Bamboo has joined forces with Intimatica to create an innovative sex education app that helps teens better understand the issues of sexual health, accept themselves and their bodies, build trusted relationships with their peers and parents, and cope with the challenges of puberty.
Project team:4 people
Delivery date:ongoing
Time spent:4 months
When you’re a teenager, even the smallest problems can seem disastrous. At times like this, every young person needs to be heard and understood. So why not create a solution that could help teenagers overcome these challenges?

The women-led startup Intimatica set out to develop a high-quality mobile app for teen sex education on the iOS platform. Having learned about our expertise in such domains as Healthcare and Education, as well as in mobile app development, the client reached out to Bamboo to develop a mobile MVP.
Bamboo developed a mobile app that had the visuals of an entertainment platform but provided educational courses, videos, and articles created by experts in psychology and sociology. It also allowed teenagers to share their stories anonymously and get professional advice from experts with years of experience in family and adolescent psychology.

In other words, the app provides adolescents with the vital support they need in difficult situations. It sheds light on the issues many teenagers face: sex ed, health, relationships with parents and peers, sexual orientation, and so on.
Key features


Here teens can find all the available courses on various topics. The courses are split into Basic and Premium: Basic ones can be watched for free and Premium ones are purchased.


In this section, users can find educational videos and series that talk about teenage issues in a simple manner.


This section contains personal user information, the courses they bought and completed, and the stories they shared, including expert responses to said stories.


Here teens can read real stories and questions from other users, complete with comments and suggestions from professional psychologists.


The feed allows users to scroll through the newest articles and stories marked with different tags (relationships, anatomy, health etc.). Users can customise the feed by choosing the tags most relevant to them.

My Story

In this section, teens can submit their stories anonymously and receive professional advice. This provides a great platform for users to cope with problems, feel less lonely in their struggles, and get actual help.
The client didn’t just come to us with a general app idea. They already had a working website, a design concept, and a design prototype. So, as our team worked on the application, the Intimatica design crew provided illustrations for it.

The app was developed for iOS. Over the course of the development process, Bamboo handled the backend and API integration. We also configured the Strapi CMS to seamlessly work with the solution.

Finally, we made sure everything operates correctly, rolled out the server environment, and published the application to the App Store.
Bamboo has successfully developed and published the mobile MVP in close collaboration with the Intimatica team. The client was pleased with our services, noting how all the deliveries were done on time and how clear and comfortable the communication was. The quality of project management was highly praised, and Intimatica would like to continue improving and expanding the app in the future together with Bamboo.

Tech Used

Web, Swift UI, Kotlin

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