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Shape: Payment-Platform-as-a-Service

Fully customisable payments platform

About the Project

Bamboo Agile was hired to develop a dynamic payments platform that offers an unmatched level of automation and customisation


  • Project team
    Project team:      13 people
  • Delivery date
    Delivery date:     June 2023, with ongoing development
  • Time spent
    Time spent:         6+ months


Shape Technologies contacted Bamboo Agile to develop a web solution that would allow businesses to create their own payment platforms with complete transaction management functionality – all packed in a unique modular architecture.

The Bamboo Agile team was chosen for its long track record of developing complex and feature-rich ERP systems, as well as its substantial experience in FinTech software development.


Bamboo Agile created Shape, a customisable web payments-platform-as-a-service (“PPaaS”) application. It enables independent sales companies, payment gateways, acquirers, and other payment businesses to create their own white-label payment platforms for merchants with zero code involved.

Shape offers full transaction management functionality, with invoicing, funds tracking, cash flow forecasting, fraud prevention, and many other features. No two Shape instances have to look the same: licensees can pick and choose the features their business needs, as well as customise the software’s layout.

Technologies we used:

Node.js, Angular, Java


Key Features

The platform employs a modular architecture that allows users to shape their business with the exact set of features they require.

Currently, users have access to six key modules that deliver automation to everything from onboarding, to global AML/KYC/KYB verification, funds management, and analytics.

This module streamlines onboarding merchants onto your very own Shape workspace with the help of easy to understand step-by-step instructions. Shape Onboarding allows you to configure your customer database (complete with an API guide), generate custom sign-up forms, and complete the automated onboarding experience with a contract between you and your client

Shape can run automated eKYC verification checks with global coverage, minimising data and documentation requests while shortening your merchants’ time to market. The Verify module also allows you to define your custom acceptance thresholds, as well as to effortlessly filter and route merchant applications.


Shape is a highly complex project that required very meticulous planning and estimation, as well as a rather large team. It consisted of 13 people: a Software Architect, 3 Backend Engineers, 3 Frontend Engineers, 2 DevOps, a Manual QA Engineer, an Automation QA Engineer, a Business Analyst, and a PM.

The biggest challenge from the get-go was laying out the entire infrastructure and creating a strong foundation for the system before developing its modules. The architecture had to allow for equal degrees of flexibility and productivity, which we managed to achieve by following best design and optimisation practices.

That’s not to say the modules themselves were a cakewalk. The integration with a third-party solution for Shape Verify wasn’t an easy task: ensuring a secure transfer of ID information and the smooth operation of automated eKYC checks was an interesting and memorable challenge.


Shape was officially launched on June 1, 2023 with the six key modules available for purchase. As the platform continues to grow, its functionality will be extended further with new features and third-party integrations.

Jack Mangnall, Shape Technologies’ Co-founder, says, “Be it for a new-to-market launch or the re-platforming of an existing market player, Shape offers an out-of-the-box PPaaS solution, but with truly in-depth customisation capabilities that replicate the style variances normally only found in in-house builds.  I’m excited to see how organisations around the world will put our payments-platform-as-a-service to great use.”

As for Bamboo Agile, the team will continue to collaborate with Shape Technologies to expand the platform, deliver timely updates, and monitor the system’s performance.