A mobile app for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players with check-ins, combining rankings with geolocation.
RANKmapp’s name is telling: this mobile app combines rankings with maps. Its target audience are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, enthusiastic and highly competitive. Using the mobile app, the user can learn how good their geographical neighbors are at CS:GO, where they are located, and also how big is the circular area where the user is #1.
Project team:7 people
Delivery date:January 2018 (beta)
Time spent:4 months (active development)
Features for Users
  • Check in
  • See other CS:GO players on the map
  • See Steam-based rankings
  • See own “#1 circle”
Global Rank Softwareentwicklung UG chose Bamboo Agile to deliver a mobile rankings app that required integration with multiple external API’s, including Steam, Google Places, and OpenStreetMap, and also real-time user tracking plus location search and storage over the entire OSM database.
Developing a special algorithm allowing to store the geodata and calculate rankings at any given time.
Implementing multiple optimizations and custom bypasses to the back-end part of the project (due to the algorithm being demanding to processing power).
A complex project featuring back-end and mobile parts, highly informative and entertaining for the audience.

Tech Used

Back end:
MySQL, ElasticSearch

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