesn’t abandon you. We provide full system support and maintenance, so your asset management software stays up to date and is able to combat the constantly changing cybersecurity threats.

Our company continues to provide updates and enhancements for your ERP software whenever your system needs it. We have developers capable of system enhancement, who will ensure your solution is always equipped with the most up to date features and functions.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

We provide comprehensive and intuitive enterprise solutions for all business types. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large e-commerce business or a small medical company; our software developers have the skills to design a custom enterprise solution for you. By incorporating all the best principles and modern technologies into the workflow, we create top-notch, competitive software solutions that scale with ease.

Our team has proven experience in developing human resources management ERP solutions. With fully automated administration activities such as vacation planning, employment and candidate management, payroll management, performance data, and KPIs, our HR modules will make your business flourish.

Use our advanced document management services to optimize workflow, manage daily tasks, and track documentation. The ERP document module will also provide access to collaborative work opportunities with corporate documents, automatic report generation, and data analysis.

Our team is able to develop BPM and KPI systems and assessment protocols that help organizations achieve strategic planning objectives, manage business processes, and monitor staff performance levels.

Our custom enterprise solutions are perfectly suitable for businesses of any size and industry. A variety of advanced business applications can be integrated into your software, so your ERP solution will meet all of your needs in terms of functionality.

Your custom app will allow your company to track supplies, products, and service orders, process invoices, manage contracts, and monitor other supply chain data easily with supply chain management system modules.

We create enterprise solutions equipped with manufacturing features that are capable of automating materials planning, production tracking and scheduling, and product lifecycle management.

Easily manage all your finances, logistics, processes, inventory, and other data in one secure place – that is, the inventory management modules from the custom ERP software developed by us. With such functionality as RFID and QR/bar-code scanning, inventory tracking is made easier than ever.

We can add facility management modules to provide your company with better control over requests, complaints, work incidents, reservations, visitor registration, and other management procedures your company may need.

Equip your ERP with governmental resource planning software and see how your processes improve. We have trained professionals ready to properly equip and design your custom solution with an effective planning system and robust data protection algorithms.

Budgeting and payments don’t have to be tedious. You will be able to effortlessly manage financial and banking activities, solve tasks in real-time, utilize risk management systems, and trace fraud with the many features of our accounting ERP solutions.

Advantages of Custom ERP Software Development

When you hire developers to equip your company with an ERP solution, you gain access to a wide array of benefits. You will see improvements in efficiency, business processes, and customer service. And not just that: you’ll also be able to keep all your data in one centralized place outfitted with enhanced security and lowered risks.

An ERP software solution that is built uniquely for your company ensures your daily operations improve in efficiency and quality. Whether it’s through quality customer service or faster data input, your business will see a rapid increase in productivity.

Since your custom ERP is built specifically for you, your corporate data flows faster than it would in an off-the-shelf solution. You can save a significant amount of time because of that: for instance, schedule server maintenance in a way that doesn’t disrupt your work.

With our custom ERP software development services, users all across your platform will be able to create comprehensive reports that are visible at any time from anywhere.

When you choose to make an ERP application, it must be built in accordance with all the regulations unique to your industry. So, having a solution custom-built means you won’t have to struggle to find a system that follows your specific industry compliances.

ERP apps have enhanced data safety due to the integration of multiple security systems and authorizations. Furthermore, you have an ability to grant different access rights to different users, which improves data accuracy and eliminates leakage threats.

With an ERP, you’ll be able to eliminate manual operations and integrate custom automation processes that help streamline the workflow and increase your overall efficiency.

ERP software allows you to keep all your company data stored in one easy-to-access location (with proper access rights, of course). This helps ensure minimal data loss, as well as the accuracy and consistency of records.

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Why work with us?

It’s important your company receives quality care and service throughout the entire development cycle. Our developers go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy both with the service you receive and with the end results.

We form teams you can entrust your project to and feel comfortable working with. All of our team members make sure you feel your input is being taken into consideration and your concerns are being addressed in a timely manner.

For the full duration of the development cycle, our team remains transparent and reliable. We schedule regular phone calls and meetings in order to provide you with relevant data and updates on how your project is progressing. As a result, you never have to deal with unexpected changes.

The software developers at Bamboo Agile have an average of 5 years of experience in the industry. Our specialists can overcome any development challenge and create the perfect custom solution for you.

Our team subscribes to modern methodologies, such as Scrum and Agile. By keeping an open mind and favoring a flexible ERP software development process, we’re able to provide quality service that puts the needs of the client to the forefront.

All of our team members are knowledgeable about the latest IT industry trends. And as a technology-based ERP development team, we pride ourselves on understanding and utilizing modern technology in every way possible.

We’ve adapted our ERP development services to fit a personalized pricing approach. We offer Fixed Price quotes and Time & Materials price quotes, depending on what works best for your case.

Key verticals of Bamboo Agile's expertise

As a professional ERP software development company, we have experience in a variety of fields. This allows us to ensure all unique industry regulations are met. You won’t have to worry about our teams overlooking a vital aspect of your business, as we’re familiar with all the software requirements in the trades we serve.

We’re official Shopify affiliates and familiar with all the ins and outs of the e-commerce industry. Our expertise allows us to find the best ways for building ERP solutions for online stores, improving inventory management, logistics, and delivery. With us providing your e-commerce business with unlimited bandwidth, award-winning customer support, and the ability to sell on platforms like Instagram and Amazon, you know your custom solution is in good hands.

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When it comes to the telecommunications industry, we develop solutions that go beyond the basics and radically improve user experience. Our software is equipped with tools for resource scheduling, customer service, program planning, sales, and distribution, as well as quality management systems. It’s hardly a surprise we have become a trusted partner of many well-known network providers.

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Our platforms for the education industry are built to support a number of user interfaces and can be used on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Take advantage of e-learning tools such as LMS, learning portals, and online courses developed by our experienced education software development team. We also have the ability to build ERP for school and university asset management and personnel management (including teaching and administrative staff).

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With proven experience in the marketing industry, our ERP devs can create any solution to meet your promotion needs. Using upgraded features and modern technologies such as qualified leads linking, remote access, sales template modification, and real-time product availability, we design modern marketing solutions that exceed all expectations.

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What is an ERP system?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems help enterprises manage their various assets and business processes: accounting, risk management, HR, compliance, supply chains, budgeting, performance tracking, and so on.

How to create ERP software?

ERP software is developed by highly-skilled teams of specialists, which include business analysts, UX/UI designers, software engineers, QA engineers, project managers, and other professionals if needed. It’s not a kind of application that can be developed by freelancers or industry newbies.

What is ERP software development?

ERP software development is the process of planning, designing, building, testing, releasing, and maintaining or upgrading ERP applications in accordance with client requirements and needs.

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