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B2B Marketplace for Medical Products

Bamboo Agile designed a concept for a modern B2B marketplace focused on medical products aimed at healthcare manufacturers and organisations.

About the Project

Bamboo Agile set out to design a marketplace that would connect equipment and pharmaceuticals manufacturers with potential buyers from the Healthcare sector. The platform would allow businesses to ship their products directly to their customers and monitor the results.


  • Project team
    Project team:      2 people
  • Delivery date
    Delivery date:     February 2024
  • Time spent
    Time spent:         4 weeks


The main challenge was to design a clean and modern interface that would be easy to navigate for both types of users: sellers and buyers. The design team needed to strike a good balance between information density and visual simplicity. 

The concept was inspired by the McKesson store. We wanted to add a fresh twist to the idea and see what a marketplace for a variety of medical equipment manufacturers might look like.


Bamboo Agile has developed a concept design for a web eCommerce platform that centres Healthcare. It’s a fully-fledged marketplace that allows equipment manufacturers to create a business profile and showcase their products for customers to buy and rate. The solution also features an admin panel, where users can manage their products and view sales analytics.

Technologies we used:


Key Features

The main store page will be familiar to anyone who has ever shopped online. The catalogue presents such categories as Ambulatory Equipment, Furnishings, Diagnostic Instruments, Apparel, Pharmaceuticals, etc. 

A filtered search, popular product listings, ratings, top sellers, a shopping cart, and a favourites tab – it features everything a modern customer may need, wrapped in a sleek and welcoming UI.

Each product has its own page, complete with specification, product features, seller information, photos, ratings, and customer reviews. The bottom of the page also provides suggestions for relevant products viewed by other professionals.

Sellers can get a simple overview of their activities in the products dashboard. It features analytics on the number of products listed and sold, the most popular categories among their offers, and the view-to-purchase rates. 

The dashboard also allows users to edit their shop profile, product listings, answer messages from customers, and receive notifications. As with any other marketplace, sellers can manage orders, deliveries, customers, their inventory, and payments.


The solution was designed over the course of 4 weeks. The team used the full extent of its eCommerce design expertise to develop a modern and highly functional storefront with a clean, professional flare.


The concept design was a successful showcase of Bamboo Agile’s expertise, as well as the possibilities of quality eCommerce design in the Healthcare industry. The concept is currently in the process of gathering feedback from Healthcare professionals.