Telehealth app (NDA)

Bamboo Agile has developed a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform offering easy access to primary and preventive care, chronic disease management, mental health, and other healthcare services. By providing two different interfaces for doctors and patients, the application has embraced a variety of features that help streamline the process of making and holding a specialist appointment, managing the patient’s health records and contacting pharmacies and medical labs.
Project team:15 people
Delivery date:May 2020 (MVP)
Time spent:6 months (MVP)
Going through the hassle of driving in traffic and waiting in busy waiting rooms is not only inconvenient, but can sometimes be straight up dangerous. Our client wanted to offer patients a simple, affordable and meaningful way to access leading healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes or workplaces and get full medical support: from identifying a problem during a consultation with a doctor to receiving a diagnosis, prescription and other recommendations delivered to the patient.
Having conducted all the necessary research, the client’s team had been informed of the most common management complaints both patients and doctors had. We’ve decided that the best course of action would be developing a telehealth platform that would address and combat those issues, making healthcare more convenient and accessible for everyone.
General features

Booking appointments online

The app is an appointment-based service that includes an urgent care triage workflow and a specialist appointment-based workflow. The platform allows receiving evidence-based guidance from experts in medicine, surgery, mental health, nutrition, and rehabilitation.


Fill out a medical questionnaire to keep better track of your health. This will greatly help the health experts in getting the general idea of what your current condition is, as well as aid in providing the most appropriate medical care.

Urgent specialist appointments

While the app provides the option of booking an appointment with trusted healthcare professionals in advance, its on-demand service allows you to see a family physician immediately for the most minor of emergencies, such as cough and cold, fever, anxiety, skin problems and many others.

Video and audio calls

Oftentimes consultations don’t have to be held in person. To avoid the unnecessary hassle of driving and waiting at the clinic, the app lets patients contact their doctors through audio and video calls.

Chats between doctors and patients

If the inquiry is too minor to warrant a call, or if the patient is unable to conduct it for one reason or another, the medical specialists can always be contacted by means of instant messaging.

Uploading and sharing documents

Checking up-to-date medical records, providing laboratory test results and issuing receipts is made easy with safe file-sharing tools.

Payment for the appointment

Paying for an appointment is no problem - patients can issue payments for our experts’ consultations through insurance, e-wallet or credit card.

Appointment history

Every single doctor’s visit is saved in the appointment history, helping monitor any patient’s state over substantial periods of time.

Child account

The app lets parents create a child account, allowing them to keep track of the child’s condition and letting them quickly contact a paediatrician in case of emergency.

HealthKit and GoogleFit synchronization

The app can synchronize with other health monitoring apps such as HealthKit and GoogleFit to keep your medical records accurate and up-to-date.

Health records

The telehealth app allows storing health history (personal metrics, allergies, vaccinations, medical problems, medications, etc.) and accessing it at any time.

Medication and test delivery

The app’s convenient delivery service works with pharmacies, medical labs and imaging centers to bring medications and laboratory tests to your home.
Doctor-exclusive features

Waiting room management

Bring the patient’s waiting time to a minimum by using an effective waiting room manager.

Patient lists

Doctors can view all of their patient data through comprehensible, easily manageable charts.

Patients’ profile info and questionnaires

Experts can monitor their patients’ health by checking their regularly updated questionnaires and profiles.

Pharmacy / laboratory / imaging orders

Doctors have the opportunity to order medicines for patients from pharmacies directly, order the necessary tests from laboratories and imaging centres.
Our team has taken part in the development of a secure telehealth platform connecting patients to an ecosystem of carefully selected, trusted, quality professionals focused on their well-being. The app comes in two distinct variants - one meant for patients, and one meant for medical specialists, pharmacies and laboratories. Each has a slightly different list of features, designed to make the process of making and managing an appointment, providing and paying for a consultation, checking the patient’s health, and managing the orders as quick and convenient as possible.

Tech Used

SwiftUI, Kotlin
Web, iOS, Android

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