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Bamboo Agile was tasked with making an efficient and appealing website for the US-based house ordering service iqoob.
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About the Project

iqoob is a United States-based construction company that strives to make housing affordable, agile, and attractive. Our team was tasked with making an efficient and appealing website for the service.


  • Project team
    Project team:      3 people
  • Delivery date
    Delivery date:     January 2020
  • Time spent
    Time spent:         3 months


The main challenge lied in making a website that would reflect the essence of the iqoob brand: it had to be clean, functional, and easy to use. Since we had to construct the platform from the ground up, our team had to carry out a thorough analysis of what this particular business represents. Using the information gathered, we would be able to create a site that combines all the capabilities of a comprehensive real estate catalogue with an elegant, state-of-the-art design.

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We had already an existing website that we were not satisfied with and we were looking for a light, easy, and fast solution to implement.
Mikhail Novosselov


We’ve decided that Shopify would make a great foundation for the iqoob website. Our years-long expertise in working with the app and the sheer scope of features and customisation options it presents have ensured that the end result will not only be a delight to look at, but also possess all the necessary information and functionality a company like iqoob would require.

Technologies we used:


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The first impression is always the strongest. We’ve designed a beautiful landing page to introduce and entice brand new clients to the services offered by iqoob. Its laconic and informative nature guarantees further customer engagement, be it simply looking through the descriptive product catalogue or making an actual purchase.

We’ve added a Shopify extension to make localizing the English iqoob website into Spanish a matter of minutes. The app can either translate the text automatically or give admins the option to do it themselves; most of the time, it’s best to combine the two approaches. Whatever method the staff choose to use, it makes the iqoob website a lot more accessible and easy to navigate to a large portion of the US population.

Customers can quickly contact the iqoob staff by using a special form in the Contact Us section. If you’d prefer a different method of getting in touch, the company’s phone number, location and work hours are available right below.

The product catalogue is an integral part of any web-based shopping platform. While not an online store per se, iqoob does have three distinct housing models for customers to consider. All are presented in a comprehensive list, with each having a dedicated page detailing its layout, components, features, terms of installation, and other technicalities through information accordions, photo and video previews.

This section is meant to answer the most common questions customers have, including planning advice, production, and shipping details. It also features a form that gives visitors the opportunity to ask for extra information if they still have inquiries about the company’s service.


The Bamboo Agile team has created a modern and highly-functional website that perfectly reflects the company’s high-tech identity and excels at providing its visitors with all the necessary information on the product. The platform is attractive, reliable, and customer-friendly – everything that the iqoob business represents.