E-Wallet turns a smartphone into a payment tool allowing its user to pay their bills, buy tickets, and pay for goods and services in one application.
The E-Wallet is a system that allows its users to make payments with funds on their personal accounts. It consists of a mobile app, an API, a system core, a database, and an admin interface, and features a deep system integration with mobile operator, banking, and payment systems.
Project team:13 people
Delivery date:November 2015
Time spent:5 months
Features for Users
  • Make payments
  • Monitor e-balance
  • Review payments history
  • Create favorite payments lists
  • Receive payment reminders
Features for Administrators
  • Manage the payment workflow
  • Collect end-user statistics
  • Access the user management interface
Major TSP in one CIS country approached Bamboo Agile with an idea for a mobile-based wallet that would enable their clients to make payments with their smartphones. All transactions were to be processed via the local National Information and Settlement System launched to simplify payments between individuals and legal entities across the country.
Developing a unique API to provide seamless integration with the TSP’s billing and Information and Settlement System.
Making a special secure protocol to connect E-Wallet to the various banks’ CMSs, ensuring the safety and instant processing of all transactions performed in the app.
In client’s country, where consumers still prefer to use cash, mobile payment apps like E-Wallet can set the trend for e-payment systems, bringing various benefits to users by removing intermediate steps such as commuting, signing papers, withdrawing cash, etc. With such features as "Add to favorites", quick-to-set reminders, and payment history the E-Wallet makes over 2,000 payment types doable with a single tap.

Tech Used

Back end:
Front end:
iOS, Android

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