Luxury Clothing Online Store (NDA)

A Shopify-based online store that lets customers rent luxury clothing items, on top of providing all of the standard features of a regular e-commerce application. The service is available worldwide and operates on web, iOS and Android.
Project team:8 people
Delivery date:March 2020
Time spent:6 months
Everybody has that one piece of clothing they’ve only worn once or twice and then never again. Of course, there are plenty of rental services that focus on fancier outfits like tuxedos and beautiful wedding dresses. But what if you needed to get something more casual - something both versatile and high quality?

Our client wanted to create a powerful e-commerce platform that would combine all the features of a regular online apparel store with the additional ability to rent smart luxury clothing from its catalogue. The challenge lied in creating a multi-brand environment that would incorporate all of those elements in a reliable and intuitive way.
Using Shopify as the base for the clothing store’s standard functions (item catalogue, payment/delivery options, and so on), we have created an online boutique that specializes in stylish, yet accessible luxury apparel. After the groundwork was laid out, the unique rental features were written in Node.js and integrated smoothly into the established system. Having run quality, performance and security checks on the solution, we have prepared the web application and iOS/Android applications for release.

Product Catalogue

The platform provides customers with an extensive catalogue of clothes, jewellery and cosmetics from a variety of fashion-forward brands. While the sheer number of its categories might sound daunting, our development team has managed to package them all into a clean and intuitive interface, which makes the product lists easy-to-navigate from web and mobile and sort thanks to the system of subcategories and price, size, vendor, date, name and brand-based filters.

Rental Service

The key feature that sets the store apart from other online clothing stores is the ability to rent any item for a set period of time without having to buy it. This allows customers to see if they really like the product before paying the full price, or to spend an evening or two enjoying a quality, fashionable piece of clothing.


Another unique feature of the store allows customers to put their own pieces of clothing up for sale or rent. All they have to do is submit a detailed and honest description of the product, after which the system will determine the appropriate price for it based on its type, quality, brand and condition.

Worldwide Shipping

While the platform's primary base of operation is Kuwait, worldwide shipping is made available to customers from all across the globe. After the client enters their address, the app will calculate the price of delivery and approximate time of arrival specially for them.

Product Categories

Each product is assigned certain descriptive tags to make it easier to categorize and discover. This allows offering users other pieces of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics based on the products pages they have visited before.

Instant Purchase

Removing just one extra step can mean a great boost to the store’s potential client base; we’ve made it so that you can either log in to use the shopping cart or purchase any product on the spot without the need to create an account.

Search Bar

A search bar is a simple, but essential feature for any ecommerce platform. Thanks to the system of instant tag, item and brand name suggestions, browsing the already well-constructed store catalogue becomes an absolute breeze.
Harnessing the power of SwiftUI, Kotlin, Node.js and Shopify, the Bamboo Agile developers have created a stable, secure and attractive online shopping platform that allows its customers to not only buy, but rent any item from a large catalogue of gorgeous evening attire, casualwear, sportswear and lounge-style apparel. On top of that, the platform offers its users an impressive array of premium skincare and beauty products, jewellery and elegant accessories to choose from.

Tech Used

Shopify, Node.js
SwiftUI, Kotlin

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