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Liver Doctor

Bamboo Agile developed a mobile app that helped users monitor their liver health and provided information on how to take care of it.
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About the Project

Bamboo Agile was hired to develop a mobile application that helped users diagnose the state of their liver and contained clinically relevant information on how to take care of it by taking Essentiale® Forte N.


  • Project team
    Project team:      5 people
  • Delivery date
    Delivery date:    February 2017
  • Time spent
    Time spent:         3 months


A global healthcare leader, Sanofi, turned to Bamboo Agile with a task to develop a mobile application designed to encourage user involvement in monitoring the state of their liver. Another objective was to raise awareness of the Essentiale® Forte N brand and provide users with information covering a range of hepatological diseases and treatment methods.


Bamboo Agile delivered the Liver Doctor app in accordance with all client requirements. It contains a medical advice section on how to take care of the liver and information regarding natural food and fitness tips that keep the liver healthy. In addition, it informs users about the benefits of Essentiale® Forte N and gives instructions on how and when to take it.


The Liver Doctor app has a medical advice section that provides useful tips on how to keep the liver healthy. It also contains dietary information and fitness ideas meant to help users take good care of their body.

The user can take a quick symptomatic test to understand what state their liver is in. The app then offers the most appropriate kind of therapy based on the patient’s test results. All medical recommendations are provided by professional doctors.

Liver Doctor has integrated location and map functionality. This allows users to easily browse pharmacy stores near them, as well as to check for the availability of Essentiale® Forte N.

The app has many scheduling options (a personal calendar, quick-to-set reminders, alerts) that help users take medicine at the right time, according to instruction.

Liver Doctor is a branded app, and as such provides extensive information about Essentiale® Forte N. It teaches users about the benefits of the product, what it’s made of, when to take it, and where to get it.


Our team was responsible for the core logic of the application, its UX/UI design, and interface animations. We closely collaborated with the medical specialists on the client side to make certain that the app follows industry standards and provides accurate health recommendations.

Furthermore, the software was outfitted with alerts and push notification functionality to help users easily schedule their medicine intake. We’ve ensured that the geolocation feature works correctly and integrated it with customised branded pins.


The launch of Liver Doctor made it possible to reduce the number of visits to local health centres by enabling patients to check their symptoms and get advice on how to relieve them.

The software accurately offers the most appropriate type of therapy depending on the patients’ test results, with all medical recommendations being approved by professionals. So in most cases, there is no need for a user to consult a physician or a hospital – a proper diagnosis can be made via the app.