e-School is an educational application that redefines the e-learning process for schools, parents and pupils through mobile. Using e-School app, users can view daily homework and due dates, track teachers' assignments, check out school events and more.
Project team:4 people
Delivery date:March 2016
Time spent:9 weeks
Features for Users
  • Integration with Schools.by platform, a nationwide e-school management system
  • Connection to 2000+ schools and educational institutions
  • Automated data synchronisation
  • Auto-generating pupils progress reports
  • Viewing teacher’s assignments and comments
  • Integration with custom mobile payment system
  • 24/7 access to curricula, administration, timetabling, and other existing school information
The primary challenge was creating a nationwide E-school management platform. The platform would be a new E-learning mobile experience that allows students, teachers and parents to access all school data via their smartphones and tablets.
Our passionate and intensive work led to the launch of the E-School app, a mobile application that brings the traditional learning processes into the digital age. The app is seamlessly integrated with E-school platform built for managing, tracking and reporting all key school data in one of the CIS countries. Users have 24/7 access to curricula, administration, time lines, and other important school information.
Bamboo Agile team designed and brought to life a new e-School app which helps parents, pupils and teachers view daily homework and time-table, track teachers’ assignments, check out school events and more. Using e-School app parents can control their children's weekly performance and receive pupils progress reports after each session/semester.

Tech Used

iOS, Android

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